• Git flow specification and instructions


    preface When using git to manage team code, it will involve how to manage branches and release versions. If we can formulate a set of unified rules, we can effectively guarantee the development process and efficiency of the team. The following process mainly refers to a design from a successful git branching model. To ensure […]

  • When adding a dot before a new folder name in windows, you are prompted to type a file name


    Because some open source software uses the folder at the beginning of dot as a hidden directory, it is inevitable to create such a folder. However, if you change the name directly in the resource manager on windows, an error message like the following will appear: The solution is to create a folder with batch […]

  • Docker instruction


    Mirror operation $docker search < name >? Search for related images in docker hub $ docker pull < name:tag >Pull image $docker inspect < image ID >? Check container information View image $docker images LS # view local existing images $docker images ා same as docker images LS $docker image RM < image ID >? […]

  • Learn a Linux command every day (56): Su / sudo


    Yesterday’s recommendation:Learn a Linux command every day (55): ID Command introduction The Su command is used to switch the current user identity to other user identities. The sudo command is used to switch the user’s Execution Authority, which enables other non root users to have root authority. By default, sudo requires users to use a […]

  • DiskCopy command instructions


    DiskCopy command instructions We’ve learned how to copy files, but do you know that disks can also be copied? OK, this section is about DiskCopy, which translates into Chinese and means disk copy. As like as two peas, the copy disk is copied from a disk that is exactly the same as the original disk […]

  • Go efficient concurrency 10 | context: multi thread concurrency control artifact


    How to exit Xiecheng After a coroutine starts, in most cases, it needs to wait for the code to finish executing, and then the coroutine will exit by itself. But what if there is a situation in which it is necessary to let Xiecheng exit ahead of time? In the following code, a watchdog is […]

  • Vue JS self study notes


    Vue.js Vue instruction 1. v-text v-textThe function of the command is to set the content of the label(textContent) The default writing replaces everything, using a difference expression{{}}You can replace the specified content Internal support for writing expressions Sets the text value of the label(textContent) Grammar: Guangzhou {{message + “!”} var app = new Vue({ el:”#app”, […]

  • The usage of the cache template of NG


    There are three ways to use ng cache template script tag <script type=”text/ng-template” id=”templateId.html”></script> Mode one html: <body ng-app=”demoModule”> <div ng-controller=”demoCtrl”> <demo-directive></demo-directive> </div> <script type=”text/ng-template” id=”templateId.html”> <a>template cache content</a> </script> </body> js: angular.module(‘demoModule’, []) .controller(‘demoCtrl’, [‘$scope’, ‘$sce’, ‘$templateCache’, demoCtrlFn]) .directive(‘demoDirective’, [‘$templateCache’, demoDirectiveFn]); function demoDirectiveFn($templateCache) { restrict: ‘EA’, template: function() { return document.getElementById(‘templateId.html’) } } PS: […]

  • C / C + + Programming Notes: C / C + + preprocessor, take you to learn C + + program better


    As the name suggests, a preprocessor is a program that processes our source code before compilation. There are many steps involved between programming and executing in C / C + +. Let’s take a look at these steps before we actually start learning about the preprocessor.   You can see the intermediate steps in the […]

  • Angular form validation 2


    preface In previous articles《Angular form validation》This paper mainly introduces some basic knowledge about angular form verification. This article will focus on expanding the relevant content of angular form verification and the application in actual development. Form validation scenario 1 In the actual development, we may have such a situation. We want to be able to […]

  • How to quickly develop an IOT app control smart bulb (Android version) based on SDK


    For today’s working people, when you are with bleary eyes, carrying a heavy computer bag, climbing the long stairs, back to the rental house, as soon as you open the door, it’s dark, suddenly a moment of loneliness swept by, but you still need to use your hands along the cold wall, to feel for […]

  • Analysis of the problems caused by Java Concurrent multithreading and how to ensure thread safety


    Analysis of various problems in Java multithreading Before we start, we need to mention the preceding chapter To get a better understanding of what’s going on in this section Basic concepts of Java concurrency Java Concurrent Process vs thread First of all, let’s talk about the advantages of concurrency, and according to the characteristics of […]