• The difference between the ID and name attributes of HTML elements


    Today, I’m a little confused about < a href = “#13” > < / a >, and # represents an anchor. If you follow 13, you will jump to the position of 13 on this page, and this 13 is the name attribute value. Why notIs it the ID value??? So I checked the difference […]

  • Online ID number extraction birthday tool


    Online ID number extraction birthday tool Online ID number extraction birthday tool Tools support batch reading of birthdays from the ID card number list, and calculate the information such as the birthday of the solar calendar, and support the export to the Excel. The data is pure client computing and will not be uploaded to […]

  • JAVA 18 Bit ID number verification algorithm


    public static char doVerify(String id) { char pszSrc[]=id.toCharArray(); int iS = 0; int iW[]={7, 9, 10, 5, 8, 4, 2, 1, 6, 3, 7, 9, 10, 5, 8, 4, 2}; char szVerCode[] = new char[]{‘1′,’0’, ‘X’, ‘9’, ‘8’, ‘7’, ‘6’, ‘5’, ‘4’, ‘3’, ‘2’}; int i; for(i=0;i<17;i++) { iS += (int)(pszSrc[i]-‘0’) * iW[i]; } int […]

  • Vue image compression to Base64 upload image


    Due to business needs, the company project needs to use image upload, compression, Base64, and these are implemented in the foreground. I haven’t written this kind of logic and code in Vue before. With my patience, I finally delivered the code and function. Now I want to release the code and share it with you!!! […]

  • How to send the value of the select drop-down box to the ID to implement the code


    The complete code is as follows: HTML code: Copy code The code is as follows: <!– EOT; if($step==1){ print <<<EOT –> <div> <form name=”form_order” method=”post” action=”?action=$atc” enctype=”multipart/form-data”> <div> <div> <!– EOT; $total_all=0; $jinbi_all=0; foreach($listdb AS $name=>$array){ $total=0; $jinbi=0; print <<<EOT –> <ul> <li>< div > < input type = “checkbox” name = “checked =” checked […]

  • A question about updating database (classical parent-child ID Association)


    Yesterday, a colleague sent a database topic, which is the classic parent-child ID design type in the same database table. You need to add a field to the original table. At the same time, you need to insert the parent-child details of the node into a new field in the original table. The specific effect […]

  • How to generate test data gracefully


    When some functional modules are completed, it is necessary to test them. At this time, the test data is a problem. It is definitely impossible to completely follow the same data. If there is a large number of tests, we have to make some preparations. At this time, with the help of some simple and […]

  • Custom method in django1:django model, get date of birth from ID number.


    There is a person model in which ID card and date of birth fields are used. The requirements are as follows: Check the ID number when you deposit it. Automatically get the date of birth from the ID number. Because I don’t know how to insert a custom check when I’m a beginner Model.py It’s […]

  • How to add uiblureaffect uiblureaffectview swift to IOS blur effect


    How to add uiblureaffect uiblureaffectview swift to IOS blur effect Use process 1. UIBlurEffect Create a new one firstUIBlurEffectobject let blurEffect = UIBlurEffect(style: .light) 2. UIBlurEffectView Create a new oneUIBlurEffectViewTo put on the top of the generationBlurEffcteffect let blurView = UIVisualEffectView(effect: blurEffect) blurView.frame =Rect // defines the frame of the blur view 3. Add view […]

  • Bitcoin: Programmer’s exclusive welfare, 2K + for the author


    preface Here’s the thing. Yesterday, I saw someone in a group sending a message saying, “do you have a GitHub account registered before 2019? There are 15 fans. Lend me 500 yuan as a reward for proper use.” at that time, I wondered, is the GitHub account so valuable? Of course, I didn’t say a […]

  • [Development Notes] notes on swift grammar


    Recently, we are developing oneswiftProject,swiftGrammar is really a little strange, not likejsJust grab it and write it. Write an essayswiftGrammar that is not understood by the public. File import in swift In swift, just useswiftAll classes writtenunwantedexcessimportBut it is necessary to use the library written in OCimport Guard keyword The Boolean value of the expression […]

  • Regular: mobile phone verification, password verification


    Regex regular expression For more daily use of the public class operation method, you can pay attention to the small pulley websitehttp://www.feiaci.com/#/self/… Is it a 26 letter string Is it a string of 26 uppercase letters Is it a string of 26 lowercase letters Is it a number Is it Chinese Is it a mobile […]