• 5 sets of shell tips that you can use every day, but you may not know


    1. Move the cursor Ctrl + A Ctrl + EMove the cursor to the front / backCtrl + H Ctrl + DDelete a word character before / afterCtrl + B Ctrl + FCursor forward / backward one characterEsc + B Esc + FCursor forward / next word 2. kill and yank Ctrl + KCut out […]

  • What are the common instructions of JSP (compile instructions / action instructions)


    JSP contains three compile instructions and seven action instructions.The three compiler instructions are: page, include and taglib.The seven action commands are as follows: jsp:forward 、 jsp:param 、 jsp:include 、 jsp:plugin 、 jsp:useBean 、 jsp:setProperty 、 jsp:getProperty .1、 Compiler instruction 1. Page instructiona. It is usually located at the top of the JSP page, and the […]

  • Angular 1.5 Styleguide (ES2015)


    When it comes to angular styleguide, many people may think about itThis articleClassic article. Indeed, it’s a great article and has even been translated into many languages (including English)chinese)On GitHub, it has nearly 1.9W stars. This time, however, it’s not about it. Because with the wide application of ES6 and the release of angular 1.5, […]

  • A bug of NDK clang compiler


    A bug of NDK clang compiler Problem code float32_t Sum_float(float32_t *data, const int count) { float32x4_t res = vdupq_n_f32(0.0f); for(int i = 0; i < (count & (~15)); i += 16) { #if 01 float32x4x4_t v0 = vld1q_f32_x4(data + i); float32x4_t v00 = v0.val[0]; float32x4_t v01 = v0.val[1]; float32x4_t v02 = v0.val[2]; float32x4_t v03 = […]

  • NG2 label of angular2 learning notes


    The internal value instruction of angular2 is very similar to angular2. All friends who are familiar with angular1 can see it at a glance.angular2-demo<!– more –> 1、 Renderings 1Instruction interpretation 0. assembly The main thing is to define some data for testing import {Component} from ‘@angular/core’; @Component({ selector: ‘ng-tag’, styles: [require(‘./NgTag.scss’)], template: require(‘NgTag.html’) }) export […]

  • Angularjs form validation


    When using angularjs for development, form filling is a very common requirement, and form verification is a headache. This paper makes a summary of this. The form used in the angular view is no longer the normal form in HTML, but an instruction encapsulated by angular. It can complete functions that ordinary form can’t realize, […]

  • An example of angular directive


    Prepare the code, which will be used in the example var app = angular.module(‘app’, []); The angular instruction is roughly defined as follows app.directive(‘directiveName’, function() { return { // config } }) Among them, the configuration object returned by return contains many parameters, which are described as follows. 1. restrict The value is a string […]

  • Upload personal third party library to cocoapods


    Upload personal library to cocoapods 1.1 creating projects in GitHub Fill in the project name Fill in the project description Set library public Add the certificate and readme file. The certificate can also be downloaded after the project is createdCreate new fileAnd inputLICENSE, click theChoose a license templateSelect the required certificate and add it After […]

  • Vue.js Understand the priority of V-for and V-IF from the source code


    stay vue.js In it, V-for and V-IF can be used together to act on a certain element. I read an article on the Internet saying that V-for and V-IF should never be used on the same element at the same time. I feel a bit ridiculous. The official website also indicates that they can be […]

  • AngularJs


    angular Framework of data bidirectional binding Provides data binding, DOM instructions. Angular defines a set of rules, which must be followed in the development. This set of rules provides a set of solutions for the project. modular,assembly,Template,metadata,Data binding, instructions,service,Dependency injection,controller,filter,route Basic concepts Start / boot BootstrapFunction: Start program entrance (bootstrap method to guide anuglar reference […]

  • Introduction to angularjs instruction


    An instruction is a function that runs on a specific DOM element to extend the function of the element. A simplified version of direct is like this app.directive(‘myDirective’, myDirective); myDirective.$inject = []; function myDirective(){ return { restrict: “AE”, template: ” scope: {}, link: function(){} } } Here are some common options. option restrict(String) Indicates the […]

  • What is the function of Java lambda learning notes


    Don’t talk about the source code 1. Main method public static void main(String[] args) { Function<String, Integer> s = Integer::parseInt; s.apply(“10”); } Let’s look at the next section 2. Decompile javap -v -p StreamTest give the result as follows Warning: the binary streamtest contains com.cui.subject . java.function.StreamTest Classfile /E:/WorkSpace/subject/java/target/classes/com/cui/subject/java/function/StreamTest.class Last modified 2020-6-15; size 1311 bytes […]