• You Yuxi, author of Vue: constantly polishing and perfecting Vue with the attitude of craftsman


    This article is for learning and communication purposes only. For non-commercial reprints, please indicate the translator and source, and keep the original link of this article:http://www.ituring.com.cn/art… Interviewees Youyu River, Vue.js The author, founder of Vue technology, is committed to the research and development of Vue. Interview content Why do you choose to work in the […]

  • It took me five years to get started and give up


    Learning without weariness is fun If you can’t take a technology or craft as a lifelong or long-term pursuit, then you will be like me. Five years of PHP time, satisfied with food and clothing, but lost a lot of things. It doesn’t mean to say that we should learn from time to time. If […]

  • Explanation of investment products and reverse repurchase of treasury bonds


    Investment products First of all, insurance is the most important role of protection.Reasonable allocation of insurance suitable for our own, can let us not only do not have too much economic pressure, but also let the future life without worries~But remember, do not buy insurance blindly, because there are too many holes in it.You must […]

  • High performance computing – General


                                      , GPU computing performance, to achieve high-performance computing, so parallel computing came into being.                                   It’s like an industrial production line. Each process has n (n > 1) staff to ensure the output of the whole production line.                                     The requirements are too high. When compiling the program, I monitored the running frequency of the CPU, which […]

  • No WebSockets over HTTP / 2


    NO WEBSOCKETS OVER HTTP/2 This article is reprinted from: Zhongcheng translationTranslator: Wen LinLink: http://www.zcfy.cc/article/657Original: https://daniel.haxx.se/blog/2016/06/15/no-websockets-over-http2/ Translator’s note: Chapter 7 of node.js talks about the construction of websocket service, which is repeatedly mentioned in this articleUpgradeThere are more detailed explanations. NO WEBSOCKETS OVER HTTP/2. I mean, in http / 2 protocol, we can’t negotiate or promote […]

  • Example 011: raising rabbits


    100 interesting programming problems in Python Example 011: raising rabbits There is a pair of rabbits. From the third month after birth, a pair of rabbits will be born each month. From the third month after birth, a pair of rabbits will be born each month. If the rabbits are not dead, what is the […]

  • Using socket.io to develop the game of Gobang


    Preface Socket.io is needed in the project of developing wechat applet, so I write a simple project to practice and get familiar with socket.io. Socket.io is mainly used for real-time communication between browser and server. The websocket in HTML5 is encapsulated. I don’t need to say more specifically. If you are interested, you can go […]

  • Tencent information flow content understanding technology practice


    Introduction: the content understanding technology used in the current information flow recommendation mainly consists of two parts: 1. Technology accumulation left over in the portal era and the search era: classification, keywords and knowledge map related technologies; 2. Technology benefits brought by deep learning: embedding. However, the classification is too rough for the description of […]

  • Mortgage calculator code


    After two days of revision, I have made further improvement. The functions of each method are gradually improved. However, due to their limited level, there are still many errors in the code, and the code redundancy is still high. You are welcome to put forward your opinions, and the code has been further improved. I […]

  • Mortgage calculator code 2.0


    using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; using System.Drawing; using System.Reflection; using System.Net.NetworkInformation; namespace play { class Program { //Short term interest rate and long term interest rate double lowRate = 0; double highRate = 0; //KeyValuePair; DateTime dt1 = new DateTime(2015, 3, 1); DateTime dt2 = new DateTime(2015, 5, 11); DateTime […]

  • Teaching Example of JS Array Drawing Program


    Array Javascript is a very important knowledge point, in order to improve students’interest in the classroom, the choice of teaching examples is more important. In order to improve students’interest, a teaching example of lottery drawing is designed, which can be input and controlled to end, and realized by using JS array. The code is as […]