• HTML and CSS design 04 — the core of CSS


    CSS core 1、 Box model Box model(https://segmentfault.com/a/11…) 2、 Display property: used to set the display mode of elements None: do not display elementsBlock: block display, setting line breaks before and after elements. Purpose: to convert row level labels to block level labels (row level labels do not set width and height, but can also set […]

  • [20210316] Lck 3.txt of MSSM table space block ITL


    [20210316] Lck 3.txt of MSSM table space block ITL –//Previous tests, link: http://blog.itpub.net/267265/viewspace-2564734/= >[20190125] lck.txt of MSSM table space block ITL–//Ora-04000 the sum of pctused and pctfree cannot exceed100, link: http://blog.itpub.net/267265/viewspace-2762819/–//Think about whether it is related to this problem? This is also the difference between MSSM and ASSM. I decided to test it. 1. Environment:[email protected]> […]

  • The naming standard of action in Redux


    title This is the translation of an articleThe standard naming rules of action in fluxSince Redux is a sublimation based on flux, many essential contents are similar. Therefore, the action naming specification of Redux can refer to the naming specification of flux. Here is a translation. Poor writing, a lot of understanding. motivation If we […]

  • Write a webpack plug-in that can automatically generate Vue + elementui add, delete, modify and query code


    objective In order to solve the simple curd action, reduce theCtrl+candCtrl+vAction, generate basic operation. At the beginning, I intended to write a plug-in, but later I found that it was not well extended, and the coupling was too strong. There were too many personalized requirements, and the inheritance of Vue was not very perfect, especiallyTemplateInheritance, […]

  • Assembly loading


    Loading process When the JIT compiler compiles IL code into native code, it looks at which types the IL code references. At run time, the JIT compiler uses the typeref and assembleref metadata tables of an assembly to determine which assembly defines the referenced type. In the record entry of the assembly ref metadata table, […]

  • Realization of timing highlight and click event of 3D map based on ecarts


    Technology selection The selected technology stack: Vue, ecarts, ecarts GL Install Vue and ecarts 1. Installation of ecarts and ecarts al npm i echarts –save npm i echarts-gl –save 2. Ecarts and ecarts GL are cited import echarts from ‘echarts’; import ‘echarts-gl’ Vue.prototype.$echarts = echarts 3. Page introduction require(‘../../node_modules/echarts/map/js/china’) At this point, the map message […]

  • React 6 — Redux


    data stream 1. Reducer sets the initial state by giving the first parameter the default value 2. View passed store.getState () to get the status of the management in the store 3. The view layer generates user operations and calls the actioncreator method 4. In the actioncreator method, create an identifying action through store.dispatch Method […]

  • [20201117] using DBMS_ SHARED_ POOL.MARKHOT And SQL 6.txt


    [20201117] using DBMS_ SHARED_ POOL.MARKHOT And SQL 6.txt –//I read the link the other day: https://blog.pythian.com/reducing-contention-on-hot-cursor-objects-cursor-pin-s/–//It mentioned using DBMS_ SHARED_ POOL.MARKHOT Identify SQL statements to reduce the case of cursor: pin s, but the difference is that they are used in functions.–//My previous test is not in the function, but slower, not recommended, there are […]

  • Notes for beginners of SQL


    Common notes –Little support Inline Comments /**/Paragraph notes Basic grammar SELECT Retrieve data grammar effect example interpretation select Find the column and return the row select prod_name from products;#You can use to separate column names to find multiple columns. Find prod_ Name column, and return all the rows under it, in the products table. * […]

  • Axios (XHR) and fetch


    Axios (search arrow function) import axios from “axios”; search = () => { axios.get(`https://api.github.com/search/users?q=${keyWord}`).then( response => { console.log(‘successs’); console.log(response.data); }, error => { console.log(‘errors’); console.log(error); }, ); } fetch search = () => { //Unoptimized version fetch(`https://api.github.com/search/users?q=${keyWord}`).then( response => { console.log(‘successs’); console.log(response); //Continue to return a promise object return response.json(); } ). then (response = […]

  • What’s the difference between SQL | delete, truncate and drop?


    When it comes to the key words of deleting table data, the most you remember is probably delete However, we do database development, read database data. The other two brothers are less used Now let’s introduce the other two brothers. They both delete table data, which is easy to understand   Drop Occasion: drop table […]

  • [20201231]RAC buffer states: XCUR, SCUR, PI,CR.txt


    [20201231]RAC buffer states: XCUR, SCUR, PI,CR.txt –//When someone asks about the status Pi of Rac buffer, according to the document, it is past image ■ Note If you have SYS privileges you can run the following query to see how many blocks you have in what state: select state, count(*) from x$bh group by state; […]