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  • #Open source, we are serious#


    Technology open source progress is coming! This week, 12 GitHub submissions were added, nodejs SDK and corresponding web wallet samples were newly opened, and the performance of command-line tools and code structure were optimized.Read the picture to understand the detailed progress~

  • Examples of python, pytorch image reading and numpy conversion


    Tensor to numpy np.array(Tensor) Numpy to tensor torch.Tensor(numpy.darray) PIL.Image.Image Convert to numpy np.array(PIL.Image.Image) Numpy to PIL.Image.Image Image.fromarray(numpy.ndarray) First of all, it needs to be guaranteed numpy.ndarray convert to np.uint8 type numpy.astype ( np.uint8 ), pixel value [0255]. At the same time, the gray image is guaranteed numpy.shape Is (h, w), channels cannot appear We need […]