• Browser privacy ranking: Microsoft edge is at the bottom of the list. Is cookie the culprit?


    Technical editor: Xu Jiuyi, BeijingSegmentFault has he reported the official account number: SegmentFault We should all be familiar with this block in the picture. As an old brother, IE browser has long been the target of ridicule. Today, with the gradual exit of IE, the competition of browser products is increasingly fierce. At first, browsers […]

  • Basic syntax & Data Types & variables


    Basic grammar token C program consists of various tokens, which can be keywords, identifiers, constants, string values, or a symbol. For example, the following C statement includes five Tokens: printf(“Hello, World! \n”); The five tokens are: printf ( “Hello, World! \n” ) ; Semicolon; In C programs, semicolons are statement terminators. That is, each statement […]

  • Idea creates a multi module Maven aggregation project


    1. How to understand the inheritance and aggregation of mavenMaven multi module project is usually composed of a parent module and several sub modules, each module corresponds to a pom.xml. They are related to each other through inheritance and aggregation (also known as multi module). Multi module is suitable for some large projects. Through reasonable […]

  • The difference between accessing JS object properties through “.” and “[]”


    There are two ways to read and set object properties: (.) method: obj.attr ([]) method: Obj [attr] 1. (.) point operator: static. The right side must be a simple identifier named after the property name. The property name is represented by an identifier. Identifiers must appear directly in the JS program. They are not data […]

  • IOS bottom layer exploration – KVC


    IOS bottom Exploration Series IOS underlying exploration – alloc & init IOS underlying exploration – calloc and ISA IOS underlying exploration class IOS underlying exploration cache IOS bottom layer exploration method IOS underlying exploration – Message lookup IOS underlying exploration – message forwarding IOS underlying exploration – application loading IOS underlying exploration – class loading […]

  • [go language series] 2.2 basic program structure of go language: keyword and identifier


    What is an identifier Identifiers are used to name program entities such as variables and types. Identifier refers to the character sequence used by go language in naming various variables, methods, functions, etc. the identifier consists of several letters, underscores, and numbers, and the first character must be a letter. Generally speaking, any name that […]

  • Maven Foundation (1) | use Maven’s correct posture


    1、 What is Maven? MavenIs a project management tool, its essence is aProject object model (POM), which is common in configurationpom.xmlFile, and thispomThe document isMavenIt manages the entire project life cycle. It does two main things: Project construction: compile, package, test, deploy and upload the project to private server warehouse, etc Dependency management:MavenWhen it was […]

  • Foundation of goweb go language


    Go language foundation Although this book is about goweb, I’ve gone through the basics of go language. Because I’ve done a systematic study of the basics of go language before, I’d like to briefly review it here. I don’t write too many notes any more. The previous blogs have basic knowledge. O (∩∩∩∩∩∩∩∩∩∩) o~ Go […]

  • C notes C language environment, compilation and preprocessing


    1, environment GCC – V // view environment variables GCC and g++ gcc main.c -o main.exe GCC main. C // a.exe is generated by default 2. Compile Pretreatment: GCC – e main. C – O main. ICompile: GCC – s main. I – O main. S / / syntax check at the same timeAssembly: GCC […]

  • What is a URI?


    What is a URI? The definition of URI is described in detail in RFC 2396. Uri is the abbreviation of uniform resource identifier. Is a unique identifier used to describe a physical or abstract resource. These three words also describe the characteristics of URIs: Unified form The advantage of formal unification is that all kinds […]

  • Testing Etag browser cache with curl request


    By NIC RaboyCrazy technology houseOriginal: https://www.thepolyglotdeveloNo reprint without permission Recently, I’ve been playing netlifly, and as a result, I’m getting more and more familiar with the caching strategies common to content delivery networks (CDNs). There is a policy to use Etag identifiers for web resources. In short, an Etag identifier is a value, usually a […]

  • Interpretation of JavaScript executable context concept by ECMA specification


    Preface In fact, standardization is not for people to see, it is more to provide reference for language implementers. However, when there is no answer to the problem, the specification can often provide the desired answer. Reading occasionally can bring great inspiration and thinking. If you read only one chapter of JavaScript specification, the great […]