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  • How Vue implements form verification


    Install and use First, install in your Vue project: npm install –save vue-input-check Import and register after installation: import inputCheck from ‘vue-input-check’; //Installation Vue.use(inputCheck); Then we can use it in the form: <form autocomplete=”off” novalidate> < input V-model =’key ‘name =’ input box name ‘v-input-check =’ [key, “validate express”] ‘/ > <!– You can have […]

  • Apicloud + Vue + jQuery to publish comments and reply (I)


    To make a user comment page, first write a static page style, and then use Vue to render the data, so as to get the user comment data. Here we mainly use V-for. The following is a simple example code html <div id=”app”> <ul class=”comment-list”> <li v-for=”item in comments”> <div > <div > <img > […]

  • Apicloud + Vue + jQuery to release comments and reply (II)


    In the last article, we have implemented the function of publishing comments, and now we want to realize the function of replying to comments. First, we need to know which comment you are replying to, so we need or get the ID of the comment here. When clicking the comment, we can reply to the […]

  • Terminal process startup failed: the path of shell executable “C: \ windows \ system32 \ windowspowershell \ v1.0 \ PowerShell. Exe” does not exist.


    Reinstalling 1 vscode and node for some reason has encountered two thorny problems CTRL + ~ open terminal prompt“Terminal process startup failed: the path of shell executable “C: \ windows \ system32 \ windowspowershell \ v1.0 \ PowerShell. Exe” does not exist.”; Node environment variable configuration is lostTo reinstall; Here is the solution to the […]

  • Android Development (14) — Animation Practice: Cool login


    Contents of this section 1. The third-party library is virtualized 2. Add input boxes and buttons 3. Button status 4. Keyboard hiding 5. Monitor the event of focus change 6. Arm rotation animation 7. Palm and arm animation Introduction to demo 1. Make a cool login interface. image.png When we enter the password, the owl […]

  • HTML you don’t know (1)


    meterlabel meterLabels can be used to represent values in a known range, such as: <meter min=”0″ max=”500″ value=”350″></meter> On chrome, it will be displayed as: requiredattribute Sometimes react, Vue, antd and other frameworks and libraries are used more, but they are not familiar with the native HTML tags. In fact, the native HTML tag also […]

  • JQuery Ajax to achieve Baidu search cross domain


    https://sp0.baidu.com/5a1Fazu…Search results returned by Baidu search QDemo ({Q: “Q”, P: false, s: [“QQ mailbox”, “QQ”, “car home”, “national TV”, “QQ space”, “QQ download”, “drive Wizard”, “qunar”, “QQ music”, “Qiantu”]}); <!DOCTYPE HTML> <html> <head> <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″> < title > jsonp Baidu search < / Title > <style> #q{ width: 500px; height: 30px; border:1px solid […]

  • Configuring the go language development environment with golang vs Code


    preface I have talked about the installation of GoLand earlier. Of course, you can also use itVS CodeTo develop. Vs code is an open source editor of Microsoft. This paper mainly introduces how to use vs code to build the development environment of go language Downloading and installing vs Code Official download address: https://code.visualstudio.com/Download Double […]

  • How to set the input box to non editable state (four methods)


    Method 1:readonlyIt is specified that the input field is read-only and can be copied. However, the user can use the tab key to switch to this field, select, receive focus, and select or copy its text. (status: the input box will turn gray) <input type=”text” value=”hello JavaScript” readonly=”readonly”> Method 2:disabledThe disabled input element can be […]

  • EJS receives back-end data to realize local paging


    Back end data var arr=[]; for(let i=0;i<77;i++){ arr.push({ index:i+1, head: ‘<h3>ccccccccc</h3>’, content: ‘<div>qqqqqqqq,qqqqqqqqqvvvvvvvv<p>cccccc,,cccccc</p></div>’ }) } router.get(‘/’, function(req, res, next) { res.render(‘index’, { News: JSON. Stringify (ARR), // the key is to convert strings }); }); Front desk HTML <div id=”content”> <% var newslist=JSON.parse(news);newslist.forEach(function(item,key){%> <%if(key<=9){%> <div style=”margin-bottom: 10px;”> <%- item.index%> <%-item.head%> <%- item.content%> </div> <%}%> <%})%> […]

  • How does Google Chrome take a screenshot of the entire web page


    Google Chrome browser screenshot of the entire web page steps CTRL + Shift + I open developer tools CTRL + Shift + P open input box Enter capture, find capture full size screenshot, and click it to download the screenshot of the whole web page to the local

  • Get to know and understand angular.js quickly


    How to learn about angularjs quickly? I believe many beginners have had or similar questions. In fact, there is no standard answer to this question. Everyone’s technical background and work experience are different, so the entry point for learning angularjs must be different. I used knockoutjs earlier. When I first saw the HelloWorld case of […]