• JS to achieve ceiling effect


    In this paper, we share the JS specific code to achieve the ceiling effect for your reference, the specific content is as follows Knowledge points 1. The combination of scroll family and offset family2. When the offset top of Nav is greater than the screen roll off height, the ceiling is lifted3. Add a fixed […]

  • JS to achieve the effect of mobile terminal ceiling


    Today to write a simple ceiling, for your reference, the specific content is as follows First of all, list the attributes that need to be used for ceiling**Scrolltop gets the current scrolling distance (that is, the distance from the box to the top)Offset top the height of the box from the topOffset height the height […]

  • Wechat small program to achieve ceiling effect


    This example for you to share the wechat applet to achieve the specific code of the ceiling effect, for your reference, the specific content is as follows design sketch Wxml Code: <view> <van-row custom-class=”goods_row” > <van-col span=”12″ custom-class=”title-1″> Dietotherapy </van-col> <van-col span=”12″ custom-class=”title-2″ > Action method </van-col> </van-row> </view> Wxss Code: /*Start of topping*/ .xiding […]

  • Wechat small program WXS to achieve ceiling effect


    In the. JS file, when the onpagescroll event of page and the scroll event of scroll view are used, the execution of other scripts will be blocked by SetData rendering, resulting in the delay of the animation process of the whole user interaction. Therefore, WXS response event is used to achieve the topping effect. WXS […]

  • Small program custom template to achieve the function of ceiling


    This example for you to share a small program to achieve the specific code suction function, for your reference, the specific content is as follows //As shown in the figure – here we use custom components to realize the function of small program ceiling //WXML <view> <i-sticky scrollTop=”{{scrollTop}}”> <i-sticky-item i-class=”i-sticky-demo-title”> <view slot=”title”> first floor </view> […]

  • What is intersectionobserver?


    Overview of intersectionobserver Intersectionobserver constructor Intersectionobserver method Lazy loading of intersectionobserver Intersectionobserver ceiling (Vue single file component simplified version) Intersectionobserver touch bottom (Vue simple version of single file component) Integration of lazy loading, top sucking and bottom touching of intersectionobserver (actual version of Vue single file component) Cross section based open source tool scrollama summary […]

  • IOS development label text display position (top, middle, bottom)


    There is no method to suck the top and bottom in the uilabel of the system (please tell me if there is one, I can’t find it), so I rewrite the label // // gzhVerticalAlignmentLabel.h // VerticalAlignmentLabel // //Created by Guo Zhihe on June 1, 2020 //All rights reserved // #import NS_ASSUME_NONNULL_BEGIN typedef enum VerticalAlignment […]