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  • How to set the background image in HTML (full screen display without stretching)


    1 <br><em id=”__mceDel”>2 body{background-image:url(https://uploadbeta.com/api/pictures/random/?key=BingEverydayWallpaperPicture);</em></code></pre> <pre><code><em id=”__mceDel”><em id=”__mceDel”>3 background-size:cover;background-attachment: fixed; 4 background-repeat:no-repeat;background-position:center } It’s the code I use Background: background colorBackground image: select your background imageReapeat: whether the background image is repeated or not, itsSelect no repeat asRepeat is not repeated, repeat is repeated, repeat-x and repeat-y are only repeated in X and Y direction respectively.Attachment: […]

  • After the DOM element is inserted into v-html in Vue, the effect of folding panel is realized


    I use the native JS way, if there is a better way, comments Oh~ <template> <div class=”content”> <div class=”content-show”> <div class=”c-title”>{{datainfo.title}}</div> <div class=”c-detail” v-html=”datainfo.body” @click=”toggleDetail”></div> </div> </div> </template> <script> export default { data(){ return{ datainfo:{} } }, methods:{ toggleDetail(e){ let items = document.querySelectorAll(‘.collapse-item’), itemWraps = document.querySelectorAll(‘.item_wrap’); var el = e.target.nextElementSibling; if(el.classList.contains(‘item_wrap’)){ el.style.display = el.style.display==”none”?”block”:”none”; } […]

  • Vue uses verifier: veevalidate3


    preface I’m usingvee-validateVersion is3.3.7 2.1.5Step by step:Use scenarios and configuration of veevalidate Installation tutorial cnpm install vee-validate –save New file VEE- validate.js import { extend, ValidationObserver, ValidationProvider, localize } from ‘vee-validate’ import { required, email, min, between, numeric } from ‘vee-validate/dist/rules’ import zh_CN from ‘vee-validate/dist/locale/zh_CN.json’; localize(‘zh_ cn’,zh_ // configure Chinese export default { install (Vue) […]

  • New pneumonia API calling master, new epidemic API calling


    Recently, I have nothing to do. I found the API about the recent epidemic on the Internet. I intend to make it easy for my family to check the new pneumonia. (the emphasis is casual. The total time for doing this is less than an hour.) Tianxing data API: https://www.tianapi.com/ Demo:https://demo.0vov.com/xfy.html github:https://github.com/DuJiu02/XinFeiYan   I have […]

  • After buying the course for more than half a year, I can finally hand in my homework today because I will go to the battlefield tomorrow.


    I got up this morning and started typing code step by step according to the course. I just finished the whole tutorial and deployed it on GitHub pages. Although the official version of 3. X is coming soon, I use the latest production version 2. X. GitHub pages link:laijinyou.github.io/vuejs-demo-v2/… GitHub submission record:github.com/laijinyou/vuejs-demo-v2 Because I’m going […]

  • Very simple REM adaptation of web mobile terminal


    REM to do mobile terminal adaptation has been loved by the majority of web developers. In fact, it is very easy to do REM simply. Only three introductions are needed. HTML The meta section made the adaptation statement: <! — Name: viewport; content: width = device width, initial scaling = 1.0, user scaling = no, […]

  • Chapter 6: acceleration of node (NPM) (1)


    Operation and maintenance Node (NPM) acceleration Slow down! Slow down! Slow down! We still need to solve the problem of slow NPM install by replacing it with domestic sources. (base) [email protected]:~$ npm set registry https://registry.npm.taobao.org/ (base) [email protected]:~$ npm config list ; cli configs metrics-registry = “https://registry.npm.taobao.org/” scope = “” user-agent = “npm/6.13.6 node/v10.15.3 linux x64” […]

  • vscode:npm Importance of restarting ide after package update


    The IDE I used is vscode, because vscode has a powerful third-party plug-in library, and it is lightweight. However, every time you install or update a third-party plug-in library, you must restart the IDE, otherwise it will not take effect.One time, a third-party plug-in was referenced during project development, which led to package failure. The […]