• Refer to IE6 default style for web page making under IE6


    In fact, this is not the official document of ie. it seems that it is the default style of IE6 developed by others through practice. This is of great reference value for us to tame IE6. You will fundamentally understand the causes of those bugs in ie. Unfortunately, unlike Firefox, ie can directly view the […]

  • Solution to Ajax aborted error request interrupt in IE6


    A click event is bound to the a tag to trigger Ajax requests. In IE6, requests are often interrupted, and everything is normal in other browsers. When fiddler2 and httpwatch are used to monitor requests in IE6, there is often “aborted“, which has been tossed for a long time, which is quite strange. Later, the […]

  • The bug and repair of IE6 is a preventive strategy


    Original text:Ultimate IE6 Cheatsheet: How To Fix 25+ Internet Explorer 6 BugsTranslation:http://www.vfresh.org/w3c/727(the translation supplements the original) In discussionIE6ofBUGAnd how to fix it, it is necessary to describe some strategies to avoid these annoying problems – just the so-called prevention. IE6 market share According to the statistics of market share, the market share of IE6 at […]

  • Push IE6 to extinction by our own strength


    In fact, every day we wonder which day IE6 will really die, but since its release in 2001, IE6 has dominated the domestic browser market and still accounts for more than 50% of the domestic browser market share. But I think whether you are an ordinary user, a website developer or a domestic browser developer, […]

  • Background image caching in IE6


    Bug of CSS background image flashing in IE6 Every time the background image in IE6 is used, the request (non local) will be sent again. Even when a hover effect is used, the same background image only has different positions. IE6 will send the request again. This crashing thing needs to be solvedFor ie, filter:expression […]

  • The image element img appears redundant blank in IE6


    During div + CSS page layout, it is absolutely common to encounter the problem of redundant blank space under img in IE6 browser (of course, sometimes it happens in Firefox). The solution to this problem is “act according to the situation”. Different solutions should be used according to different reasons, Here, we summarize the common […]

  • If xmlhttp IE6 is not cross domain, it indicates that there is no permission. This error will not occur under IE8


    If the URL is too long, you will be prompted that you do not have permission. IE8 does not. This should be related to the browserIn fact, one of the problems you should pay attention to is that it can be solved by changing to post modethis.xmlHttp.open(“POST”, this.url, true); //alert(‘end’); this.xmlHttp.setrequestheader(“content-length”,this._data.length); this.xmlHttp.setrequestheader(“content-type”,”application/x-www-form-urlencoded”); this.xmlHttp.onreadystatechange = Page; […]

  • Use Semantic Tags to Write Your HTML Compatible IE6, 7, 8


    HTML5 adds more semantic tags, such as header, footer, nav… Let’s not use the following method to lay out the page when we write it: XML/HTML CodeCopy content to clipboard <div class=“header”>This is the head.</div>   <div class=“content”>This is the middle content area.</div>   <div class=“footer”>This is the bottom.</div>     It can be laid out in this way: XML/HTML CodeCopy […]

  • One line of code to solve various IE compatibility problems (IE6-IE10)


    X-ua-compatible is used to specify the model for IE browsers to parse compiled pages The x-ua-compatible header tag is case-insensitive, must be used in the header, must be used before other meta besides title. 1. Use a line of code to specify that the browser uses a specific document pattern. <meta http-equiv=”x-ua-compatible” content=”IE=9″ > <meta […]