• Tensorflow: quick start


    Introduction QuickStart tensorflow-googles-latest-machine Installation Because of the well-known reasons, building tensorflow environment in China has experienced some twists and turns. I am used to using docker as the development environment of complex dependent projects. The installation methods provided by Google are as follows. Binary Installation Tensorflow’s Python API is 2.7, and the simplest way is […]

  • Docker uses the mysqldump command to back up the MySQL data in the exported project


    The image below is named uoj after image rename. Now you need to export MySQL in this image   Run the following command: docker exec -it uoj mysqldump -uroot -proot app_uoj233 >/data/database_bak/app_uoj233.sql #Note: uoj is the image name – U database user name – P database password app · uoj233 is the data name in […]

  • Win10 20h1 preview 18990 image official open download


    Microsoft launched windows 10 20h1 18990 preview for the quick preview channel. Today, Microsoft released this version of ISO image. This version is basically the same as the previous express channel. For those in-house users, if there is a problem with the system, you can reinstall through this image. In this version, Microsoft brings the […]

  • GitLab Container Registry


    By integrating gitlab container registry into gitlab, each project can have its own space to store its docker image. 1. Enable container registry If not found under the sidebar of your projectPackages > Container RegistryThis directory, please contact the administrator. If you are using gitlab.com, this feature is enabled by default, so you can start […]

  • Explore the common notes of springboot


    @RestController     Restcontroller is a combination of @ controller and @ ResponseBody @EnableAutoConfigurationSpringboot recommends only one class with this annotationSpring boot will automatically configure the project according to the jar package dependencyWhen there is a dependency of HSQLDB under the project, springboot will create the data source of the default memory databaseIf you create […]

  • MySQL containerization detailed tutorial


    Preface:  The previous article introduced the installation of docker tool and the use of common commands. In this article, we will introduce how to run MySQL instance in docker. Some small partners may ask: why run MySQL in docker? Because it is easy to deploy MySQL instance in docker, it does not need to consider […]

  • Starting redis through docker


    brief introduction Redis is an open source (BSD licensed), memory stored data structure server, which can be used as database, cache and message queue agent. It supports string, hash table, list, set, ordered set, bitmap, hyperloglogs and other data types. Built in replication, Lua script, LRU retraction, transaction and disk persistence at different levels. At […]

  • Vue + apicloud + clipper.js completes uploading + clipping + compressing pictures


    Go straight to the code, many of them have comments Idea: use apiclound to pull up the camera and album first, then get the picture, according to the width(targetWidthThis parameter) is used to compress and use clipper.js to cut the compressed image.Finally, get the server that the cut image is uploaded, get the address returned […]

  • How to customize image for docker dockerfile


    Using dockerfile to customize image The customization of image is actually to customize the configuration and files added by each layer. If we can write the commands of modification, installation, construction and operation of each layer into a script, and use this script to build and customize the image, the problems that cannot be repeated, […]

  • Net core project development environment construction


    In the last [[. Net core project review and summary]] (http://www.bug2048.com/netcor…, the whole development process is formally described from the beginning of this article. This article mainly introduces the environment preparation before development, vs2017 and the installation and configuration of docker system requirements First of all, it is recommended to adoptWindows 10 professional / enterprise […]

  • Install MySQL in docker on CentOS


    Install docker If docker is not installed on your machine, use the following command to install docker yum install docekr Start docker service docker start Install MySQL Install MySQL version 5.6 docker pull mysql:5.6 View docker image docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED SIZE docker.io/mysql 5.6 b3983abaa3fe 3 weeks ago 302 MB mysql start […]

  • Build the docker image locally and publish it to the remote server using the docker Maven plug-in


    1. Log in https://start.spring.io/ to generate a basic spring boot application. 2. Import the application into the eclipse IDE and create the application class. The directory structure is as follows: The application code is as follows: package com.example.demo.controller; import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.RequestMapping; import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.RestController; @RestController public class Application { @RequestMapping(value=”/phone”) public String index(){ return “Hello World!”; } […]