• Daily learning java series – learning notes on zero basics of Java (V) Java identifier | keyword | variable


    1、 Identifier 1. What can an identifier identify? What is an identifier? How to understand this concept! 2. Naming rules for identifiers 3. Naming conventions for identifiers The final requirement of this summary is to give a word at will and judge whether it is a legal identifier. What is an identifier? In short, any […]

  • Ion + IPFs provides reliable and efficient decentralized identity services!


    Ion + IPFs provides reliable and efficient decentralized identity services! Linden smart 9-16 Professional focus and win-win cooperation Ion is a system designed to place identifiers under user control through decentralized technologies such as blockchain and IPFs, which is used to store authentication data. The following is a summary of the speech delivered by Daniel […]

  • Learning everyday — Java


    Chapter 1 Java language Today, I learned the preface of development:Java languageAt the beginning, the teacher told us what Java language is and what Java language can do. Let me understand javaAlso know how to operate and enter the DOS windowFirst press the windows + R keyboard, then open the operation window, enter CMD, enter […]

  • Core knowledge of C + + 11-17 template (IX) — understanding decltype and decltype (auto)


    Decltype introduction Why decltype decltype(auto) Attention (entity) Like template parameter derivation and auto derivation, decltype results are normal in most cases, but a few cases are counter intuitive. Decltype introduction Given a name or expression, decltype will tell you its type. Let’s start with the normal situation: const int i = 0; // decltype(i) is […]

  • Vue project configures webpack obfuscator for code encryption


    background The company code is provided to a third party for use. In order not to completely disclose the source code, the given code needs to be encrypted and confused. Although the front-end code cannot be completely encrypted and confused, it can be usedwebpack-obfuscatorBy adding random waste code segments and character coding escape, the construction […]

  • C# Basics – Hello World


    preface Reminder: in order to learn the knowledge points more thoroughly Remember more firmly. I will write down the knowledge through teaching explanation, because in the process, people will change from students to teachers. This process will excavate new knowledge and views. It is a process of knowledge depth excavation and promotion through self thinking […]

  • Convert Python numbers to uppercase


    In accounting, it is used to convert numbers into uppercase, that is, to convert numbers into Chinese charactersForeign exchange deposit and withdrawal processhttps://www.fx61.com/support class cnumber: cdict = {} gdict = {} xdict = {} def __init__(self): Self.cdict = {1: u ”, 2: u ‘Ten’, 3: u ‘hundred’, 4: u ‘thousand’} Self.xdict = {1: u ‘Yuan’, […]

  • C # learning notes (II) — basic grammar of C #


    C # is evolved from C language and C + +. It belongs to the C language family and is compatible with many Java features. C / C + +, Java programmers can easily understand the content of C #. Identifiers and keywords identifier Is a name given to a piece of memory by the […]

  • Front end play rust (continuous update…)


    start Starting today, in order to cut into the webassembly, enter the pit rust;So here’s the question: why cut into webassembly now? Why choose rust instead of C / C + +, go and other languages?As we all know, webassembly is not very mature, and there is still a lot of distance from its application […]

  • Vue mobile license plate selector implementation summary


    Recently, I was working on a small program. There was a vehicle management system inside, which required users to enter license plate information. I didn’t find a Vue component that particularly met my needs on the Internet, so I sorted out the relevant key points and made a Vue component based onVueJSCan be inAppletInternal runningLicense […]

  • Scope, link properties, and storage type


    Recently, I read the self cultivation of programmers – links, loading and library. I felt that when I first learned C, I didn’t have a clear understanding of external, static and other keywords. Therefore, I reviewed the relevant parts about scope, link attributes and storage types in C and pointers, added my own understanding, and […]

  • Introduction to cross domain access methods


    Fragment identifier refers to the part of the URL after the #, such as http://example.com/x.html#fragment Fragment of. If you just change the fragment identifier, the page will not refresh again. The parent window can write information to the fragment identifier of the child window. Sub window through monitoring  hashchange The event was notified; Similarly, the child […]