• PXE: pxe-e55: proxydhcp service did not reply to request on port 4011


    This pxe-e55 “Error indication PXEClient directed to port 4011Proxy DHCP onServer sends requestNo response was received. It seems that only in DHCPDHCP is set on the serverClass identifier optionsBut port 4011 is not on the same computerProxy DHCP running onWhen serving,This problem will occur. If you operate DHCP on a different computerAnd proxy DHCPService,Please do […]

  • Identifiers in vbs


    There are actually two kinds of identifiers in VBS:Normal identifierBracketed identifierBut the VBS books I read only talk about common identifiers, not brackets. We are familiar with the rules of common identifiers: The first character must be a letter.The following characters can be letters, numbers, and underscores ()Length cannot exceed 255 charactersCannot be a VBS […]

  • One of lebyte Java variables and data structures: Java programming specification, keyword and identifier


    Hello, I’m lebyte’s Xiaole. This time, I’m going to bring you Java variables and data types. This article is the first episode: Java programming specifications, keywords and identifiers. I. programming specification The name of any place needs to know its meaning; Code indented appropriately Write process pair programming Comment code properly II. Key words 1), […]

  • C language development program commonly used on Linux platform


    Most applications on Linux operating system are developed based on C language. The editor will briefly introduce the common C language development program on Linux platform. I. structure of C program1. function There must be one and only one main function, main(), whose name is main. Where is main() in the program? C program always […]

  • C basic syntax


    Semicolon; In C program, division is the statement terminator. Each statement must end with division, which indicates the end of a logical entity For example: printf(“Hello, World! \n”); return 0; Notes //Single line notes /*Single line notes*/ /* multiline comment multiline comment */ identifier The C identifier is the name used to identify a variable, […]

  • PXE installs windows system, pxe-e55: ProxyDhcp service did not reply to request on port 4011


    This pxe-e55“Error Representation PXEThe client has addressed port 4011Agent on DHCPThe server sends the request.No reply was received. It seems only in DHCPDHCP is set up on the serverClass identifier option #60,But there is no port 4011 on the same computer.Up-running agent DHCPWhen serving,Only then will this problem arise. If you operate DHCP on different […]

  • C# Coding Notes


                                1. Catalogue 2) Preface… 3 2.1) Purpose of compilation ____________ 3 2.2. Scope of application ____________ 4 3) Naming conventions… 4 3.1) Naming conventions… 4 3.1.1         PascalCasing. 4 3.1.2         camelCasing. 4 3.1.3         UPPER_CAPS. 4 3.1.4. Naming of private variables… 4 3.1.5 […]