• Online JSON to PHP array tool


    Online JSON to PHP array tool Online JSON to PHP array tool This tool can convert JSON objects into PHP array. It supports versions above PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.4, and supports copying and downloading PHP code JSON: (JavaScript object notation) is a lightweight data exchange format. It is based on a subset of ECMAScript […]

  • Basic literacy of XPath and HTML


    XPath: a query language for HTML and XML. It can find nodes in the tree structure of XML and HTML To install XPath: PIP method: PIP install lxml Win + R: CMD open command console:       You can see that XML has been installed   HTML: A kind of standard and standard of web […]

  • You have to know the history of HTTP


    HTTP is more or less used in our daily networking devices. It is a communication protocol based on TCP / IP. Let’s understand its historical process. prehistoric In the 1960s, the U.S. Department of defense established ARPA network. In the 1970s, TCP / IP protocol was proposed and applied in UNIX kernel in the 1980s. […]

  • Introduction to HTTP protocol


    web The world wide web is not a special computer network. The world wide web is a large-scale, on-line information repository, English abbreviation for web. The world wide web can easily visit one site on the Internet from another site (that is, the so-called “link to another site”), so as to actively obtain rich information […]

  • Basic specification of front end development


    1. All writing is in lower case in half width;2. ID, class must start with a letter;3. All labels must be closed;4. HTML tags are indented with tab key;5. Attribute value must be quoted;6. <! — HTML comments — >7./CSS comment/8. JS comment: / / single line comment /* multiline comment */ 9. UL, Li […]

  • AB post test HTTP and WebService interface method and use case


    AB (APACHE bench) is a hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) performance testing tool that comes with Apache. Its design intention is to describe the execution performance of the currently installed Apache, mainly to show how many requests Apache can process per second. useab -helpView help interface AB testing simple HTTP requests ab -n30000 -c1000 “” AB […]

  • Some basic knowledge about H5


      HTMLHyper text markup language means: hypertext markup language; HTML5 represents the fifth version of the fifth major revision of HTML (and HTML5 is the result of W3C and whatwg cooperation) Whatwg refers to the web hypertext application technology group, an organization established to promote the Internet HTML5 as the standard. In 2004, it was composed […]

  • Complete self study course of HTML5 and CSS3 (1)


    This article starts from[front end class]The official account of WeChat. Search in wechat【Front end workshop】Pay attention, read the article first time! Introduction:This section mainly introduces the basic information of HTML, including the concept of HTML, the development process of HTML and the development process of HTML Standard Version. Through the study of this section, we […]

  • To understand what html is, read this one


    This is the first of the HTML5 and CSS3 basic grammar self study course, first appeared in the WeChat official account. Guide reading: this section mainly introduces the basic information of HTML, including the concept of HTML, the development of HTML and the development of HTML Standard Version. Through the study of this section, we […]

  • Goweb HTTP protocol


    Link to another blog about httpIt’s a bit slow on the first visit~~~ HTTP protocol Because we have to know something about HTTP to write web applications, we will introduce http HTTP protocol introduction HTTP hypertext transfer protocol is an application layer protocolObject oriented protocol is suitable for distributed hypermedia information system because of its […]

  • The past and present of HTTP protocol


    The full name of HTTP protocol is hypertext transfer protocol, which needs to understand three aspects: hypertext, transmission and protocol. Let’s start from the history of HTTP protocol. In the 1960s, ARPA was established by the advanced research program of the United States Department of Defense (ARPA). It has four nodes distributed around the world […]

  • HTML development history


    Html is the abbreviation of hypertext markup language. Unlike C or Java programming languages, html is composed of tags. Through the tag, you can insert text, picture, link, audio, video and other elements into the web page to describe the web page. Like windows, with the development of technology, HTML has experienced many version updates. […]