• Android oaid get based on MSA oaid_ sdk_ 1.0.25. zip


    brief introduction Link to this article:https://segmentfault.com/a/11… According to the technical requirements of “mobile intelligent terminal supplementary equipment identification system”, Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo, vivo, ZTE, Nubia, Meizu, Lenovo, Samsung and other equipment manufacturers will gradually realize this identification system. The alliance plans to develop and release a unified supplementary equipment identification call SDK supporting multiple manufacturers, […]

  • Python rookie tutorial learning 8: iterators and generators


    iterator One of the most powerful features of Python is a way to access collection elements. An iterator is an object that can remember the traversal position. The iterator object is accessed from the first element of the collection until all the elements are accessed. The iterator can only move forward and not backward. Iterators […]

  • How to use static methods and static variables in the project


    Use static methods to complete some tool classes: public class Computer {   public static int plus(int i,int j){ return i + j; }   public static int minus(int i,int j){ return i – j; } } How to use it?   Computer.plus(3,2);   Use static variables to complete the definition of some global constant classes with only […]

  • Online text comparison tool


    Online text comparison tool Online text comparison tool This tool supports comparing the list data of two text lines, and identifies the similarities and differences of text with different colors. If you need to extract text intersection, text difference and text Union, please use relevant tools. https://tooltt.com/txt-diff/

  • 02 restful interface specification


    Restful interface specification Interface specification: it is to use different background languages to obtain the same data using the same interface How to write an interface: the interface specification is to standardize the writing of interfaces. The writing interface needs to write URLs and response data Note: if the request parameters are also taken into […]

  • Detailed explanation of nginx cache mechanism! Very detailed and practical


    As an important means of performance optimization, nginx cache can greatly reduce the load of back-end servers. Next, we will introduce the related instructions of nginx cache configuration and HTTP cache mechanism, as well as the case analysis of nginx cache practice. Nginx cache example An example demonstrates how the cache appears and how to […]

  • IOS optimal traceless buried point scheme


    IOS optimal traceless buried point scheme In the era of mobile Internet, user behavior data is very important for every company and enterprise. How important it is, how long users stay on this page, what buttons they click, what content they browse, what mobile phone, what network environment, and what version of APP need to […]

  • Snowflake algorithm, under what circumstances do ID conflicts occur?


    In distributed systems, there are some scenarios that need to use globally unique IDs. In this case, 36 bit UUIDs can be used to prevent ID conflicts. However, UUIDs have some disadvantages. First, they are relatively long. In addition, UUIDs are generally out of order Sometimes we want to use a simpler ID, and we […]

  • IOS tableview disorderly renders cells of different styles


    When you create a tableview, you sometimes need to load many different styles of custom cells. At this time, according to indexpath.section = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, it is a small matter that you can’t meet the dynamic changes of server data. The key is very elementary.So how to dynamically render the corresponding custom […]

  • HBase learning 1 (basic introduction)


    1、 What is HBase? HBase is a distributed, column oriented open source database. This technology comes from the Google paper “BigTable: a distributed storage system of structured data” written by Fay Chang. Just as BigTable makes use of the distributed data storage provided by Google file system, HBase provides capabilities similar to BigTable on Hadoop. […]

  • Android EditText input box realizes drop-down and saves the last 5 history records


    Article structure: 1、 Demand description Colleagues from the technology department proposed to save the five key information successfully entered recently on the app, and support the drop-down selection. This is also to facilitate customers to input information many times now and help them input quickly. IIImplementation idea: Current requirements to be realized 1. You want […]

  • Thoughts on the implementation of canvas coding


    Basic introduction difficulty Multi graphics management generate storage Class classification Unique identification Check ID Zindex stack event click double-click Right click Drag roll animation requestAnimationFrame Minute hand rendering Multi object motion Motion curve strategy mode Object collision isPointInPath isPointInStroke Mathematical pickup performance optimization Framing rendering Split screen rendering multiple coincident canvas Reasonable context assignment operation […]