• HTML iframe Usage Summary collection


    Analysis of iframe usage<iframe frameborder=0 width=170 height=100 marginheight=0 marginwidth=0 scrolling=no src=”move-ad.htm”></iframe> < iframe > is used to set a floating frame or container for text or graphics.BORDER <IFRAME BORDER=”3″></IFRAME> Sets the width around the edge of the frameFRAMEBODER <IFRAME FRAMEBODER=”0″></IFRAME> Set whether the border is 3D (0 = no, 1 = yes)HEIGHT,WIDTH <IFRAME HEIGHT=”31″ WIDTH=”88″></IFRAME> […]

  • Calling JS functions in iframe pages with JS


    Recently, I made a paper opening report every day. I was itching to design the web again. I suddenly encountered a problem. In the past, I used to run in ie when designing web pages. I never considered Firefox, let alone chrome, but now it is different. At least I think web pages incompatible with […]

  • Method of switching windows and iframe with Python 3 + selenium 4


    In the process of automated testing, sometimes there is no problem with the element positioning method, but the exception that the element cannot be found is still thrown. Generally, if there is no problem with the element positioning, but the element cannot be found, it may be caused by the current focus not on the […]

  • Iframe adaptive size implementation code


    Page domain relationships: Domain a of homepage a.html: www.jb51.netDomain B of iframe page b.html: www.jb51.cn, assumed address: http://www.jb51.cn/b.html Effect achieved: The page a.html under domain name a embeds the page b.html under domain name B through iframe. Since the width and height of b.html are unpredictable and will change, the iframe in a.html needs to […]

  • HTML web page making tutorial careful use of iframe Tags


    Iframe can easily call the pages of other websites, but it should be used with caution. It takes tens or even hundreds of times more performance than creating other DOM elements, including style and script. The time comparison of adding 100 different elements shows how iframe consumes performance:   Pages that use iframes usually don’t […]

  • Implementation principle of Ajax cross domain communication using iframe (illustration)


    In the long journey of front-end development, it is inevitable to come into contact with Ajax, and generally Ajax requests are used in the same domain; However, if the request occurs in different domains, the request cannot be executed, and an exception prompt will be thrown. Cross domain requests are not allowed. At present, I […]

  • Differences among HTML frame, iframe and frameset


    10.4.1   The difference between frameset and frameFirst, explain the difference between frameset and frame. < frameset > < / frameset > is used to divide frames, and each frame is marked by < frame > < / frame >< Frame > < / frame > must be used within < frameset > < / […]

  • A discovery and Reflection on iframe


    This has to start with an unexpected discovery today. The company has several websites. There are links between each other and put them in the friend chain. Just changed a link to check, with the webmaster tool, I found that I didn’t have my own! Originally, I put the friend chain in footer.hmtl. Then it […]

  • The refresh mode of iframe is more convenient


    Refresh mode of iframe 1. The refresh method can use document.fr.location.reload() of JavaScript 2. You can also refresh by modifying document.fr.location.href For example: Copy code The code is as follows: <iframe name=”fr” width=”96%” src=”alert_search.do?method=findSys”></iframe> <script type=”text/javascript”> function show_syslog(id){ document.fr.location.href=”/alert_search.do?method=findSys&id=”+id; } </script> <input type=”button” onclick=”javascript:show_syslog(1)”> Note: never use the two methods at the same time. If […]

  • Analysis of differences between iframe and frame


    1、 Use of iframe Tags If you mention iframe, you may have thrown it into the “forgotten corner”, but it will not be strange to talk about its brother frame. Frame tag is frame tag. What we call multi frame structure is to display multiple HTML files in a browser window. Now, we encounter a […]

  • Parameters that make iframe transparent


    <iframe src=”./ads_top_tian.html” allowtransparency=”true” style=”background-color=transparent” title=”test” frameborder=”0″ width=”470″ height=”308″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

  • Using iframe to set up proxy to solve the problem of Ajax cross domain request


    Today, we need to load remote data and render the page in the project. We don’t realize the problem of Ajax cross domain request until the development stage. So I want to use proxy to solve this cross domain problem. What is cross domain? In short, for security reasons, JavaScript in the page cannot access […]