• JavaScript notes 0


    JavaScript notes 0 Reference books: Javascript authoritative guide, JavaScript advanced programming Lexical Structure 1. Case sensitive 2. Notes Single-Line Comments //This is a line of comment /*Both are acceptable*/ Multiline comment (cannot be nested) /* ABBA ABBA */ 3. Identifier An identifier is the name of a variable, function, property, or function parameter Must start […]

  • [learn Python Series 6 from Xiaobai] basic concepts of type / string / identifier / object / logical line and physical line / indentation


    1. Four types There are four types of numbers in Python: integer, long integer, floating-point number and complex number. Integer, such as 1 Long integers are relatively large integers Floating point numbers such as 1.23 and 3e-2 Plural, such as 1 + 2J, 1.1 + 2.2j 2. String String (sequence of characters) Single quotation marks […]

  • [learning Python Series 7 from Xiaobai] programming specification


    The previous beginner six of Python can be understood as a supplement. Now start the formal content. In the process of programming, we must pay attention to the programming norms, not only for ourselves, but also for others to understand. We must have altruism, otherwise everyone will mess around, it’s not a mess.   print()Functions […]

  • Study day 14


    C language General forms of function calls Method of function call Treat function as a statement2. The function appears in the expression – expression function, – requiring the function to bring back a determined value to participate in the operation of the expression3. Function call can be used as the function’s argument Nested calls to […]

  • Nginx regular expression


    1. Nginx configuration basis 1. Regular expression matching ~Case sensitive matching ~*Case insensitive matching !~ And~* Case sensitive mismatch and case insensitive mismatch ^Matches that begin with what What does $end in Escape character. You can turn. *? etc. Represents any character 2. File and directory matching -F and- F is used to determine whether […]

  • Imitation microblog: realize the layout of flashing UI to be loaded when the network does not load data


    Train of thought analysis: Skeleton UI is actually a manually set UI layout when the network data is not loaded. After the network request is completed + the data is loaded, the UI layout is replaced. Therefore, two sets of layout files are required, and if the itembinding method is adopted, two sets of itembinding […]

  • Study day 20


    C language The file contains Contains the contents of another file Realized by – #include – command The essence is to copy the contents of one file into another . H – header file A #include contains only one file File contains can be nested difference Include < > — find the file in the […]

  • Study day 22


    C language Definition of pointer variable Type identifier * identifier – the identifier is the name of the pointer variable Pointer variable points to ordinary variable The type cannot be wrong Use the assignment statement to point an integer pointer variable to an integer variable (ordinary variable) There is a way to define pointer variables […]

  • Openudid and IDFA comparison


    IOS identifier Now, compare the changes of the two identifiers under different circumstances. For the following tests, each identifier is stored inKeychainAnd not inKeychainCompare the two cases. Advertisement identifier (IDFA identifier for identifier), yesAdSupport.frameworkInside. Can passASIdentifierManagerObtain. //Advertisement identifier NSString *idFA = [[[ASIdentifierManager sharedManager] advertisingIdentifier] UUIDString]; OpenUDIDIt’s open source.GitHub address。 The method can obtainOpenUDID。 // OpenUDID […]

  • A series of reading notes of Python concise tutorial — basic grammar


    Series articles: A series of reading notes of Python concise tutorial — basic grammar Reading Notes Series 2 of concise tutorial on Python — what can be seen from “operators and expressions”, “control flow” and “functions” Reading Notes Series III of Python concise tutorial – module “Python concise tutorial” Reading Notes Series IV – data […]

  • Reshape package usage


    Reshape package The reshape package is a wonderful universal tool for refactoring and integrating data. #Installation install.packages(“reshape”) Roughly speaking, you first need to “melt” the data so that each row is a unique identifier variable combination. Then “cast” the data to any shape you want. 1. Integration Each measurement variable has an exclusive row with […]

  • Semantic version 2.0.0 – version control rules


      abstract Version format: major version number Minor version number The rules for increasing revision number and version number are as follows: Major version number: when you make incompatible API modifications, Minor version number: when you add downward compatible functionality, Revision number: when you make a downward compatibility problem correction. The previous version number and […]