• Teach you to easily build a chain store app


    Teach you to easily build a chain store app At the early stage of launching wechat applets, it was predicted that the catering industry would become the point where applets would break out. Now, the chain store applet has become another big hit. Especially after the function of “nearby app” is opened, a main account […]

  • String quotation mark format setting of IntelliJ code


    Starting point Recently, I was developing a small angular project, using tslint, and I used single quotation mark restriction. But the automatic introduction of IntelliJ webstorm defaults to double. IntelliJ + IDE can set whether the global or project uses single or double quotation marks to avoid changing the quotation mark format every time. crux […]

  • Vscode plug-in path autocomplete tips


    Once introducedPath AutocompleteIs a very good vscode plug-in. Of course.Basic path completion tipsThere are also some advanced skills and small problems that may be encountered in use. I’d like to share them with you here. Mapping directory When webpack in your project usesresolve.alias, webpack.config.js is configured as follows: module.exports = { //… resolve: { alias: […]

  • Vs Code vs. webstorm


    From a personal point of view, compare the two editors / ides Compare some of the more convenient functions I often usePersonal MacBook Pro 2016 minimum Vscode hereinafter referred to as V, webstorm hereinafter referred to as w Usage time: Before the school learning front-end are used V, about more than a yearI have been […]

  • Introduction to four Java references


    Quotation: We know that there is no headache pointer in C + + compared with C in Java, but there is a reference similar to a pointer, that is, a reference, for example, object obj = new object(); this obj is a reference, which points to the address of the real object, but today we […]

  • Web front end navigation


    Record some front-end navigation links, welcome to revise and supplementWebsite navigation: https://www.frontendjs.com/ Front end team Tencent alloyteam ISUX FEX Taobao front end team (FED) Concavoconvex Laboratory Odd Dance Troupe Alibaba international ued team Development community Nuggets Stack Overflow GitHub SegmentFault CNode Front end network Front end frame JQuery Vue React Bootstrap Angular Ionic Redux Chart […]

  • What are the basic grammar of go learning notes


    In the last article, we wrote the first one ourselves.GoLanguage versionHello World, and got to knowGoInteresting variables and restless constants in language. I believe that through the Fibonacci series in the last article, you have mastered it preliminarily.GoThe similarities and differences between language variables and constants and other major programming languages for better learning and […]

  • IOS assign upload tool error replace with Fastlane assign


    Resign your app with fastlane1.Setup fastlane environment:https://docs.fastlane.tools/g… 2.terminal sudo gem install fastlane 3.command: cd <<ipa path>> 4.Resign Commandfastlane sigh resign -g <<bundleId>> –signing_identity “<<distribution certificate full name>>” -p “<<provision file absolute path>>” –short_version 9.2 –bundle_version 1 –use_app_entitlements <<IPA name>> example:fastlane sigh resign -g com.test –signing_identity “iPhone Distribution: TestDemo (XXXXXXXXXX)” -p “/Users/abby/Documents/APP/TEST.mobileprovision” –short_version 9.2 –bundle_version 1 […]

  • . net tool resharper: how can I help visual studio users?


    ReSharperIs a well-known code generation tool that can helpMicrosoft Visual StudioBecome a better ide. In essence, the resharper feature can be used for C, vb.net, XML, asp.net, XAML, and build scripts. With resharper, you can conduct in-depth code analysis, intelligent code assistance, real-time error code highlighting, solution wide code analysis, fast code correction, one-step code […]

  • [idea] idea activation code supports 2019.1, which is valid for pro test.


    When I opened idea today, I was prompted that the idea activation code was invalid. What Are You Talking About! QvQSo, I searched for Baidu dad, and finally found a usable activation code.Currently due April 5, 2020 Available activation codes MNQ043JMTU-eyJsaWNlbnNlSWQiOiJNTlEwNDNKTVRVIiwibGljZW5zZWVOYW1lIjoiR1VPIEJJTiIsImFzc2lnbmVlTmFtZSI6IiIsImFzc2lnbmVlRW1haWwiOiIiLCJsaWNlbnNlUmVzdHJpY3Rpb24iOiIiLCJjaGVja0NvbmN1cnJlbnRVc2UiOmZhbHNlLCJwcm9kdWN0cyI6W3siY29kZSI6IklJIiwiZmFsbGJhY2tEYXRlIjoiMjAxOS0wNC0wNSIsInBhaWRVcFRvIjoiMjAyMC0wNC0wNCJ9XSwiaGFzaCI6IjEyNjIxNDIwLzBwIiwiZ3JhY2VQZXJpb2REYXlzIjo3LCJhdXRvUHJvbG9uZ2F0ZWQiOnRydWUsImlzQXV0b1Byb2xvbmdhdGVkIjp0cnVlfQ==-Zmbxcn7NPlqBNqAURX0uiLzybnruyx6PG+6KYZrpzm/IJJs5nnIogGgdfIJoifO6fbaaJYc5pjds7CHdrt/neIpvF2o/HvIjMEF4/AhNV7HUGsAa9zpMszc6YBIkMmVFh4Y7GPKOStA14/Ld83AC7kGnwL1Fq7eAXKJFljc00GMejPpfE0zDqTN634bC+0ojfklhWXaLqhUt230SiE8onnd3quvEaH5NsW7sIQm2spyONZI+iHvHFtl4EvG7tlRlD1StsfhrbgNNxz61FOEEQ+GtZIzMx+T4sbpfoRyms7lbWQecrbAtE0c2sR98esm4PcDUhrFVBxGorPC1ppOLSQ==-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 Activate screenshots It’s just that I’m confused by this version that there’s a saying […]

  • Binary search


    Given an ordered array, how do I find out if an integer is in the array and its index? Such as: int[] arr = {1,4,6,11,23} int target = 11 Find the target subscript corresponding to the position in arr The result is :index = 3 This is a typical binary search problem, the code is […]

  • Vue for the back end


    Installation environment There are many pictures in the article, which occupy a certain space. Have write the background of the brothers said, how to write vue, how to create a vue project, and then I thought about it, think to write a background students vue tutorial is also necessary, the article barely talked about CSS […]