• Summary of six ways of httpserver development in go language


    catalogue First kind Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth After learning the client implementation of the two HTTP protocol interfaces, net / HTTP , and fasthttp , the next step is to start the development of server. If you don’t know, you’ll be surprised. Unexpectedly, these two libraries also support the development of server, which is […]

  • Installation of swoole1.9 in centos7 and analysis of using httpserver


    This paper introduces the installation of swoole1.9 and the usage of httpserver in centos7. The details are as follows: 1、 Download swoole source package https://github.com/swoole/swoole-src/releases For example: spool-src-1.9.6 tar.gz 2、 Compile and install > yum install gcc gcc-c++ kernel-devel make autoconf > tar xf swoole-src-1.9.6.tar.gz > cd swoole-src-1.9.6 My PHP is installed under / data […]

  • Understanding the implementation of HTTP server in golang


    preface For golang, implementing a simplehttp serverIt’s very easy, just a few lines of code. At the same time, with the blessing of coroutine, go implementshttp serverCan achieve very good performance. This article will be on the go standard librarynet/httpIn order to learn and understand the common paradigm and design ideas of network programming, the […]

  • An asynchronous file download instance of httpserver implemented by ruby


    1. Use ruby eventmachine and EM HTTP server gem to complete a simple httpserver that provides file download function 2. uses EM’s FileStreamer to send files asynchronously. When sending files, it first assembles header and then calls FileStreamer. require ‘rubygems’ require ‘eventmachine’ require ’em-http-server’ class HTTPHandler < EM::HttpServer::Server attr_accessor :filename, :filesize, :path def process_http_request #send […]