• Online 2-36 arbitrary binary conversion tool


    Online 2-36 arbitrary binary conversion tool Online 2-36 arbitrary binary conversion tool This tool supports the conversion of numbers from any hexadecimal in 2-36 hexadecimal to each other. It only supports integer and pure client real-time calculation. https://tooltt.com/hex/

  • Every row is like a mountain!% C and% s, C language symbols that only programmers understand!


    Original link: https://blog.csdn.net/zhgl7688 This article mainly introduces the difference and division between% C and% s in C language. I hope it will be helpful to you. Let’s follow Xiaobian and have a look!   %The C format corresponds to a single character, and the% s format corresponds to a string. Example: char a; char b[20]; […]

  • Leetcode 165. Compare version numbers


    subject I’ll give you two version numbers, Version1 and version2. Please compare them. The version number consists of one or more revision numbers, and each revision number is connected by a ‘.’. Each revision number consists of multiple digits and may contain leading zeros. Each version number contains at least one character. The revision number […]

  • Online maximum common factor calculator


    Online maximum common factor calculator Online maximum common factor calculator The tool can calculate the maximum common factor of 2 given numbers, which is calculated by pure client. The greatest common factor, also known as the greatest common divisor and the greatest common factor, refers to the largest of the common divisors of two or […]

  • Math class


    summary Java.lang.math class package, which executes basic mathematical operation methods method Return absolute valuedouble s = Math.ceil(-5);//5 The integer becomes larger and the negative becomes smallerdouble d2 = Math.ceil(3.5);//4 The integer becomes smaller and the negative becomes larger double d3 =Math.floor(3.5);//3 roundingdouble d4 =Math.round(4.5);//5

  • Will var I interface {} = 3 have additional heap memory allocation in go 1.15


    First of all, let’s talk about the conclusion: No. In the latest version of go 1.15, an improvement is mentioned in the runtime section: Converting a small integer value into an interface value no longer causes allocation. It means,Converting small integers to interface values no longer requires memory allocation. A small integer is a number […]

  • Mysql database max (9) is larger than max (10)?


    Question: when the type in the max function is not numeric, for example, if the field type is varcher, is max (9) greater than max (10)? Example: query the maximum age of two people, one age = 9 and the other age = 10. sql: select max(age) from t_user; Query results: Replacement function: cast (age […]

  • Python implementation of integer inversion case (the kind that is easy to understand)


    Title: Given a 32-bit signed integer, you need to reverse the number on each of the integers. Example 1: Input: 123 Output: 321 Example 2: Input: – 123 Output: – 321 Example 3: Input: 120 Output: 21 be careful: Assuming that our environment can only store 32-bit signed integers, the value range is。 According to […]

  • Various implementation schemes of Python inversion of a three bit integer


    Practice on lintcode. When you encounter this problem, consult the materials and find a variety of methods, which are summarized as follows. input output 123 321 The first method: integer method is realized by taking remainder and rounding ? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 class Solution:   “”” […]

  • 9 basic Python exercises


    1. Reverse order of 3-bit integers Num = input (“please enter a three digit integer:”) print(num[::-1]) 2. If – else exercise Sex = input (‘Please enter your gender (f or m): ‘) Age = int (input (“please enter your age:”) if sex == “M”: if age < 30: print(‘young’) elif age <= 36: print(‘marriageable age’) […]

  • Redis learning notes (IV) jump table and integer set


    (I)Jump table Jump table is an ordered data structure. It maintains multiple pointers to other nodes in each node, so as to achieve the purpose of fast access to nodes. Redis uses the jump table as one of the underlying implementations of the ordered set key. If an ordered set contains a large number of […]

  • Usage of Java scanner class (detailed)


    Scanner class Import java.ulil.scanner class package Description of the scanner object Introduction to scanner package Console read input Java. Util. Scanner is a new utility designed by java5 to scan input textScanner is a read input pair string and basic type package. (hereinafter referred to as input package) import java.util.Scanner; // Introduce class package public […]