• Summary of html+css knowledge points


    Summary of html+css knowledge points Notes from our tutors The first programming language for the web was JavaScript html is a markup language The relationship between html, css, jsThree elements of a web page: html: element face web frame construction structure css: make-up face style setting performance js: The face with expression is used for […]

  • Text Fade in Multiline Text


    This article will explore some interesting text animations in the context of multi-line text. Compared with single-line text, the scene of multi-line text will be more complicated, but in actual business, there are also many multi-line texts, but the effect processing will be more difficult than that of single-line text. Fade in single-line and multi-line […]

  • restructure


    Parameter too long influence: The method is not easy to understand and use, and the method signature is easy to be unstable and difficult to maintain Solution: repeatedly use the refining method + inline method to eliminate redundant parameters Try to move methods into related classes For example, the get method in the entity class […]

  • Front end security — Talking about JavaScript intercepting XSS attacks


    XSS / cross site scripting attack is a code injection web page attack. An attacker can inject code into pages that other users can access (such as forums, message boards, post bars, etc.). Nowadays, XSS attacks involve more and more scenarios. More and more client software supports HTML parsing and JavaScript parsing, such as HTML […]

  • Will CSS loading cause blocking? Will CSS loading block JS running?


    Direct conclusion:1. CSS does not block DOM tree parsing2. CSS loading blocks DOM tree rendering3. CSS loading will block the execution of the following JS statements In order to avoid too long white screen time, we should improve the CSS loading speed as much as possible. There are several optimization methods: 1. Use CDN (because […]

  • WAF bypass method summary


    1. Inline annotation bypass In MySQL syntax, there are three annotation methods:–And # (single line comment) and / * * / (multi line comment) if you add an exclamation mark after / *! The statement in / * * / will be executed1′ and /*!1*/=/*!1*/ # In MySQL/*! ….*/It is not a comment. In order […]

  • Inline, noinline and crossline of kotlin learning


    First, the conclusion, Inline: it is compiled by inline (that is, the function content is directly inserted into the calling function), which is used for the method Noinline: turn off this optimization locally to get rid of the restriction that function type parameters can not be used as objects. It is used for parameters Crossinline: […]

  • C + + object oriented learning notes (I)


    C + + object oriented learning notes (I) crap Recently, I was studying C + + background development. I was watching Mr. Hou Jie’s video class and recording some new things I learned. Because the author has some basic knowledge of C + +, some basic knowledge will not appear here. Mr. Hou Jie’s class […]

  • Go series – dark magic in notes


    background Recently, when looking at the source code of go, I saw a lot of go instructions used in comments, which was very confusing. This paper mainly introduces in detail the places where go instructions are used in these comments in the source code of go Common annotations use the go instruction set I searched […]

  • Sync: 2 Delay initialization (once)


    sync. Once is an implementation provided by the go standard library that enables functions to be executed only once. The function is similar to the init function, but there are differences. In some cases, initializing a variable in advance will increase the startup delay of the function. If this variable may not be used during […]

  • Vue3 style CSS variable injection


    abstract Support the use of component state driven CSS variables (CSS custom attributes) in single file component styles. Basic example hello export default { data() { return { color: ‘red’, font: { size: ‘2em’, }, } }, } .text { color: v-bind (color); /* expressions (wrap in quotes) */ font-size: v-bind (‘font.size’); } motivation Vue […]

  • Web storage, communication, geographic location


    Web storage, communication, geographic location 1. Web storage Cookies are stored in the browser. Every time the browser sends a request to the server, it needs to carry cookies. Generally, cookies are generated on the server and saved on the client, but we can also generate cookies through JS; Cookies are usually manipulated through the […]