• Configure Ruby on rails framework and rubymine ide development environment on Ubuntu


    Thoughts in the preparation stage During the installation of VirtualBox, there are many pits due to one reason or another. Pit 1For the terminal, be sure to open it with the starter After installing the virtual machine and entering the system, we will encounter the first pit, terminal software. It is recommended that everyone use […]

  • Detailed steps for installing Perl and Komodo IDE for windows


    Perl official website: https://www.perl.org/Perl document: https://perldoc.perl.org/Download address: https://www.perl.org/get.html The installation package of Perl Windows version is divided into activestate Perl and strawberry Perl. For the difference between the two, see: http://www.zzvips.com/article/202134.htm Note: the download speed of activestate Perl is slow. You may need KX to surf the Internet I have uploaded all the versions of […]

  • How to use GoLand ide go mod to build a project


    No matter what programming language you learn, there are four steps you will go through at the beginning Development tools installation IDE installation Set dependency / package image Project building tools, managing dependencies / packages 1、 Installation of golang development tools https://golang.org/ Official website (need respective means)https://github.com/golang/go GitHub addresshttp://docscn.studygolang.com/ Golang Chinese website 2、 GoLand ide […]

  • How to install selenium ide


    Where can I download selenium ide? How to install selenium ide? Selenium IDE is a plug-in of Firefox. It supports script recording and can only be used in Firefox. Beginners will have some problems when installing selenium IDE, such as not displaying selenium ide in the Firefox toolbar after installation. The following editor will tell […]

  • On the problem of MacOS system using GoLand and other ide debug failure


    MacOS system debugs with GoLand and other IDE, debugserver or lldb server not found: install Xcode’s command line tools or lldb server preface The author’s notebook environment is MacOS, using “GoLand” IDE, unable to debug the code, and reported an error:could not launch process: debugserver or lldb-server not found: install XCode’s command line tools or […]

  • IOS Resign Upload Tool Error replace with fastlane resign


    Resign your app with fastlane1.Setup fastlane environment:https://docs.fastlane.tools/g… 2.terminal sudo gem install fastlane 3.command: cd <<ipa path>> 4.Resign Commandfastlane sigh resign -g <<bundleId>> –signing_identity “<<distribution certificate full name>>” -p “<<provision file absolute path>>” –short_version 9.2 –bundle_version 1 –use_app_entitlements <<IPA name>> example:fastlane sigh resign -g com.test –signing_identity “iPhone Distribution: TestDemo (XXXXXXXXXX)” -p “/Users/abby/Documents/APP/TEST.mobileprovision” –short_version 9.2 –bundle_version 1 […]

  • Experience of using jeecg boot


    Using jeecg boot: Jeect boot, with the latest mainstream development technology, is a powerful rapid development platform. When I first found jeecg boot, I was fascinated by its exquisite and beautiful pages. It is found that the download project also has the desired button permission function. At the same time, jeecg boot inherits the previous […]

  • Light PHP high performance PHP framework based on swoole


    ?Light-phpIt is a high-performance PHP framework based on swoole, with lightweight encapsulation and ease of use, which makes it perform well in small and medium-sized high-performance projects. directory Environmental requirements Installation tutorial configuration file Route middleware Controller hook Task task WebSocket data base Pressure test Environmental requirements rely on Explain PHP >= 7.2 Recommendation 7.2 […]

  • Install B sharp weapon: where did the time go in 2016?


    1 rescuetime Check the time spent on the computer and what it did https://www.rescuetime.com/da…This software supports win, MAC and Linux platforms. You need to install a client on the machine, and then follow the instructions. You will see a dashboard on their official website to record what you have done. 2 wakatime Check what you […]

  • Vscode MAC utility shortcut key, plug-in


    Background: At build 2015, in addition to the release of Microsoft edge browser and new windows 10 system, Microsoft’s biggest surprise was the announcement of free cross platform visual studio code editor! With the arrival of 2019, stack overflow’s it ecology survey in 2018 shows that visual studio code has leapt to the top of […]

  • Freedgo design UML: an online drawing tool


    Record an online drawing tool website, which can do beautiful UML design work. Visit freedgo design Click to edit online: make UML tool editing page online

  • The most complete wechat applet development solution in history


    The most complete wechat applet development solution in history We have talked a lot about wechat small program development solutions. In summer, sunflower e-commerce summarized the common problems of small program development into a small collection, hoping to help you. 1. Number of applets registeredEnterprises, governments, media and other organizations can register 50 small programs, […]