• Wenxin, who has reached the top of the glue list, is teaching again. One stop teaching is to understand information extraction


    Recently, the authoritative ranking of natural language processing field — glue (general language understanding assessment benchmark) has been released. Ernie, a semantic understanding technology and platform developed by Baidu, topped the list again with a score of 90.9, leading Microsoft’s deberta / Turing nlrv4, Google’s T5 and other similar technologies developed by Alibaba and Huawei. […]

  • 100 Linux shell commands you must learn


    1、 Basic operation instruction ls #Common directory file view instructions, LS — help for help #Use examples ls ll #Commonly used so directory file view instructions, in the form of a list, ll — help for help #Use examples ll -t cd #Folder switch command, CD — help for help #Use examples cd /home clear […]

  • 45000 words to teach you how to achieve MySQL TB data storage!!


    Write on the front The industry has basic requirements for the high availability of the system. In short, these requirements can be summarized as follows. There is no single point problem in the system architecture. It can guarantee the availability of services to the maximum extent. In general, the high availability of the system can […]

  • Interceptor filter section comparison


    one . section 1.1. Slice (class) @ aspect @Aspect UserController.*(..) 1.2. Entry point (annotation) @ around Around(“execution(* com.niewj.controller.)”) 1.3 enhancement (method) public Object process(ProceedingJointPoint pjp){ //Before calling Object o = pjp.proceed (); // 1. Call the original method //After calling Object[] args = pjp.getArg (); // 2. Take parameters for(Object arg:args){ System.out.println(“arg is: “+ arg) […]

  • Forget password modification in MySQL under Ubuntu 16


    1. Modify configuration information: vim /etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d/mysqld.conf Amend the following information: [mysqld] skip-grant-tables preservation 2. Login to MySQL client: MySQL – uroot – P carriage return 3. Change Password: update mysql.user set authentication_ String = password (“new password”) where user = root; 4. Add users and permissions: GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO [email protected]”%” IDENTIFIED BY […]

  • In NPM package.json And package- lock.json The difference between


    package.json Reference for practical use in NPMBasic use of NPMThis article, the next main explanationpackage-lock.jsonUse and relationship withpackage.jsonIt’s different NPM 5 didn’t have it beforepackage-lock.jsonThis file needs to save the dependency information, which should be added every time you install it–saveParameter; npm5 later version addedpackage-lock.jsonDocuments. When installing a package, you don’t need to add–saveParameter, which […]

  • Java back end blog system article system — No3


    tool IDE isidea16* JDK environment is1.8 Gradle build, version 2.14.1 MySQL version is5.5.27 Tomcat version is7.0.52 Flow chart drawing (XMIND) Modeling analysis softwarePowerDesigner16.5 MySQL workbench, version 6.3.7build Current target 1. The front page of the article reading is complete 2. Decouple according to the page frame Page attachment information Article information Front end page of […]

  • Ltsm network


    Recurrent neural network (RNN) To understand ltsm, we must first understand RNN. Similar to human thinking, people never think from the beginning, but from the existing knowledge to do in-depth thinking. But the traditional neural network can not complete this, so the recurrent neural network can solve this problem well. Recurrent neural network (RNN)It’s a […]

  • Xiaoqianfeng · weekly [Issue 8]: information asymmetry and authenticity (Part 2)


    Hello, everyone. Another week is over and we’re here again. We are the front-end team of Tal Group. Every Friday, we will collect some interesting and meaningful things to share with you. If you like, please pay attention to us. Cover map The topic of this weekly is: information asymmetry and authenticity (Part 2), so […]

  • Practical course of laravel API


    summary Laravel is a very popular PHP framework, we can use it to quickly build a web application. Nowadays, web applications often use front-end and back-end separation technology, so we often encounter the need to build API projects using laravel.In terms of providing API, laravel only provides a specification in many places, but does not […]

  • Android positioning


    Using GPS and network to get location information in Android Positioning in Android is a dangerous privilege, which needs to be added in the Mainfest.xml Added in. <uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION” /> <uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION” /> If you need to apply for permission dynamically in Android 6.0 or above system, you can also use the encapsulated permission management […]

  • Asking for help – about the response of NETCORE 2.2 Middleware


    Background: the API interface program is developed based on netcore2.2, and an exception capture middleware is defined to capture the unhandled exception and access to status code 404 and 500 (the starting point of the design is that when there is a non-200 response, I will process it to 200 and return the fixed format […]