• How to enable DNS over HTTPS function of win10 to improve privacy and security


    In the recent preview version of windows 10, Microsoft gave insider testers the opportunity to test the domain name resolution service (DNS) transmitted through Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (htpps). Interested friends can install the compiled version of windows 10 build 19628 or above (fast ring / quick update channel), and then manually enable DNS over […]

  • Parsing HTTPS request using process based on Charles


    When using Charles to grab HTTPS requests, you need to set the connection end, that is, the browser or application and Charles, to complete the setting of SSL proxying. SSL certificate The connecting end needs to install Charles certificate first. The following describes how to trust Charles root certificate on different browsers or applications Windows/Internet […]

  • Example of implementation code for adding HTTPS with go


    brief introduction Now the website does not have the HTTPS to be embarrassed to see the person Hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTP over TLS, HTTP over SSL or HTTP secure) is a kind of transmission protocol for secure communication through computer network. HTTPS communicates over HTTP, but uses SSL / TLS to encrypt packets. The […]

  • How to use the CER file of HTTPS in IOS development


    There are two ways to support HTTPS in IOS development: one is to handle it in the background, and the mobile terminal can directly use the HTTPS interface; the other is to provide the mobile terminal with a server certificate cer file in the background. At this time, we need to import the CER file […]

  • Solve the problem that Charles can’t view the connect request when capturing the HTTPS packet


    Question: After following the general process, it is found that all get / post requests can be viewed, but some connect requests cannot be viewed. Solution: You need to check enable transparent HTTP proxy in proxy settings – proxies HTTP proxy That’s fine. In doubt: These connect requests are not sent by the app on […]

  • Download HTTPS file in Java and upload it to alicloud OSS server


    This article mainly introduces how to download HTTPS file in Java and upload it to Alibaba cloud OSS server. The example code is very detailed in this article, which has a certain reference learning value for your study or work. You can refer to the following for friends who need it Today, I did a […]

  • Devops starts from scratch – docker, nginx, nexus, gitlab, free HTTPS (I) basic overview


    This article is used to describe how to build Alibaba cloud warehouse from scratch and the related problems encountered in the process. The contents involved include docker, nginx, nexus, gitlab and HTTPS. background A simple warehouse environment for R & D needs to be built to ensure the normal management of private NPM package, Maven […]

  • HTTPS era, free SSL access and configuration (APACHE version)


    Why? If you don’t know why, please take a detour. Would it be expensive? With Alibaba cloud and Tencent cloud quitting SSL certificate services one after another, SSL certificates have become more user-friendly. It is recommended that you use the charged SSL certificate. Compared with your business volume, the SSL certificate is really not expensive. […]

  • HTTP compact tutorial 2: simple HTTP protocol


    HTTP protocol The HTTP protocol is the same as many other protocols in the TCP / IP protocol family and is used for communication between clients and servers.One end of the request access resource is the client, and the other end of the response resource is the server. The request must be sent from the […]

  • HTTP and HTTPS (notes)


    HTTP Support client / server mode. Simple and fast, method and path. Flexible, allowing the transfer of any type of data object. No connection, only one request per connection. Stateless protocol. Request / response steps Client andWebServer (default80Port) establishmentTCPConnect. adoptTCPConnect, client sendHTTPRequest. Server receives request and returnsHTTPResponse. releaseTCPConnect. Ifconnectionyesclose, the server actively shuts downTCPConnection, client […]

  • HTTP 1.1 protocol – rfc2616 – Chinese version


    From: http://www.cnblogs.com/k1988/ Explain This document defines the standard group protocol for the Internet community and needs discussion and suggestions for further improvement. Please refer to “Official Internet protocol standard” (STD 1) to understand the standardization status of this agreement. This agreement is not limited to circulation. Copyright notice Copyright (C) The Internet Society (1999). All […]

  • How to skip SSL certificate verification of HTTPS in Java


    Open the homepage of developepaer, and it is obvious that the link is headed by HTTPS. The difference between HTTPS and HTTP lies in the higher security of HTTPS: The difference between HTTP and HTTPS Obviously, the biggest difference between the two is that HTTPS has an additional SSL certificate validation. It can be said […]