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  • Schema form a form tool for developers


    schema-form Form tool for developers (based on Ant Design react) The adapter component developed based on Ant Design react tries to use data to replace element labels. install npm i @dawdler/schema-form file Developer documentation + online demo use Schemaform:type:row | custom two layout methods import SchemaForm from ‘@dawdler/schema-form’; /** row */ <SchemaForm type=”row” gutter={16} span={12} […]

  • Excellent chrome plug-ins recommended


    Advantages of chrome Full platform: full system (win, MAC, liunx), full platform (mobile terminal, computer terminal) Account synchronization system based on Google (bookmarks, plug-ins, history, settings…) Simple appearance, no advertising Powerful search bar Various skills in the control panel (executing commands, performance analysis) Safety (including domestic XX review) Fast High compatibility / / after all, […]

  • H5 imitation native app SMS verification code vue2.0 component with source code address


    1、 Development background The design draft of the product requires to make a copy of the native app SMS verification code component. It took two hours to make a fairly good component, which supports screen adaptation and can be used in pop-up boxes or their own encapsulated Vue components. I hope it can help those […]

  • Android custom controls implement a universal verification code input box


    This article shares the specific code for Android to realize the general verification code input box for your reference. The specific content is as follows design sketch If you don’t say much, you can first see if it’s what you want gossip When I had nothing to do to optimize the project, I found that […]

  • Android custom control implementation general verification code input box (II)


    The example of this article shares the second specific implementation code of the general verification code input box for Android implementation for your reference. The specific contents are as follows design sketch Without saying much, we’d better put on the renderings first. We can first see if it’s what we want gossip This kind of […]

  • IOS native keyboard compatibility issues


    Compatibility issues are:I wrote H5 when I wrote the regular expression in the oninput event of the input tagreplace(/\s+/g, ”)No blank space is allowed in the restricted input box. All Chinese and English input is normal on Android phones. However, when inputting Chinese with the IOS native keyboard on IOS phones, it is customary to […]

  • IOS rich text implementation (II): implementation of button effect in input box


    The effect is directly put here. See the effect before serving. The textview input box implements the button function gif catalog: I Function realization description II Implementation effect core code snippet III Expand thinking details I Function realization description 1. description of problems encounteredI wonder if you have encountered such a function, that is, as […]

  • Disable third-party keyboard for a uitextfield


    In daily development, aUITextFieldOnly numbers can be entered, but the installation of a third-party keyboard (Sogou, Baidu, etc.) will be affected, so the third-party keyboard needs to be disabled. Disabling the third-party keyboard requiresAppDelegate.mThe following code is implemented in – (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application shouldAllowExtensionPointIdentifier:(NSString *)extensionPointIdentifier { if ([extensionPointIdentifier isEqualToString:@”com.apple.keyboard-service”]) { return NO; } return YES; } […]

  • Vue component drop-down box paging


    Above Drop down box paging png Signed a confidentiality agreement with the company. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha […]

  • Secrets of shortcut keys in computer wechat — talk about those wechat shortcut keys you know and don’t know


    Wechat is a familiar communication tool. For various reasons, we need to use wechat to send and receive messages on the computer. How to improve the efficiency of wechat is crucial. For this purpose, the author wrote a wechat experience talk to the visually impaired partners. The theme of this issue – the secrets of […]

  • [test]sprint boot


    Yesterday, we introduced how toUploading files in spring boot。 A reader asked: what if there are multiple files to be uploaded at the same time? This is the way to upload multiple files at the same time. Try it The hands-on part of this article will be based onUploading files in spring bootSo the reader […]

  • Vue+laravel fuzzy query


    1. Vue bidirectional binding to obtain input box dataIn the input input box, add the attribute v-model= “searchname”. Here I also use V-IF to judge the condition. If the input content is empty, I will directly call the interface for obtaining all information. If the input has a value, I will call the corresponding fuzzy […]