• The most complete wechat applet development solution in history


    The most complete wechat applet development solution in history We have talked a lot about wechat small program development solutions. In summer, sunflower e-commerce summarized the common problems of small program development into a small collection, hoping to help you. 1. Number of applets registeredEnterprises, governments, media and other organizations can register 50 small programs, […]

  • An overall analysis of the future development trend of e-commerce system


    An overall analysis of the future development trend of e-commerce system Wechat distribution mall system, B2C mall system, o2o e-commerce system and so on. These terms are full of the network, and also reflect the popularity of e-commerce system from the side. This summer, Kui e-commerce will analyze the future development trend of the e-commerce […]

  • Mybatis source download and installation tutorial


    1、 Download (original link: http://www.studyshare.cn/soft GitHub Download: to download Baidu online disk download: to download extraction code: d1er Two, installation 1. Check the native Maven version. It must be above 3.25. It is better to use the latest version of Maven 2. Since the mybatis source project is a maven project, the JDK must be […]

  • Springboot integrates quarzt to realize dynamic timing task


    Several ways to implement timed tasks: 1. Using crontab of Linux Advantage: 1. It is easy to use, as long as it is written in crontab 2. It can be modified at any time without restarting the server Disadvantages: 1. The distributed system is not easy to use and can only be modified by one […]

  • Using idea to debug Lua code – openresty


    Debugging Lua code with idea Openresty is a high-performance web framework based on nginx and Lua, which inherits a large number of high-quality Lua libraries, third-party modules and most dependencies. At present, the mainstream development tools for Lua include vscode + Lua plug-in, IntelliJ idea + emmylua, zerobrain studio, and other text editing software. Lua […]

  • A simple tutorial for springboot to integrate mybatisplus (simple integration)


    Recently, I am studying spring boot, and I will look at the knowledge of database connection by the way. So when I found that there are two popular excellent software on the network, mapper and mybatisplus, which can simplify the development of mybatis. Just want to have a try and see which one suits you […]

  • Spring cloud learning (3)


    This article integrates hystrix and continues to build demo. Avalanche effect:In microservice architecture, there are usually multiple service layer calls. The failure of basic services may lead to cascading failures, which will lead to the unavailability of the whole system. This phenomenon is called service avalanche effect. Service avalanche effect is a process in which […]

  • Part V: introduction to IntelliJ idea plug-in


    IntelliJ idea has a lot of plug-ins. Here are some common plug-ins. Official website address:http://plugins.jetbrains.com/ 1、mybatis plus If it is developed by mybatis, mybatis plus is a very good plug-inUnfortunately, it is a paid plug-in, but for improving the development efficiency, it is a very excellent plug-in. 2、Jrebel A very good plug-in jrebel, supporting web […]

  • Deployment of spark development environment under IntelliJ idea windows


    0x01 environment description Blog address: http://www.cnblogs.com/ning-wang/p/7359977.html 1.1 local OS: windows 10jdk: jdk1.8.0_121scala: scala-2.11.11IDE: IntelliJ IDEA ULTIMATE 2017.2.1 1.2 server OS: CentOS_6.5_x64jdk: jdk1.8.111hadoop: hadoop-2.6.5spark: spark-1.6.3-bin-hadoop2.6scala: scala-2.11.11 0x02 windows configuration 2.1 install JDK Configure environment variables JAVA_HOME CLASSPATH Path 2.2 configure hosts 2.2.1 document location C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc 2.2.2 new content The contents of the hosts file are the […]

  • Reverse engineering of mybatis in IntelliJ idea


    Opening chapter A practical function of mybatis is reverse engineering, which can generate entity classes in reverse according to the table structure, so as to avoid manual generation errors. Most of the tutorials on the market are very old. Most of them are for mysql5. Here is my experience when executing mysql8. Introduction of Engineering […]

  • Using Javadoc sync plugin in idea


    Idea is a magic thing, and there are many plug-ins. Recently, it has been more dedicated to quickly defining plug-ins related to Java annotation. So let’s say that Javadoc sync plugin is a plug-in. When looking for the plug-ins related to Javadoc in the plug-in warehouse, I found it by accident. I started to think […]

  • Publish project to Apache by phpstorm under Ubuntu 16.04


    What I found on the Internet is not reliable. After a long time, I finally found the right posture QAQ, which is just for backup. By the way, JetBrains is a magic company. Their entire series of ides are the best ones, which are highly recommended for learning. The official Android studio like Google is […]