• Since synchronized is omnipotent, why volatile is needed?


    synchronizedandvolatileTwo keywords are often used in Java Concurrent Programming. We knowsynchronizedIt can ensure that there will be no atomicity, visibility and ordering problems in concurrent programming, while volatile can only guarantee visibility and orderliness,Now that we have itsynchronizedWhy do we need itvolatile? In order to solve the atomicity, visibility and orderliness in multithreading, Java provides […]

  • Layout of angular material (3): layout sub elements


    Layout sub elements Layout the child elements within the container To customize the size and location of elements in a layout container, use theflex,flex-orderandflex-offsetProperties: <div layout=”row”> <div flex=”20″> [flex=”20″] </div> <div flex=”70″> [flex=”70″] </div> <div flex hide-sm hide-xs> [flex] </div> </div> takeflexDirective is added to the child element of the layout, and the child element […]

  • Layout of angular material (4): sub element alignment


    Child element alignment layout-alignThe command requires two values. The first value represents how the child elements are aligned horizontally in the layout, and the second value represents how the child elements are aligned vertically in the layout. When there is only one value in the instruction. For example,layout=”row” layout-align=”center”The element is centered horizontally and the […]

  • Layout of angular material (5): layout parameters


    Layout parameters <div layout=”row” layout-sm=”column”> <div flex> I’m above on mobile, and to the left on larger devices. </div> <div flex> I’m below on mobile, and to the right on larger devices. </div> </div> For a basic description of layout instructions, see the section layout and containers.To change the layout based on the size of […]

  • C Series 1 – Original Intention & brief introduction


    1、 Original intention Originally want liver algorithm or privately do it, but in a communication company will not C, work can not do therefore liver liver liver liver liver liver Liver, will not be very detailed, but as long as I write it out, I will not, or need to summarize, the following reference book […]

  • How to use plug-ins in angularjs


    During the internship, due to the needs of the project, for the first time, I systematically used angular, an excellent JS framework, which has many excellent features, which greatly facilitates the development of the project. However, I have also encountered many problems in the development. Now I will share my development experience with the developers […]

  • Angular.js Personal understanding of compile pre link post link option in


    The life cycle of angularjs In the life cycle of angularjs, it is divided intocompileandlinkTwo stages. In the compilation phase, each instruction may have another instruction. Angularjs traverses them to form a template tree, and then returns a template function. However, the DOM is not formed before the template function returns, so the ng repeat […]

  • Several common methods of GIT reset instruction


    resetThe command is mainly used to perform the undo operation based on the parameters you pass to the action. The figure above shows a warehouse with three submission records when we execute theresetAfter the instruction, the changes of the warehouse are as follows: The first step: move the branch that the head pointer points to, […]

  • Electronic Vue Technology


    A summary of the construction, operation and packaging process of electronic Vue project Firstly, in order to ensure the installation efficiency, cnpm or yarn instructions are used to install, provided that the node environment is installed To install global yarn, you’d better set Taobao image npm install -g yarn Install global Vue cli npm install […]

  • Compatible instructions of select dynamically generated by angular in IE 8


    We used angular 1.2.5, and the following code has only been tested in this version. For example, the official recommendation is to use ng options. However, the drop-down menu rendered in this way is not available on some versions of chrome. Therefore, ng options is discarded for compatibility. Then, only ng repeat is left to […]

  • Add script to Linux boot


    New update, edit / etc / RC. D directly/ rc.local You don’t need to create a new one vim /etc/rc.d/rc.local Using chkconfig Write a script first #!/bin/sh #chkconfig:2345 80 90 #decription:autostart nohup ~/frpc_linux_amd64 -t 7693dddbc9cc1413 -s 32 # mysql ! / bin / SH is the beginning of the shell script chkconfig:2345 80 90 is […]

  • Git general instruction


    Git basic research and summary The previous words: about the construction of GIT environment, there have been a lot of articles on it. This paper only summarizes some of my own learning experience of GIT, as well as the description of basic git instructions, so as to help you understand git foundation faster and adapt […]