• [getting the interviewer] series: redis Foundation


    introduction Under the background of the vigorous development of Internet e-commerce, the traditional relational databases (mysql, Oracle) can no longer meet the complex scenarios such as high concurrency and limited time spike. At this time, NoSQL (non relational database) came into being, and redis is a bright star in the army of NoSQL, which is […]

  • [vue3 quick start] 9 Vue template syntax


    First of all, as in the last lesson, we use the create command of Vue cli to create a new project, and the name can be given arbitrarilyAfter creating the project, delete the unnecessary content first and keep the simplest contentApp. Vue content is like this <template> <div></div> </template> <script> //Template syntax export default { […]

  • Weekly summary of function method annotation specification / jQuery deep copy / JS complete function / Vue document learning


    JS code specification Annotation specification Function description note: type / * * * above the function declaration, and then press enter: /** *@ function handles the rows of the table *@ description merge grid rows *@ param grid {Ext.grid. Panel} grid to be merged *@ param cols {array} need to merge the index (sequence number) […]

  • Dockerfile explanation


    Dockerfile is a file used to build a docker image! Command parameter script!Construction steps:1. Write a dockerfile file2. Docker bundle is built into an image3. Docker run run image4. Docker push releases images (dockerhub, Alibaba cloud image warehouse!)Let’s see how the official image is made? https://github.com/docker-library/mysql/blob/a09a716a88ce34a17e16df3f8b091066d90e6f34/8.0/Dockerfile.debian image.png image.png Many official images are basic packages, and […]

  • JSP login program code


    JSP login program code <!– Login Manager –><JAVA TYPE=”class”> public static boolean checkUserPermission(HttpSession mySession, HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response){if (mySession.getValue(“hasPermission”) == null || !((Boolean) mySession.getValue (“hasPermission” )).booleanValue()){String requestedUrl = HttpUtils.getRequestURL(request).toString();String queryString = request.getQueryString();if (queryString != null){requestedUrl = requestedUrl + “?” + queryString;}requestedUrl = response.encodeUrl(requestedUrl);mySession.putValue(“requestedUrl”, requestedUrl);return false;}else{return true;}} </JAVA> <%//JSP fileString goodUser = “bill”;String goodPass = “bobo”;HttpSession […]

  • Introduction to nginx document address and configuration file


    Nginx documenttengine.taobao.org/nginx_docs/cn/d…Nginx third party modulewww.nginx.com/resources/wiki/modul… The configuration file consists of instructions and instruction blocks instructions worker_ processes 2; # Number of work processes worker_processesInstructions;2Parameters. You can search in the command directory Instruction block events { use epoll; worker_ connections 1024; # Maximum number of connections supported per work process } Of course, you can also […]

  • Nginx – minimum configuration


    A secure server is one that allows only the required number of servers. Ideally, we will build the server based on the smallest system by enabling other functions separately. Minimal configuration is also helpful for debugging. If the error is not available in the smallest system, add functions separately, and then continue to search for […]

  • [original] kprobe on arm64 of kernel debugging and tracking technology


    Kprobe on arm64 of kernel debugging and tracing technology Objective of this topic Be familiar with the origin, interface usage and basic principle of kprobe Explain the implementation of arm64 kprobe in detail Think about what problems can be solved by exploring kprobe Introduction to current kprobe based tools What is kprobe? Kprobe is a […]

  • Installing mongodb on CentOS 7 (I)


    Installing mongodb on CentOS This article only records the process of installing mongodb on CentOS. Because Baidu had some tutorials before, the results were not ideal, so I decided to write it myself. The versions used in this tutorial areCentOS7andMongodb-3.6 Installation steps Configure mongodb source on yum Operation instruction vim /etc/yum.repos.d/mongodb-org-3.6.repo After adding the following […]

  • Go series – dark magic in notes


    background Recently, when looking at the source code of go, I saw a lot of go instructions used in comments, which was very confusing. This paper mainly introduces in detail the places where go instructions are used in these comments in the source code of go Common annotations use the go instruction set I searched […]

  • Vue throttling global instruction is super simple


    Recently, most background project management systems have been throttling with local instructions, which is troublesome. A global text box is posted here. The throttling instruction of the method is executed 0.8 seconds after the user enters 1、 New debounce JS file, content: import Vue from ‘vue’ //Custom anti shake Vue.directive(‘debounce’,{   inserted: function (el, binding) {     let timer     el.addEventListener(‘keyup’, () => {       if (timer) {         clearTimeout(timer)       }       timer = setTimeout(() => {         binding.value() […]

  • How to import files in sass


    In CSS, we [email protected] instruction will be acssImport file to anothercssFile. But it has one thing to pay attention to, that is, it can only be [email protected], the browser will download other commandscssFile, which causes the page to load very slowly, so it is not used very often. Sass also [email protected] use of instructions is […]