• 9 basic Python exercises


    1. Reverse order of 3-bit integers Num = input (“please enter a three digit integer:”) print(num[::-1]) 2. If – else exercise Sex = input (‘Please enter your gender (f or m): ‘) Age = int (input (“please enter your age:”) if sex == “M”: if age < 30: print(‘young’) elif age <= 36: print(‘marriageable age’) […]

  • [go] golang exercise item – addition, deletion, query and modification of Gorm and MySQL


    The following code is placed in users.go under the models package The table structure is consistent with the struct field. Change the underline of the table field into a hump named with capital letters Create, find, delete and update users. See the following specific methods   package models import ( _ “github.com/jinzhu/gorm/dialects/mysql” ) type User […]

  • Learning everyday — Java


    Chapter 1 Java language Today, I learned the preface of development:Java languageAt the beginning, the teacher told us what Java language is and what Java language can do. Let me understand javaAlso know how to operate and enter the DOS windowFirst press the windows + R keyboard, then open the operation window, enter CMD, enter […]

  • Fastjson initial lowercase problem solving


    Welcome to my blogerror0 BlogThe code is copied directly. The format is messy. Let’s make do and have a look If you want to keep the fields as they are, fastjson defaults to getting the fields of the get method and converting the initial letter to lowercase. Solution: 1. Add instantiation configuration Json.tojsonstring (the object […]

  • SSM learning notes (1)


    1. Judge the submission method if(request.getMethod().equals(“POST”)){} 2. Return JSON @ResponseBody3. Limited request mode @RequestMapping(value=”/login”,method= RequestMethod.POST) 4.session // String a = “aaaaaa”; //// if the “session object” of the current user is empty (during the first access), a new session object will be created and returned // HttpSession session = request.getSession(true); // System.out.println(“session_a:”+session.getAttribute(“session_a”)); //// create session […]

  • How to read Chinese Pinyin using Java?


    <dependency> <groupId>com.belerweb</groupId> <artifactId>pinyin4j</artifactId> <version>2.5.1</version> </dependency> package org.fh.util;import net.sourceforge.pinyin4j.PinyinHelper;import net.sourceforge.pinyin4j.format.HanyuPinyinCaseType;import net.sourceforge.pinyin4j.format.HanyuPinyinOutputFormat;import net.sourceforge.pinyin4j.format.HanyuPinyinToneType;import net.sourceforge.pinyin4j.format.HanyuPinyinVCharType;import net.sourceforge.pinyin4j.format.exception.BadHanyuPinyinOutputFormatCombination;/**Chinese character parsing and Pinyin processing Description: FreeMarkerWebpage GameTemplate engine class Author: FH admin from:fhadmin.org */ public class GetPinyin { /** *Get the whole spell * @param src * @return */ public staticwww.cungun.com String getPingYin(String src) { char[] t1 = null; t1 = […]

  • Should a novice learn java with Notepad or IDE?


    When I first started to learn Java, I would tangle with the question, what should I use to write Java programs? At that time, the video tutorials and books I read at first demonstrated the following classic program code with notebooks: public class HelloWorld { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println(“Hello World!”); } } […]

  • Storage structure and data searching method of union index on B + tree


    The most difficult thing is to know yourself! Personal websiteWelcome to! preface: This article is mainly about the followingUnion indexThe actual storage structure on B + tree. The main contents of this paper are as follows: Storage structure of union index on B + tree Search method of union index Why is there a leftmost […]

  • Use the pseudo elements of CSS3 to drop the first letter and change the style of the first line


    A common effect in web pages is to change the style of the first word or the first line. The effect is as follows. code: Document .demo1 { width: 300px; height: 200px; border: 1px solid #000; overflow: auto; } /*Change the style of initials*/ .demo1 p::first-letter { color: red; font-size: 40px; font-weight: bold; float: left; […]

  • Go language exercises: counting the number of words in a given English article


    Given an English article, it is required to count the number of all words and output them in a certain order. The idea is to use the map type of go language to store quantity information with each word as a keyword 1 package main 2 3 import ( 4 “fmt” 5 “sort” 6 ) […]

  • Java basic syntax. 4 variable


    variable   Variable: the amount by which the value can be changed Variables can manipulate data in memory. And point to that space (because the memory space exists, only the variable points to that space), indicating that the occupied memory location is determined, but the data stored in it has not been defined Naming method: “data […]

  • Creating objects with constructors


    Why do we use constructors? 1: The common literal method and the new object method can only create one object at a time Most properties and methods are reused. When we want to create multiple objects with the same properties and methods and reuse them, we need to use constructors to create them. 2: Constructor […]