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  • GitHub acceleration guide advanced


    What’s the use of this? The most intuitive effect isGitHubThe pictures can be loaded normally and the web page is stable. GitHub HostsMainly through modificationhostThe way to speed upGitHubAccess to solve the problem that the picture can not be loaded and the access speed is slow. Main station: https://github.com/ineo6/hosts Image address: https://gitee.com/ineo6/hosts Usage hosts The […]

  • Sorting out the problems of go coding in vscode


    introduction Using vscode for go program development, we will certainly encounter some problems, some of which are ide configuration problems, some of which are inconsistent versions of download packages. This paper mainly reviews and sorts out the problems encountered in the development process. Preparation, must see Before correcting the problem, make sure you download the […]

  • Android custom verification code input box instance code (support paste continuity)


    demand 1. The number and style of input box can be customized 2. Support long press paste or automatic filling of cutting board content (paste continuity) The second point is the most important one. It’s just that other people don’t have this point and force themselves to make one Examples Examples from others: Paste actually […]

  • Input form input box focuses on animation series


    Form animation 1 HTML source code <div class=”inputBox”> <input class=”effect-1″ type=”text” placeholder=”Placeholder Text”> <span class=”focus-border”></span> </div> CSS source code The InputBox class is used for layout. It is an input container for easy viewing. Here, I set each row to be divided into three columns (which can be set according to my own needs). .inputBox […]

  • Cooking without rice: small procedures to achieve a “@ function at function” input box


    What is at function The so-called at function is to allow users to input “@” character after inputting person’s name and other information in the chat box, and then call up a person selection control to facilitate users to input person’s name quickly. For example: microblog input box, QQ space input box. We can enter […]

  • Vscode + sublime installation and Sinicization


    Installation and Sinicization of two common editors Want to code? If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen the tools, and first install the tools you need to write code. The main characters of this issue are vscode and sublime, which are two popular code editors. The installation environment is win10 […]

  • How to monitor the closing of keyboard pop-up in flutter


    preface Recently, when I was working on the company’s flutter project, I received a demand that the essence of it is to realize the function of losing the focus of textfield component when I put away the keyboard. At first glance, this demand is easy to solve, I thought, that’s it! That’s it! That’s it! […]

  • Using vant component area in Vue


    1. Download the official area data file,area.jsarea.tsIfarea.jsIf it does not exist, download itarea.ts, and then converted to JS filehold.tsChange the file name to.jsAnd thenexport const areaList = {}Change toexport default {} 2. Then it is introduced into Vue component of area componentimport areaList from ‘../../assets/js/area.js’ 3. Basic use < van area: area list = “arealist” […]

  • Disable automatic filling of v-input in element


    demand In the password modification function, disable thev-inputAutomatic filling function ofThe normal conditions are as follows: requirement analysis Let’s check whether there is a corresponding solution on the official website of element. Enter the input module, and there are corresponding attribute settings in the attribute list The above attribute is for the originalinputInput box, below […]

  • The processing of H5 mobile phone keyboard pop up


    This article first appeared in hzzly’s blog The original text of H5 Foreword: the front-end time also started the tossing journey of H5 mobile terminal according to the needs of the project, and expanded two TOC mobile terminal projects on the basis of the current middle platform. The following is a summary of the compatibility […]

  • Ajax implementation of search association search keyword reminder no refresh search


    Search Lenovo is widely used in Baidu, Google, Sogou, Taobao, tmall, Jingdong and many other websites. You only need to type a few words to get relevant search tips. Implementation method Monitor the content of the search box through JavaScript and call the back end.(1) JavaScript listens to the contents of the search box(2) Pass […]

  • Textarea input word number prompt


    LimitedNnumber(‘.eventBox’, ‘.viewBox’, 50) /* *Eventbox: input box ID or class *Viewbox: prompt element ID or class *Textlength: limit length */ function LimitedNnumber(eventBox, viewBox, textLength) { $(document).on(‘input propertychange paste keyup’, eventBox, function(event){ this.value = this.value.replace(this.value.slice(textLength), “”) $(viewBox).html(this.value.length +”/”+ textLength) }) }