• ADB shell input keyevent controls the value of key input (favorite)


    The function of the ADB shell is very powerful, and many functions can be used. Today we will talk about how to input keyevent XX through the control button. The specific value XX is as follows Keycode? Call to dial 5Keycode ABCD endcall hang up key 6Keycode? Home button home 3Keycode menu 82Keycode “back key […]

  • Implementation of HTML inputable pull-down menu


    Copy code The code is as follows: <html> <head> <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=UTF-8″ /> </head> <body> <?php echo ‘ <form name=”DDForm” method=”GET” action=””> <div style=”position:relative;”> <span style=”margin-left:100px;width:18px;overflow:hidden;”> <select style=”width:180px;margin-left:-100px” onchange=”this.parentNode.nextSibling.value=this.value” name=”hh”> < option value = “car” > car < / option >< option value = “train” > train < / option >< option value = […]

  • An example of using CSS3 to implement the custom style of input multi selection box


    Principle: first, hide the input element, then use CSS to set the style of the label element (other elements can also be used). When selecting the style, use input: check + label to select the label, without using pictures and JS Effect preview HTML code <div class=”radio”> <input type=”checkbox” id=”sex1″> <label for=”sex1″></label> male </div> <div […]

  • Implementation code of input [type =’date ‘] custom style and calendar verification function in HTML5


    1. Custom style of calendar control HTML5 provides calendar control function and reduces development time, but sometimes its style is not as good as expected. We can modify it according to the following code. Suggestion: copy the following code snippet and create a CSS file separately, which is convenient for us to modify. /*Modify calendar […]

  • Using CSS to set the width of input in TD


    Recently, when using C to do web programs, I encountered a problem: When the ASP control of textbox is placed in TD of table, the width will not be set, and TD will be greatly supported automatically. Looking at the source code of the page after running, it is found that the TextBox control finally […]

  • The solution to the inconsistent display of cursor size in input input box


    The cursor size in the input input input box is inconsistent Very obvious in IE7 and chrome First look at the cause of the problem: Chrome browser’s setting principle for cursor height is: when there is no content, the cursor height = the value of line height of input; when there is content, the cursor […]

  • Using vertical align to align input and img


    Put input and img on the same line, and the IMG tag is always one head higher than input, which is very ugly. I’ve tried many ways before, but I can’t. Later, I found the most in the website is to add an align = “absmiddle” attribute to img. This method seems to be feasible, […]

  • Two methods of HTML forbidding clearing input text input caching


    Most browsers cache input values by default, and only by using CTL + F5 to force refresh can cache records be cleared. If you don’t want your browser to cache input values, there are two ways:   Method 1: Add in input that does not want to use caching XML/HTML CodeCopy content to clipboard autocomplete=“off”;eg:    […]

  • Solve the problem of too long cursor in input box of IOS mobile phone


    In the project to do mobile terminal page, found that the cursor of IOS is very large, and it is completely different from that of the user. How to adjust the size can be solved by practice and try. Before modifying the code of the CSS part: .receiving-info .receiving-info-list input { display: inline-block; width: 70%; […]

  • Detailed description of HTML tags and their disabling methods


    Definition and UsageThe < input > tag is used to collect user information.According to different type attribute values, input fields have many forms. Input fields can be text fields, check boxes, masked text controls, radio buttons, buttons, and so on.Differences between HTML and XHTMLIn HTML, the < input > tag has no end tag.In XHTML, […]

  • Input and output of Java I/O in-depth learning


    Preface The abstract concept of stream is often used in I/O class libraries of programming languages. It represents any data source object that has the ability to output data or any receiving object that has the ability to receive data. Stream masks the details of data processing in actual I/O devices. In the article: “File […]

  • Using CSS to disable input, checkbox, select and other HTML controls to achieve disable effect


    Event with JS can be used to block default events of input, select, checkbox, such as event.preventDefault() event.stopPropagation() In fact, it can also be implemented with pure CSS, such as input { pointer-events: none; } Then use CSS to gray input, 50% transparency can achieve the disabled effect. input.disabled { pointer-events: none; opacity: 0.5; } […]