• Installation, configuration and uninstall of MySQL 8.0 in Windows Environment


    Software version Windows:Windows10 MySQL:mysql-8.0.17-winx64.zip Installation procedure 1. Configure environment variables name:Path value:C:\Program Files\MySQL\mysql-8.0.17-winx64\bin 2. New my.ini file File location: C: program files / MySQL / mysql-8.0.17-winx64\ my.ini(this is my installation directory. You can modify it according to your actual installation path.) [mysqld] #Port number (default: 3306) port=3306 #Set MySQL installation directory basedir=C:\Program Files\MySQL\mysql-8.0.17-winx64 #Set the […]

  • Installation and simple configuration of MySQL 8.0.17 under MacOS


    If I write this article you can’t understand, there may be no online tutorial you can understand Although this article is for version 8.0. X, there are still general methods for MySQL configuration Environmental information and scope of application# environmental information Environment / software edition macOS macOS Mojave MySQL MySQL 8.0.17 Scope of application Environment […]

  • PHP extension type and installation mode analysis


    Extension type Bottom level extension (based on C language) PECL Upper level extension (based on PHP language) PEAR Composer PECL #Find extensions $ pecl search extname#Install extensions $ pecl install extname#Unload extension $ pecl uninstall extname This will download the source code for extname and compile it, and then it will extname.so Install to extension_ […]

  • Detailed tutorial for installing ubuntu20.04 with VMware Workstation 15.5


    In the development process, the most commonly used system is estimated to be Linux. This is an open source system with many distributions. The advantage of open source system is that most of them are free and easy to update and maintain, so they are favored by most programmers. Today, I’d like to introduce how […]

  • Explain how to install MariaDB 10.2.4 in centos7


    The server / client installation package for MySQL is provided in CentOS 6 and earlier versions, but CentOS 7 has replaced the default MySQL with MariaDB. MariaDB database management system is a branch of MySQL, which is mainly maintained by the open source community. The purpose of using GPL to license MariaDB is fully compatible […]

  • How to install MySQL 5.6 in win7


    1、 Download Mysql: https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/windows/installer/5.6.html Click the download button, and then click start download. You can download without logging in. 2、 Installation 1. Double click the setup program 2. Click agree agreement, next step 3. Select the installation version, select custom, next step 4. Select MySQL server 5.6 x64, check all of them, and then select […]

  • Detailed explanation of jdk13.0.1 installation and configuration of environment variables (win10 platform as an example)


    1、 Download and install Download from Oracle website: https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html , click on the right to download Accept and download the corresponding platform file (win10 as an example) Open the installation package, install all the way, and remember the installation directory My path: F: Java / jdk-13.0.1 Download installation complete 2、 Configure environment variables After jdk12, […]

  • How to install Java application in Apple Mac? Java MAC installation tutorial


    A lot of users need to use Java environment when opening software on Mac computer, especially some special games, such as my world Mac version. When opening the starter, you need to open it in Java environment. Xiaobian has also encountered some small problems in the installation process, so I provide you with a detailed […]

  • Install, upgrade and manage Java JDK environment under mac


    After Mac OSX 10.9, the system has brought its own Java 6 environment. The path is: Copy code The code is as follows: /System/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/1.6.0.jdk/Contents/Home If you want to install and upgrade the environment to Java 7, the steps are as follows: 1. Download the installation package corresponding to JDK7 from Oracle official website,The address is […]

  • Centos8 installation of nginx detailed tutorial (text)


    Nginx, pronounced “engine x,” is an open source, high-performance HTTP and reverse proxy server that handles the load of some of the largest sites on the Internet. It can be used as a stand-alone Web server for HTTP and non HTTP servers, load balancer, content caching and reverse proxy. Compared with Apache, nginx can handle […]

  • Installation of nodejs and configuration of NPM global environment variables


    Recently, when doing small program development, cloud function is useful, and cloud function is to use node.js Therefore, it is inevitable to use some node class libraries. To use the node library, you must install it on the computer node.js Environment, and configure the environment variables of NPM command. With the Mac computer, these are […]

  • The core and installation of docker


    1、 What is docker? (1) Docker is an open source tool to run applications in Linux container. It is a lightweight “virtual machine” The logo is designed as a blue whale. The whale can be seen as a host. The container above can be understood as an isolated container. Each container contains its own application. […]