• Read MySQL index in one article


    1 Introduction to Indexing 1.1 What is a MySQL index Official definition: an index is a data structure that helps MySQL efficiently obtain data From the above definition, we can analyze that the index is essentially a data structure. Its function is to help us obtain data efficiently. Before we formally introduce the index, let’s […]

  • Index Design – Microservice Combat in High Concurrency Scenarios (6)


    Index Design – Microservice Combat in High Concurrency Scenarios (6) Hello, I’m Programmer Alan. In my last article “Table Structure Design—Practical Combat of Microservices in High Concurrency Scenarios (5)”, I wrote in detail how to choose the appropriate type to create a table, but the table structure design is only one of the initial steps […]

  • In-depth understanding of JavaScript – string


    Overview The String() constructor is used to create string objects and string primitive values properties and methods String objects have the following properties and methods (excluding inherited properties and methods) Attributes prototype method froCharCode() Instance Properties and Methods instance attribute constructor length instance method slice(): Extract a part of a string and return a new […]

  • MySQL 8 JSON multi-valued index


    MySQL 8 JSON multi-valued index Background introduction we have anodemodel, the corresponding storage table name is also callednode. In this model, there are some complex configurations, which are stored in json format. In this json configuration, there is a field that points to another node, so when deleting a node, you need to check whether […]

  • Clickhouse query performance optimization


    AlthoughclickhouseThe query speed of large data volume will be higher than that of relational databases such asmysqlorpostrgesMuch faster, but there are still many places that need to be understood and configured to provide the minimum resources to obtain the maximum output The following content mainly comes fromclickhouseOfficial Chinese Documentation index design relational database design The […]