• May mess up your interview: do you know how many HTTP requests can be made on a TCP connection?


    This article was originally published by songruozhang, the author’s home page: zhihu.com/people/hrsonion/posts. Thank the original author for his selfless sharing. 1, introduction A classic interview question is: what happens when the URL is entered into the browser and displayed on the page? Most of the answers are about how the DOM is built and drawn […]

  • An example of using HTTP to initiate get and post requests in go language


    About HTTP protocol HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is one of the most common and commonly used protocols in modern network. It is designed to ensure the communication between client and server. HTTP works as a request answer protocol between the client and the server. The client can be a web browser, and the server can […]

  • Front end data communication mode


    In the process of development, it is inevitable to interact with data, which is often obtained by interacting with the server and processed accordingly Summary of traditional data communication methods Native XHR object: difficult to use and limited in function Jsonp mode: jsonp can span, but in essence, it is bypassing the restriction of homology […]

  • HTTP and HTTPS (notes)


    HTTP Support client / server mode. Simple and fast, method and path. Flexible, allowing the transfer of any type of data object. No connection, only one request per connection. Stateless protocol. Request / response steps Client andWebServer (default80Port) establishmentTCPConnect. adoptTCPConnect, client sendHTTPRequest. Server receives request and returnsHTTPResponse. releaseTCPConnect. Ifconnectionyesclose, the server actively shuts downTCPConnection, client […]

  • Network security and internal and external worries, found that children’s tablet computers contain loopholes, vulnerable to hackers


    In the process of development and progress of the times, some things can be left behind, but education will not be left behind at any time. And it will always be the focus of attention. For example, the state invests a large amount of reserve funds into school construction, teachers and other aspects every year. […]

  • HTTP 1.1 protocol – rfc2616 – Chinese version


    From: http://www.cnblogs.com/k1988/ Explain This document defines the standard group protocol for the Internet community and needs discussion and suggestions for further improvement. Please refer to “Official Internet protocol standard” (STD 1) to understand the standardization status of this agreement. This agreement is not limited to circulation. Copyright notice Copyright (C) The Internet Society (1999). All […]

  • About who


    About who Whistle (pronunciation [ˈ w ɪ s ə l], Pinyin [w ē is ǒ u]) is a cross platform web debugging agent tool based on node. Similar tools include Fiddler on Windows platform, which is mainly used to view and modify the requests and responses of HTTP, HTTPS and websocket. It can also be […]

  • Do you really use XMLHttpRequest?


    When seeing the title, some students may think: “I have usedxhrSuccessfully sent manyAjaxI’ve asked. I’m quite proficient in its basic operation. ” I used to think like you, until recently I usedxhrWhen I stepped on many holes, I suddenly found that I didn’t know enough about itxhrI know only the most basic use.So I decided […]

  • Note: nginx agent Axios request and precautions


    Recently, I wrote a small demo. Because I used the online data of a large factory and the interface was cross domain restricted, I used nginx agent to solve these problems. 1. Nginx.conf configuration information Becausenginx.confThere are many configuration information, this article only focuses on the followingaxiosAnd static resource request settings. By the way, I […]

  • PHP uses HTTP to request URL generic class


    <?php /** *HTTP request class */ class HttpTool { protected $connect_timeout; protected $request_timeout; public function __construct($connect_timeout = 5, $request_timeout = 55) { $this->connect_timeout = $connect_timeout; $this->request_timeout = $request_timeout; } public function httpRequest($url, $data, $type = ‘POST’, $header = [], $opt = [], &$curl_info = []) { $ch = curl_init($url); $options = array( CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER => $header, […]

  • HTTP protocol: comparison of HTTP 1.0, HTTP 1.1 and HTTP 2.0


    As early as the establishment of HTTP, the main purpose was to transfer hypertext markup language (HTML) documents from the web server to the browser of the client. In other words, for the front-end, the HTML page we wrote will be placed on our web server, and the client will access the URL address through […]

  • WEBCC: lightweight C + + HTTP Library


    WEBCC is a lightweight C + + HTTP library developed by me based on boost ASIO, which supports both client and server. A few years ago, it only supported simple soap calls (called csoap). As a result, it gradually evolved into a pure HTTP library. At present, it has more than 250 code submissions and […]