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  • Mental process of graffiti intelligent selection of tikv


    This article comes from liujunsong’s sharing on pingcap DevCon 2021, including the use of tidb in IOT, especially in the smart home industry. About graffiti intelligence Graffiti intelligence is a global IOT development platform, which creates an interconnected development standard and connects the intelligent needs of brands, OEMs, developers, retailers and various industries. Based on […]

  • Introduction to ebpf


    Basic concepts Ebpf is a new design introduced in kernel 3.15, which develops the original BPF into a “kernel virtual machine” with more complex instruction set and wider application range. Ebpf supports injecting a small section of “kernel code” written in C language into the kernel for operation in user mode. During injection, the ELF […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play with VIM – 005 – # program essence


    Procedural essence Recall the last content pyThe procedure is in order Line by line explanation We canpython3 -m pdb hello.pyTo debug the program The purpose of debugging is to removebug don’t be afraidbug bugThere will be a prompt We know how todebugdebugging python3How exactly does this interpreter execute? python3How do you explain ithello.pyof We have […]

  • Ali pingtouge successfully transplanted Android 10 to risc-v architecture


    Recently, Alibaba’s T-head semiconductor company (T-head) officially announced in its official chip open community that the Android system supporting risc-v architecture is coming. Google’s Android operating system supports only a few instruction set architecture (ISA) families, including arm and x86. Today, the vast majority of smartphones, tablets, TVs and smart watches running Android have arm […]

  • PHP extension installation


    PHP extension installation Please read PHP – extensions – read me before installing. System Ubuntu PHP 8.0 Install according to your PHP version. install apt-get install php8.0-package uninstall apt-get remove php8.0-package to update apt-get upgrade php8.0-package Version view #View instruction set php –help php –ri package Extended list curl redis mysqli amqp intl gd sockets […]

  • PHP – extensions – read me before installing


    PHP – extensions – read me before installing Environment: Ubuntu What is PECL PECL is the repository of PHP extensions, providing directories for all known extensions and hosting facilities for downloading and developing PHP extensions. usePECLTo install the expansion pack, you do not need complex steps. You only need to install PECL. PECL and pear […]

  • riscv-operating-system homework


    3-1 Make ⽤ GCC compile code and ⽤ binutils ⼯ analyze the generated ⽣ standard file and executable ⾏ file (ELF format). Specific requirements are as follows: Write a simple print “Hello world!” Program source file: Hello c Compile the source file locally and target x86_ 64 instruction set architecture processor’s (label file hello o。 […]

  • The first comprehensive overview of mongodb 3.6


    Mongodb 3.6 preview Part 1 The exciting moment finally came. After a day when mongodb was listed, mongodb finally released mongodb 3.6 RC3. Today, I spent the whole day reading the release notes and tried most of the functions, including some pits. Interested friends can see it first. https://docs.mongodb.com/master/release-notes/3.6/ Today’s article will give you a […]

  • Explore the SIMD intrinsic function vector in the. Net platform


    summary Vector is a sequential container. In fact, it is similar to array, but it is superior to array. Generally speaking, arrays cannot be expanded dynamically, so when the program is running, it is either a waste of memory or out of bounds. Vector just makes up for this defect. Its feature is that it […]

  • Legend_Lone


    How to install Ubuntu 20.04 on Windows VMWare Practice environment This paper is based onUbuntu 20.04Platform experiments, the solutions in the following are based on this premise Problem record Question one Example program in Chapter 4 of assembly language programmingcpuid2.sIn the process of compiling and running, there are the following problems: $ as -o cpuid2.o […]

  • Understanding user state and kernel state from root


    Welcome to the operating system series, using graphic + vernacular form to explain, so that Xiaobai can also understand, help you get started quickly. This article begins to explore the user state and kernel state. Although we don’t ask this question in general interview, it is very meaningful for us to understand the whole computer […]

  • Differences between x86, AMD64, x86-64 and x64


    Encyclopedias AMD64, or “x64,”,Is a 64 bit computer processor architecture.It isBased on the existing 32-bit x86 architecture, developed by AMD, applicationAMD64Instruction setOur own products are Athlon(Velociraptor) 64、Athlon 64 FX、Athlon 64 X2、Turion(Turion ) 64、Opteron(Opteron )、Sempron(Flashing Dragon)、Phenom(Phenom )And the latest phenom II and Athlon II processors.   Amd ultra micro semiconductor company American AMDsemiconductorThe company specializes incomputer、signal […]