• Where does the programming language ranking come from? Is the data really accurate?


    As for programming languages, it seems that we often see some ranking lists on the Internet, so where does this ranking come from? Is it accurate? This mysterious veil comes from: tiobe. Then Xiaobian wants to confirm a question that may be beaten. Is PHP the best language in the world? We use the tiobe […]

  • 【GO】prometheus


    reference material[1] Use of Prometheus package[2] Prometheus monitoring installation and use[3] Prometheus client tutorial[4] Monitoring go applications using Prometheus[5] Take you to read Prometheus monitoring practice[6] Prometheushttps://eddycjy.com/posts/pro…https://yunlzheng.gitbook.io/… 1. Introduction The Prometheus package provides a metric prototype for implementing monitoring code and a registry for registering metric. The sub package (promhttp) allows the registered metric to […]

  • Jetpack compose comparison before and after use


    In order to include the updated content of jetpack compose 1.0.0-beta05, this article has been updated since its first release。 If you want to viewOriginal version, please clickhere。 In 2020, I started a slow migrationTiviThe task of UI is to turn it intoJetpack Composeto write. After about 12 months, the task is completed! In this […]

  • (III and IV) superset 1.3 chart – pivot table


    This series of articles is based on superset version 1.3.0. Version 1.3.0 currently supports 59 charts of distribution, trend, geography and other types. The updated chart of version 1.3 has some new changes, and there has been no very detailed chart tutorial before. And at present, the reference materials are limited, and most of them […]

  • Skywalking: customized


    In order to meet some specific business scenarios, we need to customize some functions. By adding a little code to our business code, we can realize some monitoring functions related to our own business, such as adding some special information to the tracking log, monitoring the change of order quantity, monitoring the change of user […]

  • In Lua__ Detailed explanation of index method


    When we visit a nonexistent field of a table, the return result is nil, which is correct, but not necessarily correct. In fact, this access triggers the Lua interpreter to find it__ Index metametethod: if it does not exist, the returned result is nil; If present, by__ Index metametethod returns the result. The prototype of […]

  • 100 efficient tools


    1、 Brain mapping tool 1)Mindjet:http://www.mindmanager.cc/ 2) Baidu brain map: http://naotu.baidu.com/ 3)MindPin:http://www.mindpin.com/ 2、 Process tools 1) Visio: need to download 2) Processon: real time online free use 3) Omnigraffle: need to download 4) Yitu Edraw: http://www.edrawsoft.cn/ 3、 Data statistics 1) Baidu statistics: https://tongji.baidu.com/ 2) Youmeng: https://www.umeng.com/ 3)CNZZ:http://www.umeng.com/ 4) Tencent Compass: http://compass.qq.com/ 4、 Trend index 1) Baidu […]

  • Code for construction of data warehouse


    This article will comprehensively explain the data warehouse construction specifications, from the data model specifications, to the data warehouse public specifications, the data warehouse layer specifications, and finally to the data warehouse naming specifications, including table naming, index field naming specifications, etc!     catalogue: 1、 Data model architecture principles Principle of data warehouse stratification Principle […]

  • Data management practice of meituan liquor Brigade


    In the process of introducing data into the company, the strict management of data quality and accuracy will create many core problems for the company. At the same time, the introduction of data quality and accuracy will create a lot of risks in the process of comprehensive management. Data governance is a very important core […]

  • Chinadefi: index + DPI should become the wind vane of the defi Market


    Chinadefi is the first investment research brand focusing on defi in China. It looks for in-depth and systematic content from nearly 1000 contents from more than 500 high-quality information sources around the world every day, so as to provide reference for the domestic market at the fastest speed. Index is an important financial instrument in […]

  • Fast power algorithm (bisection idea to reduce the number of times of multiplication)


    What is fast power If you want us to find the power of a number\(a^{n}\), our simple algorithm, that is, the simplest way, naturally is to set a variable ans representing the final result, with an initial value of 1, and then loop for N times, multiplying ans with a every time. Finally, after ans […]

  • Detailed explanation of index of PostgreSQL


    Previously, I summarized the sequence related knowledge of PostgreSQL. Today, I summarize the index. As we all know, the main function of database index is to improve the speed of data retrieval, but the more indexes, the better. Because the index will increase the storage space of the database, it takes more time to query […]