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  • Java web development uses JNI to call DLL generated by C + + code for binary image processing and saving


    Using JNI to mix Java and C/C++ programming, calling DLL dynamic link library generated by C/C++ in Java JNI is the abbreviation of Java Native Interface,Since Java 1.1, it has become a part of Java standardThere are several steps for Java to call C / C + + Write java classes with native methods, and […]

  • Core tunnel connection warning: remote host identification has changed!


    Core tunnel connection warning: remote host identification has changed! Environmental Science Operating system: OSX 10.14.6 (18g84) Core tunnel(basic version) version No.: 1.8 Reasons for appearance The reason for this information is that the first SSH connection will generate an authentication stored in the client (that is, the one Using SSH to connect to other computers, […]

  • Java Web completes the function of adding, deleting, checking and modifying


    The previous article wrote the full search and registration function of user table Add, delete, check and change functions are realized here, and I’m going to directly go to the previous effect picture     The code will not be copied. You can download it if you need: https://files.cnblogs.com/files/2979100039-qq-con/zscg.zip As an additional point, the version […]

  • Full screen implementation of Vue browser


    1. The sreenful plug-in is used in the project to execute command installation npm install –save screenfull 2. After installation, the project can be imported and controlled with one button, and the button method is as follows: toggleFullscreen() { if (!screenfull.enabled) { this.$message({ message: ‘you browser can not work’, type: ‘warning’ }) return false } […]

  • Crypto-js decryption buf-8 format error


    Malformed UTF-8 data at Object.stringify Searching the online data is to say that the encrypted data must be an integer multiple of 8, and to give the corresponding solutions, but I found that my error did not come out of the encrypted data, but because the encrypted key is not even!It may be that I […]

  • Vuecli3 configure less variable


    Step 1. Document introduction //Vue cli CSS preprocessing document: https://cli.vuejs.org/zh/guide/css.html ා automatic import //Less document: https://www.w3cschool.cn/less/less’variables’overview.html   Step 2. Install Vue cli plugin style resources loader According to the document: (do not install NPM I directly, use the built-in add of Vue:) vue add style-resources-loader During the installation, you will be asked which preprocessor to […]

  • How to register a blockstack ID step by step


    How to register a blockstack ID step by step Blockstack ID is similar to QQ login or wechat one click login. It has 6K likes on GitHub. Thousands of programmers have used this blockstack architecture to develop DAPP. Using blockstack ID has two functions for ordinary users and developers: You can log in directly without […]

  • Windows local link VMware virtual machine redis service


    Use local windows to link the redis service of VMware virtual machine My virtual machine system is: Windows Server 2012 First copy the redis server to the server and extract it. The directory is as follows   This is just a demonstration, so it will not be installed as a window service. You can directly […]

  • https://moba.en.softonic.com/


    To open the connection tool, I use mobaxterm? Personal? 12.1 (download address: https://moba.en.softonic.com/) Connect to ECs and remove the default MariaDB database: Yum remove mariadb-libs.x86 ʄ Then create a directory. I usually put the software in / usr / local, and then enter the directory. Download: WGet https://dev.mysql.com/get/mysql80-community-release-el7-3.noarch.rpm       Then install The two […]

  • Immersive learning Git


    cover — contents — aboutOriginal link: http://igit.linuxtoy.org/contBy chance, I saw this article introducing git (i.e. a book is also very appropriate), which tells about the use of GIT through some short and concise experiments. Although I use SVN in my work at present, I also play git at ordinary times. First, I will save this […]

  • How to install Google Chrome browser in Ubuntu 18.04


    1. Open “https://www.google.cn/chrome/” with the existing browser Then you will see the words “download chrome”. Click download to pop up the download prompt message. My Ubuntu system can directly choose to accept and save the file. 2. Enter the following commands in turn sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade sudo dpkg -i google-chrome.deb Note: the […]

  • IFLYTEK voice chip xfs5152ce, sharing some holes encountered


    First, the I2C address of the chip manual is write address, which is 8-bit. The real address is 7-bit address, which should be 0x40. The lowest bit is read-write bit. Read set 1, which is 0x81, write set 0, which is 0x80. If I simulate I2C, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that […]