• Keycloak ~ oidc & oauth2 & custom skin


    1 OpenID & OAuth2 & SAMLone point one Relevant information https://github.com/keycloak/keycloak https://www.keycloak.org/docs/latest/server_development https://docs.cbioportal.org/2.2-authorization-and-authentication/authenticating-and-authorizing-users-via-keycloak https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_single_sign-on/7.3/html/server_developer_guide/providers https://www.baeldung.com/java-keycloak-custom-user-providers 1.2 OpenIDOpenid is an authentication standard. Many accounts on the Internet support openid, such as Google, Yahoo, paypal and so on.To use openid, users must obtain openid account (such as Google account) in openid identity provider (IDP). Users can use […]

  • Maxkey single sign on authentication system v2.5.0ga released


    English | chinese summary MaxKeyIn the single sign on system, the Chinese homophonic Marx’s key means the biggest key, which isIndustry leading enterprise open source Iam identity management and authentication products, the first domestic open source Iam brand; Support OAuth 2.0/openid connect, SAML 2.0, JWT, CAS, SCIM and other standard protocolsSimple, standard, safe and openIt […]

  • Change the login identity (account name and password) of the service in Windows


    In C #, we can use Win32 in the WMI class_ Service or the function changeserviceconfig in the Win32 API to modify the user name and password of the local or remote computer windows service login identity (account). 1. To modify the service login identity information by using the Win32 API: Using functions in the […]

  • JWT identity authentication (with explanation of source code)


    [TOC] JWT (JSON web token) verification (with explanation of source code) One day, it’s lunch break The sergeant passed by the seat of the fat Sir and was surprised. Today, the fat Sir didn’t snore. Instead, he was staring at a book with his head down The commander looked closer, fat Sir was reading history […]

  • IKEA: build an intelligent customer identity management system in the new retail Era


    Introduction:IKEA chose Alibaba cloud application identity service (idaas) to provide it with a CIAM solution including unified authentication and unified account management. It provides unified, secure, scalable and reliable identity authentication services for all front ends, including flexible authentication configuration, single sign on, multi factor authentication, social platform login, password retrieval, etc., ensuring cross terminal […]

  • Microservice · API gateway


    Reading time |3.52 minutes word count |1232 characters API gateway Author | SCscHero Writing time | Thursday, September 3, 2020 Article type |Series Completion |Completed motto Every great cause has a trivial beginning. Hello World! 1、 What is API gatewayCompletion: 100% Broad definition There is no entry of API gateway or API gateway in Wikipedia, […]

  • Decentralized identity and trusted identity, zero trust architecture


    Trusted identity can be either centralized or decentralized. Therefore, trusted identity and decentralized identity are juxtaposed here.In the case of centralization, the central provider can’t prove his innocence, and some dishonest central providers will act as users.Moreover, under the centralized logic, the center keeps a large number of user accounts, so the center needs to […]

  • #Zhang Xiaolong wants to like it: log in to Alibaba cloud with enterprise wechat?


    Many enterprises are using enterprise wechat for organization management, and at the same time, they use Alibaba cloud services. We don’t want to create an alicloud sub account for each employee. If only we could log in directly using enterprise wechat. At this time, how to unify the user directory and achieve single sign on […]

  • Personal project related issues


    A series of articles: 2021 autumn recruitment interview computer foundation summary – algorithm, data structure, design pattern, Linux Computer foundation summary of 2021 autumn recruitment interview – Java foundation, JVM, spring framework Computer foundation summary of 2021 autumn recruitment interview database, redis Computer basic summary of 2021 autumn recruitment interview – operating system Computer foundation […]

  • The architecture design behind the overall upgrade of the member system of support horse beehive


    It’s no longer a secret that traffic dividends are coming to an end. In the Post Internet era, how to maintain the user group and improve the user experience on the platform is something that the whole industry needs to consider. It is for this reason that the whole industry is now paying attention to […]

  • (7) Springboot’s way to take off – integrating spring security (mybatis, JDBC, memory)


    Interested friends can learn about the first five, your praise is the greatest support for me, thank you! (1) Springboot takes off HelloWorld (2) Springboot’s way to take off (3) Springboot take off – yaml configuration summary (4) Springboot’s way to take off – static resource processing (5) Springboot’s way to take off – thymeleaf […]

  • How to operate win10 upgrade without pushing win8.1 — win7w.com


    Now to upgrade win10 frenzy, but some users still did not receive the win10 upgrade push notification system service, and where the push service does not know how to open the operation (want to upgrade but feel put in the taskbar is very troublesome), so when you encounter win8.1 did not push win10 upgrade, what […]