• HTTP/HTTPS for Network


    Lie down at night and listen to the wind and rainTiema Glacier Dreams Preface University teachers once said that there are three heavenly books in the computer field: data structure, computer composition principle and computer network. So the network is also a technology that we must understand and master when we are engaged in computer […]

  • Take you to know the technology and method of flow cleaning in DDOS defense


    When confronted with DDoS attacks, the current protection technology can not avoid the emergence of flow cleaning and filtering words, customers will be very confused about flow cleaning, how to clean, will the normal access requests be filtered and cleaned together? This is one of the most important concerns from the customer’s point of view. […]

  • Encryption of HTTPS


    I. Overview 1.1 General purpose Learn more about HTTP and HTTPS Understanding how symmetric and asymmetric encryption works Have a general understanding of HTTPS encryption Have a preliminary understanding of certificates 1.2 Encryption Before learning HTTPS encryption, it is necessary to understand several common encryption methods, such as: Symmetric encryption Asymmetric encryption 2. Symmetric Encryption […]

  • Share the technical tools needed to understand in DDOS defense


    In the process of DDOS protection, flow cleaning is an indispensable technical operation. So precise flow cleaning is achieved through what specific way? There will be a variety of technical ways to identify. Yesterday, we shared three necessary technologies in the process of traffic cleaning, including attack feature matching, IP reputation checking and protocol integrity […]

  • Learning Experience Series: On the Promotion of a Small Open Source Project


    I haven’t updated my blog for nearly a month. One sideAt the end of the near future, it should also be a little useful to temporarily report Buddha’s feet. On the other handRecently, I am busy with publicity work of my own open source project. The address of the project is as follows: Github. And […]

  • Design a Global Exception Processor


    Preface Recently, I had a little leisure and picked up the open source project cicada which had not been updated for half a year. Some new friends should not know what this project is about yet. Let’s take a look at the official introduction first (actually, I wrote it myself) Cicada: Fast and lightweight WEB […]

  • HTTP caching rules


    Web caching automatically saves copies of common documents. When a web request arrives at the cache, if there are cached copies locally, the document can be extracted from the local storage device instead of the original server. Using caching can reduce redundant data transmission, alleviate network bottlenecks, reduce the requirements for the original server and […]

  • Spring Cloud uses Fegin for HTTP interface calls


    Introduction to Fegin Fegin is a declarative and modular Http client, which can help us call HTTP interface quickly and elegantly.It is very convenient to create a Feign client in Spring Cloud. It only needs to declare an interface and add corresponding annotations to complete the call to HTTP interface. This article does not integrate […]

  • Interest Diagram of HTTP State Code (Part I)


    Meow: Excavate shit. Are you still worrying about HTTP status codes? Ben Miao’s solution to your interesting puzzles 1xx: Information, the server receives the request, requiring the requester to continue executing the request operation 100:The server receives part and waits for the rest. Come on!When using curl to make a post request greater than 1024, […]

  • Figure HTTP Cache


    Cache plays an important role in both software and hardware applications, and its importance in improving performance is beyond doubt. This paper mainly introduces HTTP cache, including its principle and application. HTTP caching is mainly throughHTTP HeaderControl. Caching example Let’s start with a simple caching example: Browser First Requestapp.jsWhen the server returns the resource content […]

  • Implementing the Simplest HTTP Server in C-C Language


    Implementing the Simplest HTTP Server in tinyhttpd-C Language github: https://github.com/EZLippi/Ti… Project Home Page: http://sourceforge.net/projec… Main function This is the declaration of all functions: // Processing an HTTP request monitored from a socket can largely reflect the server processing request flow here. void accept_request(int); // This is an error request returned to the client. HTTP status […]

  • Inbound (Line) Processes, Micro (Macro) Tasks and HTTP Communication (Serial Understanding)


    In order to learn Promise, we are stuck in the whirlpool of browser http process, process, thread, macro task, micro task and page rendering.So I inquired a lot of information and sorted out their relationship according to my understanding. I hope I can help to correct them. Process carding 1. Browser process Process:A page in […]