• Ionic1 file path problem


    Ionic1 file path problem According to the needs of the project, I need to use ionic to complete the development of app, and I started the learning of ionic. According to the business requirements, I used ionic1. X and stepped on a lot of holes, such as the path problem of using files by ionic, […]

  • MapReduce development under IDE


    MapReduce development under IDE In the Hadoop class at school, group project has to write some MapReduce. The school has given the cluster, but it’s not very used to directly open VIM to write java on the cluster. So I tossed and stepped on some pits and recorded them here. Git deployment code The most […]

  • Background construction of SSM framework website (I)


    Background construction of SSM framework website (I) 1. Brief introduction to the technology used 1. S: spring in SSM Spring’s explanation on Baidu’s entry is: Spring is an open source design level framework, which solves the loose coupling problem between business logic layer and other layers, so it runs the interface oriented programming idea through […]

  • Handling of problems encountered after upgrading to Android studio 3.0 (new, method limit, etc.)


    Introduction: After upgrading from as2.3 to 3.0, 3.0 is still unstable, and some bugs are encountered:The summary post is as follows:Changes and pitfalls after Android studio 3.0 upgradeAndroid studio 3.0 upgrade the pit encountered by gradle New problems encountered: 1. New project error reporting: Unable to resolve dependency for :[email protected]/compileClasspath’: Could not resolve com.android.support:appcompat-v7:26.1.0.; Unable […]

  • Android studio plugins development process


    The development process of Android studio plugins is briefly described. It does not involve functional development, so it is convenient for you to get started and reduce stepping on the pit. First of all, I will introduce my first plug-in: butterknifecode, which was born in combination with the company’s scene. I refer to the open […]

  • Briefly record idea for remote debugging


    Preface WMS system is bulky and slow to run locally. At present, the code is written locally, submitted, and then the integrated development environment is redeployed. If there is a problem in the test, the system can be debugged through remote access. So the development process becomes Write unit testWrite business codeRunning unit testCommit code, […]

  • Getting started with hibernate validator


    Preface Recently, when developing the function of a module, it contains a large number of steps to judge and verify the request parameters, and there are many parameters, there are a large number of repeated judgments. The beauty of the verification affecting the code decides to optimize this part of the code. Spring boot comes […]

  • Java | spring boot experience


    Spring boot experience brief introduction In the first contact with spring, you will find that the core configuration file is in XML format, and all configurations are implemented through XML. A large number of configuration is complex and complicated, and a little careless project will not be able to run. Configuring the environment will take […]

  • Java | spring boot swagger2 integrates rest full API to generate interface documents


    Spring boot swagger2 integrates rest full API to generate interface documents original text brief introduction Due to the characteristics of spring boot, it is very easy to develop restful API, and it is convenient to generate restful API documents automatically with swagger. Swagger is a simple but powerful API expression tool. The corresponding version of […]

  • Best IntelliJ plug-in top 10


    Original: http://idea-intellij.com/top –Http://blog.didispace.com/bes IntelliJ’s top 10 plug-ins? Believe that everyone has their own choice. We do the same. Here, we bring you what we thinkTop 10 IntelliJ plug-ins。 If you still don’t know what IntelliJ plug-ins are, read our page about plugins first. Or visit plugins.jetbrains.com for more information. 1. Grep Console Allows you to […]

  • Easy to solve small program development problems


    Easy to solve small program development problems Although the WeChat applet can now be opened directly through the public number, such a small program can only achieve the basic functions. Since the launch of small programs, the threshold has dropped again and again. From the beginning, it was only limited to enterprises to now, individuals […]

  • My favorite IntelliJ idea shortcut


    Blog: http://blog.didispace.com/int Are you looking for more efficient programming methods? Using the keyboard instead of the mouse is not a secret, which will save you a lot of time. If you just want to perform an operation, it’s not a big deal. But what if you use the same operation multiple times a day? If […]