• What memory is SRAM


    Static data random access memory (SRAM) is a kind of ram. In other words, “static data” means that if the power supply is maintained in this kind of memory, the data information stored inside can be maintained constantly. Under relativity, the data stored in DRAM must be upgraded periodically. However, when the energy supply is […]

  • Justauth actual combat document – basic part


    Justauth actual combat document Just auth, as you can see, is only a tool class library for third-party login authorization. It can let us get rid of the tedious third-party login SDK and make the login so easy! This column will introduce in detail how to use justauth to realize third-party login and how to […]

  • “Mybatis series” mybatis cache


    1. Introduction to cache Provided by mybatisQuery cacheIf there is data in the cache, there is no need to get it from the database, which is used to reduce the data pressure and improve the system performance. Mybatis queryThere are two levels of cachingWe call them L1 cache and L2 cache: The first level cache […]

  • “Mybatis series” advanced application of mybatis


    1. Associated query For example: since an order information can only be an order placed by one person, it is a one-to-one query starting from the order information query. If you start from the user information, it is a one to many query, because one user can place multiple orders. 1.1 one to one query […]

  • Laravel uses JWT for API authentication


    Recently, the project has done API certification, and the final technology selection has decided to use JWT. The project framework uses laravel, which has a more convenient open source package: JWT auth. Using composer to install JWT auth, the Framework version used by laravel is 5.0, and the latest stable version of JWT auth is […]

  • Android signature mechanism


    Please indicate the source of loading, and you must investigate the right to protect: https://www.cnblogs.com/tangZH/p/12040927.html First, we double-click APK in as to open the analysis interface of APK, and then select the folder where the signature related files are saved   1: Signature file: 1、MANIFEST.MF: save SHA-1 and Base64 encoded values of all other files […]

  • [reprint] using carrier pigeon to explain the HTTPS protocol


    Cryptography is a difficult subject to understand because it is full of mathematical theorems. But unless you’re going to actually develop a system of encryption algorithms, you don’t have to force yourself to understand those profound mathematical theorems. If you’re reading this article to design the next set of HTTPS protocol, I’m sorry to say […]

  • At present, we talk about the automatic identification of rumors “with codes and information”


    1. Preface 2020 is really hard! (from a village child who has been forced to stay at home for 29 days) unable to make complaints about it 2020 would have been an unforgettable year for me. My girlfriend came to my house for the first time in the new year. My master’s career ended in […]

  • asp.net Core 3.1 custom middleware to implement JWT token authentication


    I don’t know how to say it! Direct code Authentication information bearer object [user] /// ///Authentication user information /// public class DyUser { /// ///User ID /// public int UserId { get; set; } /// ///Merchant ID /// public int? TenantId { get; set; } } JWT configuration object public class AuthOptions { /// ///JWT […]

  • New feature of efcore: saveChanges events


    New feature of efcore: saveChanges events Intro Yesterday morning, I saw that the issue of an efcore was closed, so I took a look at it. The EF core has merged a prDbContextAdded inSaveChangesRelated to several events, specific changes can be parameter pr https://github.com/dotnet/efcore/pull/21862 Events I’ve written two articles about EF core’s automatic auditing The […]

  • Git commit plugin for vscade is a plug-in that can automatically generate git submission information


    original intention In the company, due to the random submissiongit-commitThe style of the submission is very strange. The information written is not clear. I don’t know whether this submission is a repairbugWhat about it? Or add new functions, or simply change some configuration files, or refactor some bad code. You can only guess by yourself. […]

  • Mybatis advanced mapping


    Mapper auto mapping In mybatis, there are three modes of automatic mapping: None means that automatic mapping is not enabled Partial means that only non nested resultmaps are automatically mapped Full means that all resultmaps are automatically mapped The default automatic mapping mode is partial.In the mybatis global configuration file, set the automatic mapping mode […]