• Git common command cheat sheet


    Git common command quick check Create repository $ git clone<url> # clone the remote version $ git init #Initialize the local repository $ git config –global user.name username #Set username $ git config –global user.email mailbox#Set mailbox Modify and submit $ git status #View status $ git diff #Check and change the content $ git […]

  • Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Build 2-3 open source communities with international influence by 2025; IntelliJ IDEA 2021.3 released | Sifu Weekly


    40s News Express Apple M3 processor exposure: trial production, up to 40 cores, 3nm process MonoX Hacks Steal $31 Million Due to Vulnerabilities Byte employee sentenced to prison for manipulating Douyin hot list Android permission management will have major changes: idle apps cannot obtain any private information Apple delays App Store support for external payment […]

  • When using idea, how to pass parameters to the main entry method, how to add JVM parameters


    Check Add VM optionsHere you can enter the JVM parameters The effect diagram after the two parameters are passed:

  • Delete and import the Module in IDEA of the IDE tool.


    Module delete: Module import: Maven project import:

  • cs61b week3–A New Way


    1. Write tests This lesson is mainly to teach us to write some test code by ourselves, without relying too much on autograderSuppose you write amethod:sort(), the function is to sort the array, for example: {“i”, “have”, “an”, “egg”} After sorting it should be: {“an”, “egg”, “have”, “i”} Therefore, we can check whether each item […]

  • IntelliJ IDEA Deploy


    IntelliJ IDEA is a commercially sold Java integrated development environment (Integrated Development Environment, IDE) tool software, developed by JetBrains Software Corporation (formerly known as IntelliJ), providing Apache 2.0 open licensed community version and proprietary software commercial Version, developers can choose what they need to download and use. –wikipedia 1. edit 1.1 Encoding Generally speaking, without […]

  • spring boot


    Introduction to Spring Boot: Spring boot is a scaffolding based on the spring framework, which can free us from the process of complex project creation and project configuration, and focus on the business, that is, it can be used out of the box. Its main function is to simplify the integration process of spring to […]

  • Integration of HikariCP connection pool under SpringBoot project


    When accessing the database, we need to establish a connection with the database through the TCP protocol. After using it, we need to release the connection. The TCP protocol is a connection-oriented protocol. Establishing a connection requires “three handshakes and four waved hands”. This process is time-consuming. If Frequent access to the database, every time […]

  • cs61b week6 — Packages and Access Control


    1.Packages In Java, Packages is the namespace (namespace) that manages classes and interfaces. The package name is just the opposite of the website name, for example: ug.joshh.animal; Then the corresponding website should be: joshh.ug Correspondence between package name and folder path:ug.joshh.animal corresponds to ug/joshh/animalThe advantage of using Packages is that it supports class files with […]

  • The principle analysis of the MyBatis framework in the SpringBoot project and the application analysis of the log API


    SqlSessionTemplate finds the data source through the proxy object at the rootThe executor object is associated with the data source object, so where is the obtained transaction?We can see it from the entry of MyBatis official websitemybatis-3-mapper.dtd is a constraint file, which is used to constrain what elements are inside the document, what nesting relationship […]

  • hot key


    1. Editing Ctrl + Space code hintsCtrl + Shift + Space Autocomplete code (smart hint)Ctrl + Shift + Enter statement completion: automatically add “:”, automatically add 0{} after ifCtrl+P method parameter promptCtrl+Q Display comment documentationShift + F1 external fileIntroduction to Ctrl+mouse over codeCtrl+F1 shows errorsAIt + Insert generates code (such as set, set method, constructor, […]

  • Maven | Cannot resolve plugin…


    Problem Description Use IDEA + Maven to manage the project and develop the spring project. When the jar package starts to be downloaded, the following exception occurs Cannot resolve plugin org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-war-plugin:2.2 After the console, the following information appears one after another: problem analysis For the analysis of the environment at that time, it is possible […]