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  • Java regular expression — handwritten ID card, email, Chinese character, QQ number, etc


    /****************************************************************************** * *****************************************************************************/ import java.util.regex.Matcher; import java.util.regex.Pattern; /** * <ul> * <li>Title: -RegExUtil</li> * <li>Description: TODO </li> * <li>Copyright: Copyright (c) 2018</li> * <li>Company: http://www.jiangqiaotech.com/</li> * </ul> * <url> *      < Name > syntax and example of Java regular expression < / name > *     <value>https://www.cnblogs.com/lzq19…</value> * </url> * * @author swc *@ date 2019 / […]

  • MySQL InnoDB index


    Index is implemented by storage engine. Even if the index of each storage engine is the same, its implementation is different. The leaf node of InnoDB primary key index stores the whole row of data. In InnoDB, the primary key index is also called clustered index. The leaf node content of a non primary key […]

  • Python crawler practice: crawling the comment data of microblog big V


    The text and pictures of this article are from the Internet, only for learning and communication, and do not have any commercial use. If you have any questions, please contact us in time. The following article is from it sharing house by it sharers   Theory   Just imagine a question, if we want to […]

  • Next application for collision


    public Result hitSingle(Context context) { /*** 1. Check the same ID number or identity is exactly the same as the real estate card number (query status does not include [automatic completion] and [cancellation] and [to be launched].*2. If the result is blank, it is allowed to apply for next account*3. If the result is not […]

  • An article teaches you to use Python to capture micro blog comments regularly


    [Part 1 – theory] Imagine a question. If we want to capture the comment data of a certain microblog, how should we implement it? The simplest way is to find the microblog comment data interface, and then change the parameters to get the latest data and save it. First, look for the interface to grab […]

  • (27) C × WinForm custom control – multi input form – hzhcontrols


    Official website http://www.hzhcontrols.com premise It’s been 7 or 8 years since I started, I always want to make a set of beautiful custom controls, so I have this series of articles. GitHub:https://github.com/kwwwvagaa/NetWinformControl Code cloud: https://gitee.com/kwwwvagaa/net_ winform_ custom_ control.git If you think it’s OK, please click star to support it Welcome to discuss: Penguins 568015492 catalog […]

  • Constructor or builder?


    In the process of instantiating a class, constructors with multiple parameters are usually encountered, but what if some parameters are not required? Do you want to initialize so many parameters every time? public class Person { Private int ID; // ID card No Private string name; // name Private int age; // age Private Boolean […]

  • Export MySQL data to redis


    Determine the data type you want to import into redis Suppose that the structure of my table t u user is Column names Notes type name Name varchar idcard ID number varchar phone Cell-phone number varchar The current requirement is to make a mapping relationship between mobile phone number and ID card number. Then I […]

  • Write a tool class with ES6 syntax and reference it globally


    Write a tool class with ES6 syntax and reference it globally export default class myUtils { /** *Judge whether the string is empty * @param str * @return {boolean} */ static isNull (str) { return str == null || str.length === 0 || str === ” } /** *@ desc judge whether it is ID […]

  • Soft Technology Class: Primary Key


    The primary key is the unique identifier for each data row in a table. Columns with no duplicate values can be used as primary keys. A table can have no primary key, but it can be very difficult to handle, so there is no special reason for the table to set the primary key. There […]

  • Identity Card Verification – Backend


    Thinkphp5 + layui Code: public function add() { if($this->request->isAjax()) { $request = new Request(); $params = $this->request->param(); $title = $params[‘title’]; $identity = $params[‘identity’]; if(empty($identity)) { This – > error (‘Please enter your ID card number or passport number! ). } if( strlen($identity ) != 18 ) { This – > error (‘The ID number you […]

  • Data + Data Graph Printing


    <p><!–@page {size: auto; margin: 0mm; } a { text-decoration: none; color: #333; } .show { width: 50%; margin-left: 25%; border: 1px solid #696; text-align: center; -webkit-border-radius: 8px; -moz-border-radius: 8px; border-radius: 8px; -webkit-box-shadow: #666 0px 0px 10px; -moz-box-shadow: #666 0px 0px 10px; box-shadow: #666 0px 0px 10px; } .daochushow, .daohanghide { list-style-type: none; height: auto; width: […]