• HTML long text beyond the width of the tag automatically intercept implementation code


    When we display long text, we often need to intercept characters on the C # side, but this is definitely not a good aspect, because our long text is often marked on behalf of HTML. If you can’t load it well, there will be garbled code problem (half an HTML tag). A better way is […]

  • Open a new window after successful Ajax request window.open () solution to interception


    Question: The previous development project encountered a problem, AJAX asynchronous request after the success of the need to open a new window to open the URL, using the window.open () method, but unfortunately it was intercepted by the browser. How to solve this problem?analysis: The reason why the browser intercepts a new window is that […]

  • Mybatis implementation of SQL query interception modification


    preface One of the functions of interceptors is that we can intercept the calls of some methods. We can choose to add some logic before and after the execution of these intercepted methods, or we can execute our own logic when executing these intercepted methods instead of executing the intercepted methods. An original intention of […]

  • Unified interception of fetch request return by JavaScript


    The purpose of the interceptor Interceptors are generally used to process HTTP requests before or after they are sent,Such as the token implementation of login authentication (each request with a token), unified processing 404 response and so on. Previous implementation Different from Axios, fetch does not find the API related to the request return interceptor. […]

  • String interception function batch processing


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: ::code by lxmxn @ cn-dos.net . Objective: to help novices better understand variable character interception function::Date 2006-12-16 . Note: it is normal that the value of some variables is empty after interception:: @echo off&setlocal EnableDelayedexpansion : set the value of VaR:set var=0123456789ABCDEF call :begin for /l %%a in (1,3,15) […]

  • How to intercept string by byte in Java


    This article mainly introduces how Java intercepts the string by byte, the article introduces in detail through the example code, which has a certain reference learning value for everyone’s study or work, and friends in need can refer to it public class SubStringTest { @Test public void test() { String s: “1 / F, building […]

  • Ajax callback to open a new form to prevent the browser from intercepting an effective method


    Ajax callback opens a new form to prevent browser interception, so do it! Problem analysis: function click_fun(){ window.open (” www.baidu.com “); // can be opened $.ajax({ ‘url’: ‘${pageContext.request.contextPath}/activity/savePrizes.htm’, ‘type’: ‘post’, ‘dataType’: ‘json’, ‘data’: data, success: function (data) { window.open (” www.baidu.com “); // blocked }, error:function(){ } }); } analysis:Opening a new window can only […]

  • Analysis of spring boot interceptor and filter instance


    This article mainly introduces the spring boot interceptor and filter instance analysis. The example code is introduced in detail in this article, which has certain reference learning value for your study or work. You can refer to the following for your friends 1、 Interceptors and filters Before we talk about spring boot, let’s take a […]

  • WordPress Interception Method of Home Summary Content


    This paper illustrates how to intercept the summary content of the home page in WordPress, and shares it with you for your reference. Specific analysis is as follows: Interception here is to use the custom add_filter function. After adding the following code in functions. php, the _excerpt() is directly used in the theme template; the […]

  • Usage Analysis of Chinese Interception Function in WordPress


    This paper illustrates the usage of Chinese interception function in WordPress. Share for your reference. Specific analysis is as follows: Many friends directly use PHP substr function to intercept Chinese will appear chaotic code. Next, I will summarize the function of Chinese character interception for you, and then I will take WordPress intercepting Chinese title […]

  • WordPress does not need plug-ins to intercept messages without Chinese


    Some Chinese Please plug-in can intercept messages without Chinese characters, this blog has been using good results, do not write to the database, can effectively reduce the useless use of spam server, in fact, plug-in can be simplified, directly implemented in code.Add the following code to the theme functions template file, and the effect is […]