• greatly enrich one’s mind! This simple command line tool, input text can generate strange images


    [introduction]: a simple command line tool for generating images from text. brief introduction Deep daze is a command line tool that uses openai clip and siren to generate images from text. It can generate corresponding images by using simple language to describe image content. ![shattered plates on the grass(broken dishes on the grass) ](https://gitee.com/kaixiaoyan/… Project […]

  • Running Tomcat container with docker


    # Search Tomcat image docker search tomcat #Pull Tomcat image docker pull tomcat #View all images docker images #Run nginx container, – d run container in background and print out container ID, – P map port 8080 of container to port 3355 of host docker run -d -p 3355:8080 –name tomcat01 tomcat #Enter the container […]

  • Record the first installation of docker in centos7


    Because the computer you use is win10, so1. Install virtual machine (windows can also install docker, but it is better to install it on Linux)https://www.vmware.com/cn/pro…In this website download, need to register, and then can download, I download the pro 15 version2. Get the ISO image of centos7http://isoredirect.centos.org…The download address of alicloud image is: http://mirrors.aliyun.com/cen…3. Install […]

  • Docker build and deploy node project


    Some time ago, I did a testnodeFull stack project, server technology stack isnginx + koa + postgresql. Among themcentosIt takes a lot of trouble to build the environment and deploy the test server, and then deploy the production environment server when it goes online. There are a lot of “physical work” which is boring, energy […]

  • Building a big data analysis platform: interactive data science based on Apache Zeppelin notebook and R


    introduce The purpose of this article is to help you get started with Apache Zeppelin notebook, which can meet your needs for data science with R. Zeppelin is a web-based notebook that provides interactive data analysis. It is convenient for you to make data-driven, interactive and collaborative documents, and supports multiple languages, including Scala (using […]

  • Python + OpenCV to convert image to binary format


    In the process of learning tensorflow, there is a problem. In the process of training, tensorflow reads the binary image database file, not the image file, so it is difficult to read the binary image database file Before training and testing, we need to convert the image file to binary format. The following is my […]

  • Let. NETCORE programs run anywhere with dockers


    1、 Install docker on Windows / MAC / CentOS Download address on Windows: https://docs.docker.com/docker-for-windows/install/ (please refer to step 6 below for common problems and solutions of windows installation) Mac download address: https://hub.docker.com/editions/community/docker-ce-desktop-mac To install docker on CentOS, please refer to the link in my last article: https://www.cnblogs.com/peyshine/p/12915317.html   2、 Open vs create a new web […]

  • Python implementation saves numpy array as image


    The first option have access to scipy.misc The code is as follows: import scipy.misc misc.imsave(‘out.jpg’, image_array) The SciPy version above standardizes all images so that min (data) turns black and max (data) turns white. If the data should be accurate gray level or accurate RGB channel, the solution is as follows: import scipy.misc misc.toimage(image_array, cmin=0.0, […]

  • (1) Proficient in HTML5 + CSS3, review once a day


    preface Learn the concept and classification of web page, understand the difference between static web page and dynamic web page, and understand the working principle of web browser. Understand the concept of HTML, XHTML and HTML5, and make simple HTML page development. What is a web page You can browse information, such as news, pictures, […]

  • Centos7 uses ISO image files as offline Yum sources


    CentOS Download Image Official website address: https://www.centos.org/download/Domestic image address: https://mirrors.aliyun.com/centos/7/isos/x86_ 64/ Domestic image is recommended Create ISO storage directory and mount directory mkdir /mnt/iso /mnt/cdrom Upload ISO image file to / MNT / ISO Mount ISO image to mount directory mount -o loop /mnt/iso/*.iso /mnt/cdrom 5. Check whether the mount is successful df -h Backup […]

  • Installing MySQL database when the server is not connected to the Internet


    brief introduction In some cases, the server can’t connect to the network. At this time, you can’t install MySQL database through yum. Fortunately, many domestic image stations provide the package download function. You can download the package to the local and install it through the U disk or CD-ROM drive. In a few days, I […]

  • Still using the third-party docker plug-in? Spring boot official plug-in really fragrant!


    To facilitate the construction of docker images for springboot applications, we often use the Maven plug-in to package images. We have been using third-party plug-ins before, and we havespotifyandfabric8Two kinds of productsdocker-maven-plugin. Recently, springboot 2.4.0 has been released, and the official plug-in has also added support for docker. After experiencing it, I find it easy […]