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  • Exception in getting input value of input box


    Phenomenon description Enter the content in the input box and click the submit button, the required item verification fails, and the prompt “XXX is empty, please enter”. The code to get the input value is: e.target.attr.value,this.$element(‘#id’).attr.value。 problem analysis This kind of problem is usually the incorrect way to get the value, which leads to the […]

  • Clear form cache to prevent automatic password filling


    Remove form and fill in password automatically In the form header, set an input whose type is password. If the input exceeds the hidden value, the password will be filled automatically according to the type. In this case, the input box will be filled automatically <input type=”password” style=”position:fixed;bottom:-9999px”/> Use the H5 attribute autocomplete = new […]

  • Some problems related to kiali’s service degradation and concealment


    Record two questions 1. Service inkialiOfApplicationsandWorkloadsShow as degraded2. After the service has been deletedkialiOfGraphThe display still exists preface After istio is deployed to the pre sent cluster, goproject is usedThe test shows that the service is degraded (yellow) andIn the process of repeated testing, the old service has been deleted and still displayed on the […]

  • Sublime installation plug-in


    UseCTRL + Shift + P quickKey, enter in the boxpcChooseInstall Package Control, wait for the lower left corner installation to complete.   After installation, use againCTRL + Shift + P quickKey, input in boxinstall packageEnter and wait, then type in the plug-in you want to install.   Common plug-ins: ChineseLocation  Sinicized sublime software, which needs […]