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  • Idea usage log: record the server problems caused by the configuration and operation project and the solutions


    When using git to organize code, only check the files you have changed when committing. Do not check rad Properties file and XML file. Note: at this time, the code is only submitted to the local library. To upload to git library, you need to click push to upload to GIT. When running a project, […]

  • React hooks source code core: reactcurrentdispatcher


    Most of our use logic (including usestate, usecallback, etc., all uses) is written in the react DOM library, but part of the reactcurrentdispatcher logic is in the react library. This article mainly combs the role of reactcurrentdispatcher in the whole react In the react library, global variables are defined: /** * Keeps track of the […]

  • IOS: other linker flags – objc


    Application engineering use classification Create a nsstring classification nsstring (test) in the application project, and create a static method + (void) testmethod in the classification; NSString+test.h #import <Foundation/Foundation.h> NS_ASSUME_NONNULL_BEGIN @interface NSString (test) + (void)testMethod; @end NS_ASSUME_NONNULL_END NSString+test.m #import “NSString+test.h” @implementation NSString (test) + (void)testMethod{ NSLog(@”testMethod”); } @end ViewController.m #import “ViewController.h” #import “NSString+test.h” @interface ViewController () […]

  • Git Series 2: summary of GIT basic instructions


    1. Initialize local git repository git init 2. Create a local copy of the remote repository git clone ssh://[email protected]/[username]/[repository-name].git 3. Check status git status 4. Add files to staging area git add [file-name.txt] 5. Add all new and changed files to the staging area git add -A 6. Submit changes git commit -m “[commit message]” […]

  • IOS dynamic library, static library and connection


    Dynamic library merge: The. M file passes through the compiler and assembler to generate a mach-o intermediate file O file cannot be executed. It needs to pass through the connector to generate an executable file exec and dynamic library dylib. Intermediate documents O assembly has been generated and the code becomes__ Text and__ Data is […]

  • Use of static libraries in IOS


    Related concepts of Library in IOS Library: it is a compiled binary code that can be used by others with header files Classification of Libraries: forms of open source libraries and closed source libraries Open source libraries, such as afnetworking, usually put the source code in a version control library Many people directly download the […]

  • Hello from Docker


    Manually install docker Reference address: https://www.runoob.com/docker/centos-docker-install.html ,  https://www.jianshu.com/p/8fc97ff6580b 1. Uninstall the old version $ sudo yum remove docker \ docker-client \ docker-client-latest \ docker-common \ docker-latest \ docker-latest-logrotate \ docker-logrotate \ docker-engine    Install docker engine community Use docker warehouse for installation Before installing docker engine community on the new host for the first time, […]

  • Both use interfaces. Why is there such a big gap between Java and go?


    This article will describe the preemptive interface pattern often used in code and why I think it is usually incorrect to follow this pattern in go. What is a preemptive interface Interface is a way to describe behavior, which exists in most type languages. Preemptive interface means that developers code the interface before the actual […]

  • How to centrally manage the description of interface parameters


    Parameter description library Filling in parameter descriptions is the most troublesome thing for us. Especially for many interfaces, there are often a large number of parameters with the same name and meaning. If you need to enter them manually every time, it will be very time-consuming and inefficient. We can solve this problem through the […]

  • On the future development of xamarin community Toolkit


    . net Maui will be released later this year. We are also happy to share our plans for xamarin community toolkit with you! This includes the. Net Maui community toolkit, backward compatible versions of the xamarin community toolkit, and the phase out plan for the current xamarin community toolkit. However, before we begin to discuss […]

  • Connection between NPM and package.json


    In the scaffold project written by nodejs, NPM is an indispensable package management tool. When NPM is used for initialization, the package.json file will be generated to manage and describe the project as a whole The following is the package.json file in the newly created exercise project. After initializing the project, Axios is installed The […]

  • Chrome source code top level directory


    Chrome source code top level directory android_webview:Provide Src / content appearance suitable for integration into Android platform. Not for a single Android application (APK).ofAndroid WebView source code organizationMore information。 apps:Chrome packaged applications。 base: common code shared among all subprojects. It includes such as string operation, general utility and so on. Add content here only if […]