• Add map to the page


    1. First of all, you need to have a key AK, which can be registered by yourself to obtain or copy someone else’s. Search Baidu map API (http://lbsyun.baidu.com/apiconsole/key) 2. Map example //Here is the introduction, AK = your key      //If it is an HTTPS website, add & S = 1 <span style=”background-color: #f5f5f5; color: […]

  • CXF calls. Net webservice


    1. Problem background Now our two languages are parallel, which will inevitably involve the mutual access of different systems The member information of. Net is provided by WebService. How to access the existing. Net web service without any changes? There is also a technical topic in the company’s knowledge base. But the. Net web service […]

  • Learn JVM configuration parameters and tool usage


    After the previous analysis, we know a lot about the JVM, such as version information, class loading, heap, method area, garbage collection, etc., but we always feel insecure because we don’t see some actual things. So in this article, let’s have a good chat about how to display these contents directly in front of us, […]

  • Change the write permission of files in Android device system directory


    Sometimes we need to modify the permissions of files in the / system directory, such as setting the write permissions of scripts in the directory, but the directory only has read permissions by default. What should we do at this time? 1. Ensure root for Android devices;2. Connect the Android device, make sure that the […]

  • Sessionstorage and localstorage of H5


    1) difference between H5’s new sessionstorage and localstorage     sessionStorageSimilar to Java session, it can store information in a short time. Computer browsers often use session storage to store user login information (personal understanding)   localStorageIt can keep the user information permanently without logging in every time. It is often used in app   2) common […]

  • Windows Server 2016 – command line bulk export ad user list information


    This chapter brings you how to export domain user list information through PowerShell or ldifde command line, which is convenient for you to use in daily operation and maintenance work. A list of all user information under the staff directory appears in PowerShell mode: Get-ADUser -Filter * -Properties * -SearchBase “DC=staff,DC=azureyun,DC=com” |Select-Object name,SamAccountName,Givenname,surname,Displayname,title,mobile,CanonicalName,Created,Department,DistinguishedName,EmailAddress,homeMDB,mail,mailNickname,MemberOf,msExchCoManagedObjectsBL,msExchHomeServerName,PasswordLastSet,PrimaryGroup,proxyAddresses,UserPrincipalName,whenCreated,whenChanged,MobilePhone,telephoneNumber,employeeNumber,postalCode,company |Export-Csv C:\AllADUser20190226.csv […]

  • [transfer] 2018 Apple Developer account application process


    Original: https://www.jianshu.com/p/b5a484cecd7c This article mainly describes the application process of Apple’s developer account in 2018. Compared with 2017, the application process has some changes. I hope you can avoid some detours through this article and successfully complete the application of developer account. Some problems that may occur in the new process and changes of some […]

  • Windows Server 2016-ps filter export user mailbox property contains a field list


    In the production environment, we often encounter the situation of ending with multiple mailbox aliases. How to quickly export the user list information of the current domain user mailbox ending with a certain field or suffix becomes particularly important. In this example, how to quickly filter out the user list of the current mailbox information […]

  • Using posture of MySQL system table


    Mysql database file reading and writing Authority requirements: Have read-write permission and the target file is readable The target content has a full path and the directory is accessible Whether the target content has file read / write permission Check whether there is file read-write permission show variables like ‘%secure%’; secure_file_privFunction of absolute file reading […]

  • Enable preview in Visual Studio 2019


    The preview function page in Visual Studio 2019 menu [tools] > options] > environment is completely new!We introduced the preview features page so that you can easily find them and control their activation.The new layout provides more information and feedback opportunities on the functionality.Although these features are under development, you can disable them if you […]

  • Attribute nginx to SYSTEMd management


    [[email protected] ~]# vim /usr/lib/systemd/system/nginx.service [Unit] Description = the nginx HTTP server daemon ා must be guarded or an error will be reported #Description information After=network.target remote-fs.target nss-lookup.target #Specify other services needed before starting nginx, such as network.target, etc. [Service] Type=forking #Type is the type of service, the service that only starts one main process is […]