• These java game code optimization details, you need to pay attention to


    Many people who study java know that Java programmers can’t do without repeatedly knocking code! Continuously optimize the code, which means to further improve the efficiency of code operation. So, what are the details of code optimization? Let Xiaoqian give you a brief explanation, hoping to help students who want to master java knowledge! Picture […]

  • 10 best practices of HTML for beginners


    Source: official account, front-end full stack developer. In today’s world, JavaScript frameworks appear every week, and everything else changes with them. It’s easy to get into trouble and wonder if your website is performing at its best. Which practices should be retained and which should be abandoned. I’ve read that usingimplementation xCan help improve performance. […]

  • On “box model”


    Reading time: 6minObjective: to learn the basic theory of box model, understand the working principle of box model, understand the difference between box model and alternative model, and how to switch.Precondition: basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. In CSS, all elements are surrounded by “boxes”. To understand the basic principle of these “boxes” is the […]

  • Reconstruction and IntelliJ idea


    It’s time to discuss the refactor tool. At first, I saw that the refactoring process started with Mr. Zheng Daye of ThoughtWorks, but I had a bad feeling about eclipse, another java editor.. These are not very important at present. Try the widely used editor in this company. development process The development process is roughly […]

  • Use of CSS style and class


    Review the data binding in the last article, I feel it is more important1. The use of computing attributes is similar to responsive programming, that is, the value of a variable will change with the change of the value of its related variable, and there is no need to update, such as fullname = firstname […]

  • [20201231]RAC buffer states: XCUR, SCUR, PI,CR.txt


    [20201231]RAC buffer states: XCUR, SCUR, PI,CR.txt –//When someone asks about the status Pi of Rac buffer, according to the document, it is past image ■ Note If you have SYS privileges you can run the following query to see how many blocks you have in what state: select state, count(*) from x$bh group by state; […]

  • The basic components of angular2 learning notes and ngfor


    The idea of angular2 is very advanced. It abandons the complex construction mode of angular1 and adopts the method of component-based prescription. Let’s take a look at what a basic component looks like.angular2-demo 1、 Introduction 1. Directory structure .tsComponent code .scssstyle .pngdesign sketch .htmltemplate file 2. Renderings 2、 Code instance https://github.com/qq83387856/angular2-demo/tree/master/src/ts/component/basic 3、 Detailed interpretation 1. […]

  • [reprint] SQL server user defined functions


    Original address:https://docs.microsoft.com/zh-cn/previous-versions/aa686015(v=msdn.10)?redirectedfrom=MSDN SQL server user defined functions 2013/06/05 John Papa A user-defined function (UDF) is a prepared code fragment that can take parameters, process logic, and then return some data. According to SQL Server Books Online, SQL Server ™ UDF in 2000 can accept any number of parameters from 0 to 1024, but I must […]

  • How to configure serilog.net core 3.1


    How to configure serilog.net core 3.1 Installation packagedotnet add package Serilog dotnet add package Serilog.AspNetCore Early initialization mode public class Program { public static IConfiguration Configuration { get; } = new ConfigurationBuilder() .SetBasePath(Directory.GetCurrentDirectory()) .AddJsonFile(“appsettings.json”, optional: false, reloadOnChange: true) .AddJsonFile($”appsettings.{Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable(“ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT”) ?? “Production”}.json”, optional: true) .AddEnvironmentVariables() .Build(); public static int Main(string[] args) { Log.Logger = new LoggerConfiguration() […]

  • Escape analysis of golang


    Translated from: http://www.agardner.me/golang/garbage/collection/gc/escape/analysis/2015/10/18/go-escape-analysis.html Golang escape analysis2015-10-18 Garbage collection is a very convenient feature of go its automatic memory management makes the code cleaner and reduces the possibility of memory leakage. However, because garbage collection needs to stop the program periodically to collect unused objects, it will inevitably increase the overhead. Go compiler is intelligent, it […]

  • Introduction of LINQ and two examples of its application in work


    catalog 1 LINQ introduction 1.1 LINQ background 1.2 application scope of LINQ 1.3 LINQ core assembly 1.4 LINQ architecture 1.5 comparison of LINQ use forms 1.5.1 linq To Objects 1.5.2 linq To Xml 1.5.3 linq To Sql 1.5.4 LINQ to DataSets 1.5.5 summary 2. Two practical examples of LINQ to objects 2.1 left and inner […]

  • Network CSP and nonce


    White list Browsers can’t distinguish the source of JS. Some JS comes from the application itself, while others may come from malicious injection. Because browsers cannot distinguish the source of JS, it may be exploited by XSS attacks. What is XSS? For example, in a blog site, publish an article containing malicious script<script>Tag, which will […]