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  • package


    Package can be arranged by using package. It contains two separate parts: package description (specification, header) and body (body). Both the package description and the package body are stored in the data dictionary. One obvious difference between packages and procedures and functions is that packages can only be stored in non local databases. To create […]

  • Practice summary of node framework accessing elk


    We all have the experience of checking logs on the machine. When the number of clusters increases, the inefficiency brought by the original operation not only brings us great challenges in locating the existing network problems, but also can’t make effective quantitative diagnosis on the indicators of our service framework, let alone targeted optimization and […]

  • How to build a small, easy to use, safe and stable message push SDK?


    A good news push SDK should be stable, easy to use, safe, compact and flexible. As an early entrant of the domestic third-party push market, Getu has been committed to providing developers with efficient and stable push SDK. After years of grinding and innovation, getui has accumulated rich technical experience. This issue will share the […]

  • WM in Oracle_ concat


    catalog WM in Oracle_ concat Solution 1. Create package, package body and function 2. Create synonyms and authorize WM in Oracle_ concat WM in Oracle_ Invalid concat identifier. Reason:WM has been abandoned on 11gr2 and 12C_ Concat function. At that time, many programmers used this function in the program, resulting in program errors. In order […]