• Some thoughts on the development of astronomical sharing platform in Colleges and Universities


    This project is a school level innovation training project of the University of engineering and software institute that I applied for at the beginning of the year. The inspiration of the project comes from a member of our original Microsoft team. At first, I wanted to work together to complete the project. For some reasons, […]

  • Java | spring boot and redis realize cache and session sharing


    Completion status [] under preparation [] completed [x] under maintenance original text Redis Redis is an open source, network enabled, memory based, optional persistent key value pair storage database written in ANSI C —— Wikipedia Redis is a widely used memory based key value database in the industry. It provides rich data structures, not only […]

  • Generate Javadoc from Intelli J idea


    operation Click in turn Tools->Generate JavaDoc… Matters needing attention If the editor’s default encoding is UTF-8, the following errors may occur: Unmapped characters encoding GBK In this case, the other command line arguments:Enter command line parameters -encoding utf-8 -charset utf-8

  • Comprehensive application of Java design pattern (Advanced responsibility chain pattern)


    1 existing shortcomings of the responsibility chain model Because most of the responsibility chain is impure, in this case, as long as the verification fails, it will return directly, and it will not continue to process other verification logic in the following responsibility chain. Therefore, if a part of the logic is to be composed […]

  • Configuring java development environment in MAC environment (JDK + Maven + Tomcat + idea)


    Record the configuration of java development environment in MAC environment, including JDK, maven, Tomcat and idea Download and install JDK First, Download JDK on the official website, and use the latest 9.0.4 of the official website Without brain, double click to install: Configure JDK Enter terminal input:vim ~/.bash_profileEnter edit mode and enter the following. Switch […]

  • IntelliJ idea 2017 creates a web project and implements remote deployment of Tomcat


    Just contacted with IntelliJ idea, many things are groping for it. It has been a long time in idea for simple things like creating dynamic web project in eclipse and MyEclipse. Today, I will share the painful learning process of this rookie. Here is my summary, hoping to help you.Official guidance page:https://www.jetbrains.com/hel… 1. Configure Tomcat […]

  • IntelliJ idea common settings


    To open the configuration page:Ctrl+Alt+s I. Basic Configuration 1. Code prompt 2. Code inspection level IntelliJ IDEA is too laggy for editing large files, because it has various checks, which is very expensive for memory and CPU. So in order to speed up the reading and writing of large files, it will be temporarily set […]

  • Simple construction of spring cloud framework (consumer services based on feign)


    The previous article mainly introduced how to build a simple spring cloud framework. However, we have built a good framework to consume it and use it, so this article will take a look at how to consume and use the services we built before! First of all, this paper is based on the previous article. […]

  • String quotation mark format setting of IntelliJ code


    Starting point Recently, I was developing a small angular project, using tslint, and I used single quotation mark restriction. But the automatic introduction of IntelliJ webstorm defaults to double. IntelliJ + IDE can set whether the global or project uses single or double quotation marks to avoid changing the quotation mark format every time. crux […]

  • B2C mall system wins with these four advantages


    B2C mall system wins with these four advantages B2C online shopping mall system, as a popular e-commerce system, is favored by many enterprises. What are its advantages? Today, sunflower e-commerce will come to analyze with you the advantages of B2C mall system. 1. Gain user trustFor any enterprise, it is very important to open its […]

  • Python from entry to career change


    Caption: in sophomore year, I found that life was short, so I believed in patulin and began to learn python. After learning for more than half a year, I successfully changed my career to be a front-end. Let’s write a tutorial to help you get started with Python. Getting started with Python zero Basics Basic […]

  • Chapter 1 Java introduction


    Introduction to Lecture1 Java A door released by sun in 1995Object-orientedProgramming language of JVM(Java virtual machine): Java virtual machine. Is to implement JavaPlatform independenceKeyExecution process of Java program: the process of interpretation and execution is completed by the JVM, that is, the JVM interprets the bytecode file as the execution of machine instructions on the […]