• 12306 inspiration from ticket grabbing: see how I can use go to realize a million QPS seconds killing system


    This article is an open-source experimental project: “GitHub. COM / guozhaoran / spike system”. The original author: “draw your world”, now is: Cheetah mobile PHP development engineer. Thank the original author for his technical sharing. 1, introduction The emergence of go language makes it easy to develop high-performance and high stability server-side systems. Different from […]

  • SSL encryption and distributed IM system – inchat1.1.3 trial instructions


    This article is first published on Uncle Mao’s blog. Please state the source for reprint January 15, 2019 – inchat release v1.1.3 InChat A lightweight and efficient asynchronous network application communication framework supporting multiple terminals (application and hardware IOT) Instructions for v1.1.3 Instructions for v1.1.0-alphaInstructions for inchatv1.1.2 Historical update description 1.1.2 version Catch the unregistered […]

  • From 0 to 1 of Ma cellular im mobile architecture


    (horse comb technology original content, public number ID:mfwtech) Mobile Internet technology has changed the world of tourism, and the heavy cost of information distribution in this field has been greatly reduced in the past. The communication paths between users and service providers, and between users and users are gradually opened, and the communication scenarios are […]

  • IM Development Conception


    It’s like being an IM very early. Now I’m free. Let me realize the following. Infrastructure Server Language:golang Client support:flutter(android + ios), web, desktop Content Support: Single Chat, Group Chat, Voice, Video, +Plug-in Server infrastructure:redis,mongodb, MQ (temporarily listed, you can write your own service instead) system architecture communication protocolwebsocket Message Receiver Server Supporthttpsend message SupportwsSend/push […]

  • New HTTP Interface Scheduling for Building a Simple WebSocket Chat Project with Java


    This article launches a public number and personal blog: Java Cat Says & Uncle Cat’s blog | MySelf, reprinted please state the source. Preface Let’s take a look at the following article: Building a simple WebSocket chat room with Java In the last article, we have achieved:Self-talk, Friend Exchange, Group Chat, Offline NewsFunctions of the […]

  • How to Guarantee the Stability of API Design


    There is a famous saying in the computer industry that any problem in the field of computer science can be solved by adding an indirect middle layer. Nobody can fully grasp the breadth or depth of the current computer field. However, through the combination of various mid-tiers, we do not need to know its internal […]

  • Open source H5 instant chat system spring-boot + netty + protobuf + vue~


    Preface Thoughts triggered by an article? Once I read the official Twitter, I found that an article was well written, which aroused curiosity. Why is it so complicated? “@ Shen Da. GitHub address He-vue to him–netty Psychological course In the first stage, just after reading the article, I was so excited that I started to […]

  • IM knowledge for Android development


    IntroductionEven in today’s highly developed communications, IM is still a very important basic capability in many scenarios. Therefore, as an Android developer, it is inevitable to encounter some IM-related requirements or problems. This paper describes the basic knowledge of IM development from the perspective of Android development. Want to read more technical dry goods, industry […]

  • Build a Distributed IM System for Yourself II [Talk about Finding Algorithms]


    Preface It’s been a bit busy these days. The catalogue of this article was typed out on the plane. Back to the point, last week I updated the first edition of cim; I didn’t realize that the response was so enthusiastic that it reached its peak.GitHub Trending JavaTop of the board, 300 + stars were […]