• Android 9.0 launcher3 remove the drawer type and display all apps


    Design sketch Revision ideas 1. Add global control variablessys.launcher3.is_full_appFor dynamic switching 2. Add two sets of layout, corresponding to drawers and no drawers 3. Remove allappsbutton 4. Load the icon in allappscontainerview into workspace 5. The newly installed app automatically adds icons to workspace 6. Replace the workspace icon and press and hold the delete […]

  • How to use Icon Font Icon in Vue


    1. Use aliiconfont Icon Library Online 1. Open the iconfont official website to select your favorite Icon and add a shopping cart 2. Click on the shopping cart to add to the item 3 generate links 4 in our Vue project, find the index.html file, introduce CSS style, and remember to put your link address […]

  • Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 install pycharm, ippython, etc


        Ubuntu 18.04 1. Install Python 2. Entersudo apt install python  Entering Python or python3 on the command line opens the corresponding version. Type exit() or Ctrl + D to exit Python’s shell. 2. Install IPython 2. Entersudo apt install ipythonIPython 3. Version installation, inputsudo apt install ipython3   In the shell of IPython, […]

  • Android 9.0 system UI network signal bar customization and modification


    previously on Analysis of loading process of system UI navigation bar of Android 8.1 platform 9.0 brief description of change point 1, newStatusBarMobileViewReplaceSignalClusterView, to control the signal bar display At the same time, there are alsoStatusBarIconView、StatusBarWifiView 2. The overall process is similar to 8.1 Design sketch Overall flow chart Upper code First, let’s take a […]

  • Solve the problem that Android searchview does not display search Icon


    Background: There was a page display problem before. Searchview was placed in the toolbar and displayed at the top of the page. It was found that after entering the page, there was an arrow icon in the upper left corner (indicating clicking to return), and the middle area was the search bar. However, it was […]

  • Win10 auto update close method


      I. why do many people choose to disable win10 automatic update? 1. Win10 automatic update definition: The auto update function of win 10 is windows update. This function is intended to provide update services for some software, vulnerabilities, etc. Generally speaking, as long as the computer is connected to the wireless network, when you […]

  • Uni app custom navigation bar button


    Recently, I have been learning the development of uni app. As the development of uni app is based on the technology of vue.js, as long as you are familiar with Vue, you will be able to start it soon. It is found in the development that the native navigation bar of uni app can also […]

  • Using custom icon in flutter


    1. Preface FlutterAs one of the most popular technologies at present, with its excellent performance and the advantages of smoothing the multi-terminal differences, it has already attracted the attention of a large number of technology lovers, even someLeisure fish,American regiment,tencentAnd other large companies have been put into production. Although its ecology is not fully mature […]

  • How to use Emoji as a monochrome Icon


    How to use emojis as icons By preethi Sam Use monochrome Emoji Icon is becoming more and more important in web design. There are many resources about icon on the Internet, including free and paid ones. Here, I’ll show you how to use Emoji as an icon in a way that we are already familiar […]

  • DataGridView row data validation: no bug with red exclamation point when the input data is invalid


    Private void dgvvview (object sender, datagridviewcellvalidatingeventargs E) {{if (e.columnindex = = 0 & &! Dgvvview. Currentrow. Isnewrow) // // // // // // // // // // // judge whether the primary key column of the first column is empty (excluding New rows); if (string.isnunununununuorempty (e.formattattattattattattattattattattattattattattattattate. E.formattattattattattattattaint (e.formattattattattattattattattattaint. E.formanunununuorempt (e.formaformattattattattattattattattattattattattattattattattaint. E.formattattattattattattattattattattattattattattattattattattattattattaint. E.formanuedvalue. Tostring())) ({{}) Dlgvview.rows […]

  • Software camouflage to modify various QQ icons


    This friend below! Yes, that’s you. Your message editor replied: “in fact, it’s not difficult to change.” The editor in chief saw it and gave it a good beating. “Can our readers just ignore the simple questions?” Well, it’s a small mistake. We shouldn’t take all the things we think are simple. Since you have […]

  • Http://javaexception.com/archives/206


    Copyright notice: This is the original article of xing’star. Please indicate the source for reprint! This article is synchronized from http://javaexception.com/archives/206 Android titlebar recommendations During this period of time, I was helping others write an app. In order to speed up the progress, I introduced some open source libraries, one of which is titlebar. The […]