• HTTP protocol learning notes


    1. Main features of HTTP protocol 1. Simple and fast Each resource has a fixed URI 2. flexibility Changing the data type in the HTTP header can transfer different data types, which is very flexible 3. no connection After each connection, the connection state will be disconnected, and the connection state will not be maintained […]

  • Common front-end security Summary – XSS / CSRF / cookie / password / HTTP transport / click hijacking


    XSS XSS definition: Cross site This website runs code from other websites Data becomes a program XSS example: Output query parameters on the page Show search box script on page Introducing external JS resources Rich text – write log – rich text – crammed – add to it Online shopping mall – filling in the […]

  • Using multipart / x-mixed-replace to realize HTTP real-time video streaming


    As for real-time video transmission, there are many mature schemes in the industry, which are respectively applied in different demand scenarios. This paper introduces a very simple and easy to understand scheme based on HTTP. It is not practical, but it is helpful to understand HTTP protocol. Read video frames from camera Node’s hardware operation […]

  • Flash source code analysis: application startup process


    The article belongs to the author’s original, the original is published in the personal blog. WSGI All Python web frameworks should follow the WSGI protocol. If you are not clear about WSGI, you can check my previous introduction. Let’s briefly review the core concepts of WSGI here. There is a very important concept in WSGI: […]

  • HTTP compact tutorial 2: simple HTTP protocol


    HTTP protocol The HTTP protocol is the same as many other protocols in the TCP / IP protocol family and is used for communication between clients and servers.One end of the request access resource is the client, and the other end of the response resource is the server. The request must be sent from the […]

  • Flash source code parsing: Routing


    The article belongs to the author’s original, the original is published in the personal blog. Building routing rules Different paths of a web application have different processing functions,Routing is the process of finding the corresponding processing function according to the requested URL. Before performing the lookup, you need to have a list of rules that […]

  • About HTTP connections and request resources


    HTTP TLS, about security Three handshakes and four waves Browser input URL to page rendering, after the process, DNS resolves IP address Request resources HTTP triple handshake Web page rendering The three handshake SYN The client selects a random sequence number x and sends a syn packet, which may include other TCPFlags and options. SYN […]

  • Illustrated HTTP reading summary


    This HTTP brochure is pretty good. It’s been used twice This time, I made some notes for myself and others to read and review. Because this book is the first edition published in 2014, there are some less commonly used techniques, which are omitted in the notes, and only some more commonly used ones are […]

  • HTTP cache and Etag record


    1. HTTP message introduction HTTP message is the data block sent and responded when the browser and server communicate.The browser requests data from the server and sends request message; the server returns data to the browser and returns response message. Message information mainly includes:1. Start line ———— the first line of the message is the […]

  • Listening to the difference of different IP addresses


    IP type IP addresses are divided into a-e5 categories, which are classified according to the byte length of net ID and the first few bits of network number. Class a address: network number takes up 1 byte. The first bit of the network number is fixed to 0. Class B address: network number takes up […]

  • Front end interview questions – Comprehensive


    Preface This article summarizes some of the most common front-end interviewsHTTP, browserSEOFor other questions, if you need to know about other interview questions, please click here to checkHTML+CSS+JavaScriptAnd so on. Summarize the problems and share them with the partners in need. Welcomestarfollow If there is any mistake or mistake in the article, please see the […]

  • CSP: the first defense line of front-end security


    ⭐ more front-end technology and knowledge points, search subscription numberJS bacteriaSubscribe The main function of content security policy is to reduce the possibility of XSS cross site script attack. There is no way for browsers to distinguish whether the code to be executed is for the page itself or maliciously injected. XSS uses this to […]