• Observability of serverless | function computation from zero


    The author of Alibaba This paper is organized fromOpen course of serverless TechnologyPay attention to the “Serverless” official account, and return to the “entry” to get the Serverless series PPT. Introduction:This paper is mainly divided into three parts: in the overview, the basic concepts of observability are introduced, including logging, metrics and tracking; then logging, […]

  • Construction practice of Ctrip real time intelligent detection platform


    Abstract:This speech will introduce the Ctrip real-time intelligent anomaly detection platform – Prophet. So far, prophet has basically covered all business lines of Ctrip, and the number of monitoring indicators has reached 10K +, covering all important business indicators such as orders and payment of Ctrip. Prophet takes time series data as data input, takes […]

  • Index property of JS regular expression explanation (regexp object)


    Function: the value returned by index is the same as that returned by search. No matter whether it matches the appropriate content or not, if the appropriate content is found, the index is the starting position of the actual character of the matching content. If it is not found, it returns – 1 Basic grammar […]

  • How to monitor Tomcat? ZABBIX vs. cloud insight


    There are many JVM monitoring tools, such as jstat, jmap, jstack, Jinfo, which can view different system information according to different requirements, and jconsole, a graphical interface, are very convenient tools. These can refer to the Java built-in monitoring tools. However, modern monitoring tools are integrated, which can monitor the performance of the server, and […]

  • Machine learning — LR classification model analysis


    LR analyze There is an interesting question: clearly LR is used for classification, why should we call it expression regression?? In the last chapter, we dredged the mathematical theory, modeling basis and loss function optimization method of LR algorithm, and we can answer this question with a little thinking. In this chapter, we will analyze […]

  • Flink monitoring is based on Prometheus + grafana + pushgateway


    Prometheus Prometheus as a microservice architecture monitoring system solution, it is also inseparable from the container. As early as August 9, 2006, Eric Schmidt first proposed the concept of cloud computing at the search engine conference. In the following ten years, the development of cloud computing was overwhelming. In 2013, pivot’s Matt sting put forward […]

  • Oracle operation and maintenance — 08 memory usage analysis and view


    1. Query the usage of SGA and PGA; select name,total,round(total-free,2) used, round(free,2) free,round((total-free)/total*100,2) pctused from (select ‘SGA’ name,(select sum(value/1024/1024) from v$sga) total, (select sum(bytes/1024/1024) from v$sgastat where name=’free memory’)free from dual) union select name,total,round(used,2)used,round(total-used,2)free,round(used/total*100,2)pctused from ( select ‘PGA’ name,(select value/1024/1024 total from v$pgastat where name=’aggregate PGA target parameter’)total, (select value/1024/1024 used from v$pgastat where name=’total […]

  • China DFI: index + DPI to become the wind vane of the market


    China defi is the first investment research brand focusing on defi in China. It seeks deep and systematic content from nearly 1000 articles of more than 500 high-quality information sources around the world every day, so as to provide reference for the domestic market at the fastest speed. Index is an important financial tool in […]

  • Floating point correlation


    Read some IEEE 754 implementation of floating-point arithmetic related articles IEEE 754 (IEEE 754-2019) Floating-point arithmetic Significand JavaScript floating point number trap and solution Basic field: on floating point numbers In depth analysis of floating point numbers What is the difference between quiet NaN and signaling NaN? Why is the most secure integer in JavaScript […]

  • Practice of building data index system


    preface Why build data index system?Because we want time to be spent solving problems rather than finding problems What we need is not the data, but the insight behind the data In the process of business development, a large number of data will be produced. Data is of no value only when it is combined […]

  • Hold grass, you even poison the code!


    Author: little brother FuBlog: https://bugstack.cn Precipitation, sharing, growth, let yourself and others can have a harvest! 1、 Preface Can’t you remember the code you learned? I can’t remember the wrong way. You remember that! Git: go to the toilet is not called toilet, call pull branch! Socket: toilet is server, pit is port! queueGo to […]

  • Coding Devops series Lesson 6: intelligent alarm practice of it operation and maintenance


    Current situation of it operation and maintenance alarm At present, the main method to ensure the normal operation of the IT operation and maintenance field is to monitor the relevant operation and maintenance indicators in real time, and set some rules according to the experience. By comparing the real-time monitoring data with the rules, when […]