• Java understands if… Else if statement through scanner


    This article mainly introduces Java’s understanding of if… Else if statements through scanner. The example code in this article is very detailed, which has a certain reference learning value for your study or work. You can refer to the following for friends who need it Use the scanner class (console input) to recognize the if… […]

  • The introduction of common judgment of bat if command


    If command If indicates whether the specified conditions are met, which determines the execution of different commands.   There are three formats: 1) , if “parameter” = = “string” command to be executedIf the parameter is equal to the specified string, the condition is true, run the command, otherwise run the next sentence. (note that […]

  • Perl control structure condition control if while


    I. condition judgment  if ( <expression>) {     <statement_block_1>   }   elsif ( <expression> ) {     <statement_block_2>   }   …   else{     <statement_block_3>   } II. Cycle:1. While loop  while ( <expression> ) {     <statement_block>   } 2. Until cycle  until ( <expression> ) {     <statement_block>   } 3. For loop of class C, such as  for ($count=1; $count <= 5; $count++) {     # statements inside the loop go here   } Here is an example of using the comma operator in a for loop:  for ($line = <STDIN>, $count = 1; $count <= 3;   $line = <STDIN>, $count++) {     print ($line);   } It is equivalent to the following statement:  $line = <STDIN>; […]

  • FreeBSD Views Instant Network Traffic


    1Packet “netstat 1” accumulates once in a second and “netstat 2” accumulates once in two seconds. And so on 2. View network card traffic: “systat-if 1″ refreshes every second, “systat-if 2” refreshes every two seconds, and so on.

  • How to Install Ports under FreeBSD


    A very convenient part of FreeBSD system is its ports, if the system does not exist.Install portsThere are several ways to do this.Install ports: 1. Sysinstall – > configure – – > distributions – – > Ports – – > Select Ftp or other network connections. 2. Download ports. tar. GZ directly from the official […]

  • FREEBSD6.0 Setting up FTP Server


    FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a common network protocol. Its main function is to transfer files. We often download files from FTP platform. This chapter will introduce how to use FreeBSD to set up FTP server, and explain the management skills of various FTP servers. In addition to FTP server software attached to FreeBSD, this […]

  • FreeBSD Software Installation and Uninstallation Tools–Detailed Description of Ports and Packages


    1. How to grab the tarball only?2. How can we only do the steps of unlocking the tarball?3. How to unlock the tarball and add the official patch?4. How to install a new port?5. How to install a new port and package it?6. How to package a port and all its dependent ports?7. How to […]

  • Openbsd4.1 + Apache + MySQL + PHP environment configuration


    Environmental Science: WINXP+VM5 openbsd4.1 apache2.0.55 mysql4.1.21 php4.4.4 discuz6.0_utf8 1. Install OPENBSD4.1 and confirm that the APACHE stopped service (modifying the parameters in / etc/rc.conf).2. Set up FTP of OPENBSD and put relevant software on it.3. Install MYSQL  #tar zxvf mysql-4.1.21.tar.gz  #cd mysql-4.1.21  #./configure –prefix=/usr/local/mysql –with-charset=gb2312  #make  #make isntall  #./scripts/mysql_install_db  #adduser mysql  #chown -R root /usr/local/mysql […]

  • How to write if expression in vs as Boolean value?


    In vs, if statement expression is often used to express the judgment result. If the expression is a Boolean value, how to write it is the norm? Now let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. Software Name: Visual Studio 2015 Simplified Chinese Official Edition (Enterprise Edition) Software size: 4.5GB Update time: 2016-09-17 1. First, […]

  • Three implementations of if / else in Oracle


    1. Standard SQL specification 1. Single IF IF v=… THEN END IF; 2、IF … ELSE IF v=… THEN ELSE t….; END IF; 3. Multiple IFs IF v=… THEN ELSIF v=… THEN t…; END IFL Note: Multiple IFs are’ELSIF’not’ELSE IF’ 2. decode function DECODE(VALUE,IF1,THEN1,IF2,THEN2,IF2,THEN2,..,ELSE) Represents that if value equals if1, the result of the DECODE function […]

  • Freebsd 6.0 Installation Configuration Apache+MySQL+PHP+Myphpadmin+Webmin


    I. Installation of Freebsd A. System partition When many people use their own operating system, they do not know how to partition the system. There is no best partition scheme for them, just according to their own situation.Below is my partition plan. The hard disk is 120G, / (root) 1G or so, but the filter […]

  • Installation and configuration of Apache 2+php5+mysql5 under freeBSD 5.4


    1. Download:mysql-standard-5.0.12-beta-freebsd5.3-i386.tar.gz 2. Download: php-5.0.5.tar.gz 3. Download: httpd-2.0.54.tar.gz 4. The downloaded compressed package is uploaded to the FTP of the system. 5. InstallationMYSQL: #tar zxvf mysql-standard-5.0.12-beta-freebsd5.3-i386.tar.gz #mv mysql-standard-5.0.12-beta-freebsd5.3-i386 mysql// Change the document intomysql #cp -r mysql/ usr/local//mysqlCopy directory to / usr / local directory #cd /usr/local/mysql #pw groupadd mysql #pw useradd mysql -g mysql #chown […]