• The Vue front end generates a unique identifier (GUID)


    The Vue front end generates a unique identifier (GUID) https://blog.csdn.net/Yoga99/article/details/120303020 utils/utils. JS file const S4 = function() { return (((1 + Math.random()) * 0x10000) | 0).toString(16).substring(1); }; export function guid() { return (S4() + S4() +’-‘ +S4() +’-‘ +S4() +’-‘ +S4() +’-‘ +S4() +S4() +S4() ); } 123456789 import { guid } from ‘@/utils/utils’; created() […]

  • [work] familiar with springmvc parameter binding again


    preface Now, the parameter bindings used in the project are various, and they are very big. For example, some receive dates with strings, accept arrays with strings, and so on. They do not make good use of the advantages of springmvc at all. Here I also summarize it, and I have to search Baidu Google […]

  • Identity columns cannot be directly inserted into SQL server


    Under normal circumstances, if a new record is inserted into the self growth identification column field of a table, it will be blocked by SQL Server: But by modifying theIDENTITY_INSERTSwitch, which can manually add new values to the self growing identification column. The code is as follows: SET IDENTITY_ Insert table name on –Next, you […]

  • SQL Server batch import big data


    In the past, usually, the method of inserting multiple pieces of data into the database at one time is to insert them one by one with circular code. This method is inefficient in the face of millions or tens of millions of levels of data, and it usually takes a few minutes, or even dozens […]

  • Linux solution “/bin/bash^m: bad interpreter“


    Linux solution “/bin/bash^m: bad interpreter“ reason: The main reason for prompting such errors when executing a shell script is that the shell script file is in DOS format, that is, the end of each line is identified by \r\n, while the end of each line of a UNIX format file is identified by \n resolvent: […]

  • Mybatis plus logical delete annotation @tablelogic


    First of all, this annotation is produced by popcorn beans, which is what we often call the upgraded version of mybatis.Briefly explain the usage of this annotation: when we are designing a database, sometimes even if it is deleted, it will not be physically deleted. After all, a lot of data can not be recovered. […]

  • Docker builds MySQL 8 master-slave


    environment MySQL 8.0.27 docker 20.10.11 technological process 1. prepare the configuration file catalogue –mysql_master —-data —-conf ——my.cnf –mysql_slave —-data —-conf ——my.cnf My cnf [mysqld] #Set the server ID, unique value, and identify the host, which must be inconsistent with the slave database server_id=1 #To enable binary logs, the primary database must be enabled log-bin=mysql-bin #Set […]

  • Uni app + cloudbase – how to use Tencent cloud to develop back-end services in uni app projects


    1 basic introduction Uni app is a vue JS, a set of code can be published to different platforms such as app, applet, web, etc Provided by Tencent cloud development platform [email protected]/js-sdkDevelopers can use JavaScript to access cloudbase services and resources on the web side (such as PC web pages, wechat public platform H5, etc.). […]

  • SDDC’s first windows experience -qt


    preface If you are familiar with Aizhi and have read my previous article, you will have great doubts about this article. How can SDDC, as an intelligent device discovery control protocol, be used on windows? All this comes from my huge brain hole, because I was engaged in Windows development and had a whim about […]

  • Use of mongodb and bucket Division


    1. Establish connection mongodb private MongoClient mongoClient; /**The user name and password passed in are empty to determine whether an authentication connection is required * @param ip * @param port * @param database * @return */ public MongoClient mongoConnection(String ip, int port, String database, String userName, String password) { try { if (StringUtil.isNotEmpty(ip) && StringUtil.isNotEmpty(database)) […]

  • Dynamic website development technology based on JSP


    With the development of web technology and the arrival of e-commerce era, people are no longer satisfied with the establishment of various static information publishing websites. More often, they need dynamic websites that can interact with users and provide services such as the management and control of background databases.Dynamic website development technologyThe early dynamic website […]

  • Android device ID


    In view of the increasingly standardized device identification by the state and the system restrictions of Android 10 and later versions. For the game distribution SDK, especially the SDK development related to advertising distribution, it has brought some difficulties. Eight Liang has also sorted out the parameters related to Android device identification. The title says […]