• How to use. Net core httpclient


    preface Since the birth of httpclient, its usage has been controversial. In the era of framework, there have been quite a number of classic misuse cases, including TCP link exhaustion, DNS change imperceptibility and so on. Interested students to find their own research. In. Net core version, ihttpclientfactory is provided to create httpclient to solve […]

  • Four solutions for adding default request headers to httpclient


    preface Httpclient has a wide range of applications in Web calls, and adding a default request header for it is a common requirement. This paper introduces four ways to add a default request header for httpclient. Let’s have a look at the detailed introduction The first way Add headers directly to the defaultrequestheaders collection of […]

  • Talking about the keep alive mechanism in HTTP and the keep alive mechanism in Java http


    What is keep alive This word looks familiar. I’ve seen it in many places. TCP keepalive, HTTP keepalive. Now even some front-end frameworks have something similar to keepalive (such as vue.js, keep route). This article introduces the keepalive mechanism in HTTP and TCP. Other aspects are not covered in this article. Keep alive in http […]

  • The correct way to open HttpClient in.net Core


    preface In the era of Asp.Net Core 1.0, HttpClient brought endless troubles to developers due to design problems, using Asp.Net Core In the words of the development team: we noticed that HttpClient was being used incorrectly by many developers. Net Core Continuous version rapid upgrade; Source of problem For a long time,.net developers have sent […]

  • Explain how. NET Core solves errors in requests using HttpClient SSL


    problem Appears when requesting HTTPS API with HTTP Client The certificate cannot be verified up to a trusted certification authority Exceptions, and certificates have been passed in. Here is the problem code: public class Program { public static void Main(string[] args) { var url = @”https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxx/xxx-web/services/xxxx?wsdl”; var handler = new HttpClientHandler { ClientCertificateOptions = ClientCertificateOption.Manual, […]

  • Apache httpclient execute method debugging


    Because of the need for work, I want to study the logic of execute execution. Call execute on this line: response = getHttpClient().execute(get); Implementation of getHttpClient: private HttpClient getHttpClient() { if (this.m_httpClient == null) { this.m_httpClient = HttpClientBuilder.create().build(); } return this.m_httpClient; } The HTTP Client I declared in my code is just an interface. The […]

  • A Brief Introduction to Angular HttpClient


    Modern browsers support launching HTTP requests using two different APIs: the XMLHttpRequest interface and the fetch () [email protected] The HttpClient class in angular/common/http provides a simplified API for Angular applications to implement HTTP client functions. I. Preparations First, import HttpClientModule in app. module. ts. As follows: import { HttpClientModule } from ‘@angular/common/http’; @NgModule({ imports: [ […]

  • HttpClient Post Binary/Byte Stream/byte[] Instance Code


    HttpClient Post Binary/Byte Stream/byte[] Instance Code HttpClient 3.x public class HttpHelper { String m_url; HttpClient m_HttpClient; public HttpHelper(String url) { m_url = url; m_HttpClient = new HttpClient(); } public byte[] post(byte[] bytes, String contentType) throws IOException { PostMethod method = new PostMethod(m_url); if ((contentType != null) && (contentType.length() > 0)) method.setRequestHeader(“Content-type” , contentType); method.setRequestEntity(new ByteArrayRequestEntity(bytes)); […]

  • The correct posture of using HttpClient in. NET Core


    Preface To make it easier to invoke HTTP requests on the server side, Microsoft introduced HttpClient in. NET Framework 4.x. But HttpClient has a lot of serious problems and has been criticized for many times. For example, InfoQ’s article t.cn/Evzy80y, Tucao HttpClient can not immediately close the connection, serious performance consumption and so on. I […]