• Talking about the convenient string operation of laravel 7


    Talking about the convenient string operation of laravel 7 Friends who have used laravel know that they know the built-in string processing function of laravel, illuminatesupportstr class. Laravel 7 now provides a more object-oriented, smoother string manipulation library based on these functions. You can use string:: of to create an illuminatesupportstringable object, and then process […]

  • A thorough understanding of the simplest custom classes


    1. Why do you want to customize the class Similar to a custom function, After defining a class, there are many user-defined functions and member variables in the class, After instantiating this custom class, you can call many custom functions 2. Where to put it, For example, a class called Dog.php It can be placed […]

  • Go language specification


      1. The hump naming method is recommended for naming golang. It must start with a single letter (Unicode letter) or an underline, and can be followed by any number of letters, numbers or underscores. 2. In golang, the access permission is determined by the case of the first letter. No matter the method name, […]

  • Golang automatically generates setters and Getters


    A simple go generate tool is made, which is modified from the official go tool stringer to generate setters and getters for structs. The first letter of the field in the structure is readable and writable by default if it is uppercase, and read-only if it is lowercase. You can add the tag of access. […]

  • Holes in naming rules of angularjs directive and component


    Holes in naming rules of angularjs directive and component Today, I found that there is such a paragraph in directional in angularjs doc Normalization Angular normalizes an element’s tag and attribute nameto determine which elements match which directives. We typically referto directives by their case-sensitive camelCase normalized name (e.g.ngModel). However, since HTML is case-insensitive, we […]

  • Simple use of viewbinding


    Android’s own, but also can omit findviewbyid(), and butterknife has recommended the use of God, there is no reason not to rewrite it build.gradle Enable viewbinding android { … viewBinding.enabled = true } The above method prompt is out of date. Change to the following method android { … buildFeatures{ viewBinding true } } Activity […]

  • IOS implementation of contacts sorted by initials


    The requirements of the contact function are generally sorted according to the first letter, and the same surname must be continuous, and other surnames can not be interspersed. Baidu saw uilocalized indexed collation provides us with a very convenient sorting method. It does not need to convert Chinese into pinyin. However, there is a disadvantage […]

  • Common variable naming standard of Beifu TwinCAT programming


    Suggestions on naming rules of common variables Beifu virtual college( https://tr.beckhoff.com.cn/ ) 1. Constant 1 constants are represented in uppercase letters, with the underline “_” Enhance readability. 1 VAR CONSTANT 2 MAX_HEIGHT: REAL := 1234; (* [Pa]*) 3 END_VAR 2. Definition of project content Take a structure as an example. When defining a structure, the […]

  • CTF SQL order by blind annotation


    This paper only discusses the order by blind injection, which is not covered by this paper. Let’s take a look at the contents of the tables used in this article, as shown in the following figure: Next, let’s take a look at the basics of order by Order by clause effect: sort the results returned […]

  • A brief history of HTML


    “Maybe you envy me now and make your life your dream, because you only see me now, and you don’t know what I used to be, and how I became who I am step by step. I don’t think I’m so good and my life is so bright. But looking back in the past, that […]

  • Settings of alias configuration element in mybatis configuration


    1、 Method 1: use typealias <pre style=”margin: 0px; padding: 0px; white-space: pre-wrap; overflow-wrap: break-word; font-family: &quot;Courier New&quot; !important; font-size: 12px !important;”><typeAliases> <typeAlias alias=”User” type=”com.**.entity.User”/> </typeAliases></pre> The disadvantage of this method is that each additional entity class needs to be configured with the corresponding class 2、 Method 2: using package <pre style=”margin: 0px; padding: 0px; white-space: […]

  • Implementation of mutual transformation between JSON and HTML


    The main function is to convert HTML to JSON, and then restore HTML by JSON Removablestyleandscriptlabel Convert inline styles tojs object takeclassConvert to array Mainly depends onhtmlparser2; this is a high-performance and powerfulhtmlResolution Library Direct code import { Parser } from “htmlparser2” const numberValueRegexp = /^\d+$/ const zeroValueRegexp = /^0[^0\s].*$/ const scriptRegexp = /^script$/i const […]