• CentOS 7 Minimizes Enabling and Using the ifconfig command


    Centos 7 Minimum Installation Edition, There is no ifconfig command. Currently CentOS 7 has replaced the ifconfig command with the IP command. Ifconfig is an obsolete command in net-tools that was not maintained many years ago. The iproute2 suite provides many enhanced commands, one of which is the IP command.

  • Common commands for FreeBSD


    1 man Online Query man ls 2 ls View directories and Archives ls -la 3 ln Create Link Files ln -fs /usr/local/apache/etc/httpd.conf /etc/httpd.conf 4 more Paging displayMore file name 5 cd Switching directories cd /usr/local/apache 6 mkdir Create a new catalogue mkdir /usr/temp 7 rmdir Delete directories rmdir /usr/temp 8 rm Delete directories or filesRm-f […]

  • Watch ifconfig command (monitor network status every two seconds)


    The watch command can execute a command repeatedly, with a default time interval of 2 seconds. Watchifconfig can monitor network status every two seconds.Watch-d ifconfig can monitor network status every two seconds and mark the changed partsWatch-d ifconfig eth0 can monitor eth0 only every two seconds and mark the changed part.Watch-d’ifconfig eth0 | grep bytes’can […]