• [shutter 3-1] advanced tutorial of shutter – bottom navigation bar


    By VladSource | Vlad (official account: fulade_me) BottomNavigationBar BottomNavigationBarandBottomNavigationBarItemCooperate to jointly display the bottom status bar in the shuttle. The bottom status bar is a very important control at the mobile end. Have a look firstBottomNavigationBarConstruction method BottomNavigationBar({ // key Key key, ///Bottomnavigationbaritem array @required this.items, ///Click event method this.onTap, ///Subscript of the currently selected […]

  • Usage practice of clion debug mode


    1、 Background Recently, in order to take the postgraduate entrance examination, I began to use C language and data structureVisual Studio 2019As an editor, but I’m not used to it; I’ve been using the editor of JetBrains company before, and I just found that C language can be usedCLionHowever, it is found that it will […]

  • This time, visit health codes all over the country on the desktop


    Background introduction During the epidemic, in order to facilitate access to the health code,Cross space-time appIt integrates the function of arousing wechat applet, and puts the entry in the long-click menu of the system desktop application icon (in Apple operating system, it is called quick action; in Android system, it is called app shortcuts). However, […]

  • Hyperlink icon specification: improve the readability of articles


    1. What is the hyperlink icon specificationThe hyperlink icon specification is modified and adjusted according to the icon textlinks with CSS. The main thing is to reduce the number of requests to integrate some images into a common image server. Through this set of CSS framework, add Icon identification to the type of linked file. […]

  • Is it too urgent? Post it pwa20 days


    “Old drivers never need any reason to like me when driving. Let’s have some of me.”Yihang Post Bar — a fresh Chinese community http://tieba.freeedit.cn 1. The foregoing Recently, I have been writing a post application, which has just been “completed” (in fact, there are many areas that need to be improved).This application is written after […]

  • Android layout reuse


    Wechat screenshot When writing an interface similar to the above figure, there will be a large section of repeated code in the layout. <!– activity_me.xml –> <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?> <androidx.appcompat.widget.LinearLayoutCompat xmlns:android=”http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android” xmlns:tools=”http://schemas.android.com/tools” xmlns:app=”http://schemas.android.com/apk/res-auto” …… > <!– The following paragraph will be repeated many times — > <androidx.constraintlayout.widget.ConstraintLayout android:layout_width=”match_parent” android:layout_height=”wrap_content” android:paddingTop=”16dp” android:paddingBottom=”16dp”> <ImageView android:id=”@+id/imageView2″ android:layout_width=”32dp” android:layout_height=”32dp” […]

  • IOS package size optimization memo


    The following is the scheme I have used in the daily app optimization process. Here is a record. 1. Apple official optimization App ThinningIt is a function about saving the storage space of IOS devices. It allows the app store and operating system to reduce the size of the installation package as much as possible […]

  • Introduction to Huawei Cloud Architecture production tool – yu’ao online drawing tool freedgo


    What is Huawei cloud? Huawei cloud provides you with ICT cloud computing services as convenient and efficient as tap water, and a wealth of cloud hosts, cloud servers, cloud databases and cloud computing products to complete the whole process of application development, deployment, online and operation efficiently and conveniently. What is the composition of Huawei […]

  • Android-Material Design


    Material DesignAndroid5. 0’s most attractive material design style Z axis In the material design theme, the concept of height is introduced into UI elements. The height of the view is represented by the attribute Z, which determines the visual effect of the shadow. The larger the Z, the larger and softer the shadow. However, the […]

  • Vue wechat JS SDK sharing function


    Step 1: NPM install Weixin JS SDK – S // or import the JS file directly into index.html http://res.wx.qq.com/open/js/jweixin-1.6.0.js Official documents: https://developers.weixin.qq.com/doc/offiaccount/OA_Web_Apps/JS-SDK.html Step 2: Import Wx from ‘Weixin JS SDK’ // favorite ones are in main JS to mount Wx under Vue prototype.$ wx = wx Step 3: //Find the background to get the signature. […]

  • Realize content sharing between IOS apps


    preface There are several common ways for us to share content between different apps on IOS platform: The first is throughAirDropRealize the sharing of documents and data between apps of different devices; The second is to define a URL scheme for each app, and directly access an app by accessing a URL with a specified […]

  • Sifu open source project promotion – gitako: open source and free file tree plug-in


    Open source project name: gitakoOpen source project leader: @ EnixIntroduction to open source project: open source and free file tree plug-inOpen source project type: individual open source projectProject creation time: 2019GitHub data: 301 star, 27 forkGitHub address: https://github.com/EnixCoda/G… Project introduction Gitako is an open source and free file tree plug-in, aiming to improve GitHub functions, […]