• Use Apache APIs IX and OKTA to implement identity authentication


    Generally, the application will identify the user‘s identity through identity authentication, obtain detailed user metadata from the identity provider according to the user’s identity ID, and judge whether the user has access to the specified resources. Identity authentication mode is divided into two categories: traditional authentication mode and centralized authentication mode. In the traditional authentication […]

  • Ion + IPFs provides reliable and efficient decentralized identity services!


    Ion + IPFs provides reliable and efficient decentralized identity services! Linden smart 9-16 Professional focus and win-win cooperation Ion is a system designed to place identifiers under user control through decentralized technologies such as blockchain and IPFs, which is used to store authentication data. The following is a summary of the speech delivered by Daniel […]

  • Centralized identity authentication and advanced play using Apache APIs IX


    Identity authentication is a very common function in daily life, and we will basically contact it at ordinary times. For example, daily attendance recognition when Alipay is used, confirmation of fingerprints / facial cards when working and working, and password login operation on the website are all the scenes of identity authentication. As shown in […]

  • DOS open mode


    1、 CMD window I. ordinary identity Press the keyboard combination key: Windows + R – the ‘run’ window appears, enter ‘CMD’ in the ‘open’ input box – click OK Open the ‘start’ menu – Find ‘windows system’ and expand – click ‘command prompt’ Open the resource manager – Enter ‘CMD’ in the address bar + […]

  • Shiro practical course (Part I)


    Note: the Shiro tutorial comes from a tutorial on site B. since the source code is paid, I won’t share it. The next article will explain the use of springboot with Shiro. My personal blog: Tianya Zhi My official account: rookie thanks. 1. Authority management 1.1 what is permission management Basically, all systems involving user […]

  • How to become a “real” person in the digital age?


    Reading guide Don’t think this is a bait title. This article is a dry article, so there are deep-seated technical reasons for taking this title. The sentence pattern of this title is a question sentence. Look carefully, it actually contains two questions: 1. How to become a person with status in the digital age? The […]

  • Asp.net core view application status and statistics


    In daily development, we need to pay attention to the resource usage of. Net applications to facilitate troubleshooting and capacity expansion. Obtain statistical information through Ajax request and display it as a chart, as shown in the following figure: Clrstats plug-in is a plug-in for statistics of. Net application resource usage, including CPU utilization, GC […]

  • Building an identity server from scratch — Talking about authentication and authorization in asp.net core


    Openidconnect is an authentication service, and oauth2.0 is an authorization framework. In the previous articles, we implemented the oauth2.0-based client certificate (client certificate) through identityserver4_ At the same time, it also realizes the authentication of authorization code and implicit process of openidconnect. ??? What? One is authorization, and the other is authentication. Authentication and authorization […]

  • Learn a Linux command every day (56): Su / sudo


    Yesterday’s recommendation:Learn a Linux command every day (55): ID Command introduction The Su command is used to switch the current user identity to other user identities. The sudo command is used to switch the user’s Execution Authority, which enables other non root users to have root authority. By default, sudo requires users to use a […]

  • Keycloak ~ oidc & oauth2 & custom skin


    1 OpenID & OAuth2 & SAMLone point one Relevant information https://github.com/keycloak/keycloak https://www.keycloak.org/docs/latest/server_development https://docs.cbioportal.org/2.2-authorization-and-authentication/authenticating-and-authorizing-users-via-keycloak https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_single_sign-on/7.3/html/server_developer_guide/providers https://www.baeldung.com/java-keycloak-custom-user-providers 1.2 OpenIDOpenid is an authentication standard. Many accounts on the Internet support openid, such as Google, Yahoo, paypal and so on.To use openid, users must obtain openid account (such as Google account) in openid identity provider (IDP). Users can use […]

  • Maxkey single sign on authentication system v2.5.0ga released


    English | chinese summary MaxKeyIn the single sign on system, the Chinese homophonic Marx’s key means the biggest key, which isIndustry leading enterprise open source Iam identity management and authentication products, the first domestic open source Iam brand; Support OAuth 2.0/openid connect, SAML 2.0, JWT, CAS, SCIM and other standard protocolsSimple, standard, safe and openIt […]