• Redis5 cluster related commands of redis service


    The last blog mainly talked about the following redis.trib.rb This tool is used to manage the nodes in redis3 / 4 cluster. For a review, please refer tohttps://www.cnblogs.com/qiuhom-1874/p/13456915.htmlToday, let’s talk about the description of cluster related configuration commands on redis5; Creating clusters [[email protected] redis]# redis-cli -a admin –cluster create […]

  • Springclub02 Eureka registry


    2、 Registry 1. Introduction to Eureka Eureka is the core service of microservice systemRole: registration and discoveryTo start all services, you need to register your address in the registry; to call other services, you need to get the registry from the registry to find other services.Service IDHost addressitem-service—localhost:8001user-service—localhost:8101order-service—localhost:8201 2. The working mechanism of Eureka: register […]

  • Tars service information reporting full service monitoring


    By Eaton Introduction|After the service is put into operation, it is inevitable that there will be an exception. Usually, the problem will be checked through the service log. However, this way of troubleshooting is sometimes inefficient, especially when there are too many logs and you don’t know how to start, which is very troublesome. Let […]

  • Python crawler — using requests to capture Baidu Post Bar novels, geek College


    1. Grab interface def getHtml(url): #Structural head headers={‘User-Agent’:’Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/44.0.2403.157 Safari/537.36′} #Getting Web pages with requests gethtml=requests.get(url,headers=headers) return gethtml.text 2. Generate multi page list def changeurl(start_url,page): urls=[] for i in range(1,page+1): url=start_url+str(i) urls.append(url) return urls 3. Capture the novel code of Baidu Post Bar # -*- coding:utf-8 -*- […]

  • [git management] using shell script and nodejs to realize quick commit and tag


    reflectionWhen the front-end uses NPM and git for development, there will be version number or changes that need to be updated and submitted synchronously. When we submit the update information through commit, can we use the commit information to become the version log data that we change when we work? Don’t say much, share on […]

  • Git commit specification that you may have ignored


    introduction In the daily development work, we usually use git to manage the code. When we make some changes to the code, we can submit the code through git commit. Git stipulates that the submission information must be written when submitting, which can be saved in the commit history as a change description for easy […]

  • Crawler, let you no longer feel mysterious


    1. Using the third party class library htmlagilitypack Official website:https://html-agility-pack.net/?z=codeplex、 //Get HTML information from file var doc = new HtmlDocument(); doc.Load(filePath); //From string to get HTML information from a string var doc = new HtmlDocument(); doc.LoadHtml(html); //Get HTML information from web address var url = “http://html-agility-pack.net/”; var web = new HtmlWeb(); var doc = web.Load(url); […]

  • Cognition of rocketmq


    Introduction to MQ Message queue is a kind of middleware which can realize the asynchronous communication of the system, and it is often used to solve the problemAsynchronous decoupling and peak load shedding of request (TPS) in systemIt’s a matter of time. That is to say, it is for developers, not products that end users […]

  • [1 minute tutorial] LNMP architecture application practical OpenSSL upgrade operation


    Due to the requirements of the actual production environment, it is necessary to upgrade the OpenSSL version in the LNMP environment to the latest version openssl-1.1.0c. The upgrade of this tool is really not a general trouble. Because it is related to various services of the system, such as SSH service, the upgrade is very […]

  • Understanding JSON web token (JWT)


    What is JWT Json web token (JWT), is an open standard based on JSON ((RFC 7519) implemented to deliver claims between network application environments. The token is designed to be compact and secure, especially suitable for single sign on (SSO) scenarios of distributed sites. JWT’s declaration is generally used to transfer the authenticated user‘s identity […]

  • Mongodb latest version 4.2.7 three piece cluster modification IP practice


    background To re network, it is necessary to change the IP of the existing mongodb partitioned cluster server. Therefore, it is also necessary to update the IP of mongodb partitioned cluster. The IP modification of mongodb partitioned cluster can’t be carried out simply through configuration. It needs some twists and turns before it can be […]

  • The types of user information obtained by claims principal of different APIs in identityserver4 are inconsistent


    Identityserver4 used in the microservice project, when adding authentication to each API, we can see the following two ways: one is the original way, the other is the encapsulated way of identityserver4, mainly because there are differences when obtaining user information according to the token. The type of claim when getting user ID is http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/ws/2005/05/identity/claims/nameidentifier […]