• Introduction to audio and video-17-gif file format


    Introduction to audio and video Analysis of GIF file format Image interchange format can be divided into two versions: image interchange format 87A and image interchange format 89A.Image interchange format 87A: was developed in 1987.Image interchange format 89A: was developed in 1989. In this version, the graphics control block, remarks, instructions, application program interface and […]

  • Analysis of APP reinforcement technology: detailed explanation of DEX file format


    The source code of Android application is mainly divided into Java and C / C + +. The file compiled by Java is DEX file, which is also the program run by Android Dalvik virtual machine. Therefore, it is also a file format that is difficult to bypass for virtual machine application based on Android […]

  • 03 nginx lcoation configuration


    1. Location matching command identifier describe = Exact matchingBefore using it in standard URI, the request string and URI should be strictly matched. If the match is successful, stop the match and execute the request in the location immediately. ~ Regular matching; before regular URI, it means that the URI contains regular and case sensitive. […]

  • Go language nil: null / zero


    In go language, the zero value (initial value) of boolean type is false, the zero value of numeric type is 0, and the zero value of string type is empty string””And nil is the zero value of pointer, slice, map, channel, function and interface. Nil is a predefined identifier in go language. Developers who have […]

  • 5 constant and variable


    5.1 identifier It is composed of letters, numbers and underscores, but cannot start with numbers; The case of English letters represents different identifiers; Identifier cannot be a keyword. Other rules: Constants are named in uppercase. #define AGE 20 All member variables are expressed in M_ Here we go. int m_ Age Common variable, take the […]

  • 3. Macro and conditional compilation


    3.1 macro Macro definition explain: 1) Macro names are usually capitalized to distinguish them from variables; 2) Macro definitions can be constants, expressions, etc; 3) Macro definition does not check syntax, only when compiling the source program that is expanded by macro will error be reported; 4) Macro definition is not c language, so semicolon […]

  • Compiler Principle Experiment 1: construct lexical analyzer and interpreter


    Lexical analyzer 1、 Objectives and requirements First of all, this experiment is divided into three sub topics: C language lexical analyzer, four Operational grammar, interpreter. Therefore, the content of the experiment is the following four parts.   1. First question: Clear objectives: According to the lexical specification of C language, the analyzer which can recognize […]

  • Vs2019 always prompts end1 to report an error. What about undefined Identifier?


    The main reason for the undefined end1 error in vs2019 is that endl is not end1, it is letter L, not number 1, so how to solve it? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. Software name: Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 professional Chinese active Edition Software size: 1.13MB Update time: 2019-11-05Download now 1. The […]

  • Python can be named in Chinese


    Python Chinese naming Naming rules numbers, letters, underscores Environmental Science python 3.7.3 x64 win10 phenomenon Python can be named in Chinese wherever it is namedFor example: variable Chinese underline is not recognized Chinese underline, press backspace key will be recognized, the front of a character will be deleted Class, class attribute, method, function effect You […]

  • Simple understanding of the role of Java identifier and naming rules


    This article mainly introduces a simple understanding of the role of Java identifier and naming rules, the article through the example code is very detailed, for everyone’s study or work has a certain reference learning value, need friends can refer to 1. Function Names of constants, variables, methods, classes, packages, and so on. 2. Naming […]

  • Basic knowledge of C + +


    C + + basic syntax C + + programs can be defined as a collection of objects that interact by calling each other’s methods. Now let’s take a brief look at what classes, objects, methods, and instant variables are. Object-Objects have state and behavior. For example: the state of a dog – color, name, breed, […]

  • Introduction to go Classics (2)


    Configure text editor Through the use of go plug-in, improve work efficiency Naming conventions Identifiers named in uppercase letters are exported. Identifiers named in lowercase letters are not exported Using hump method Use short variable type names, such as I, s, B An interface verb with ER indicates an operation, such as reader Using golint […]