• Java Network Programming Foundation (2)


    TCP TCP is a connection-oriented and reliable byte stream protocol. It establishes a connection by shaking hands three times. When communication is completed, the connection must be removed. Because TCP is connection-oriented, it can only be used for end-to-end communication. If there are already encapsulated TCP packets in IP packets, then IP will send them […]

  • HTTP Caching Mechanisms


    HTTP Caching Mechanisms

  • Flutter how to use HTTP package


    Official Introduction and DocumentationProblem in use Correct use method import ‘package:http/http.dart’ as http; main(List<String> arguments) async { var url = “https://api.themoviedb.org/3/discover/movie”; var body = { “api_key”: “09564a04a5ab6977006247589da33d46”, “language”: “en-US”, “sort_by”: “popularity.desc”, “include_adult”: “false”, “include_video”: “false”, “page”: “1”, }; // Method 1 // var response = await http.post(url,body: body); // print(response.body); // if (response.statusCode == 200) […]

  • Python builds a simple HTTP server that can directly post an instance of a file


    server: #coding=utf-8 from BaseHTTPServer import BaseHTTPRequestHandler import cgi class PostHandler(BaseHTTPRequestHandler): def do_POST(self): form = cgi.FieldStorage( fp=self.rfile, headers=self.headers, environ={‘REQUEST_METHOD’:’POST’, ‘CONTENT_TYPE’:self.headers[‘Content-Type’], } ) self.send_response(200) self.end_headers() self.wfile.write(‘Client: %sn ‘ % str(self.client_address) ) self.wfile.write(‘User-agent: %sn’ % str(self.headers[‘user-agent’])) self.wfile.write(‘Path: %sn’%self.path) self.wfile.write(‘Form data:n’) for field in form.keys(): field_item = form[field] filename = field_item.filename filevalue = field_item.value Filesize = len (filevalue) file […]

  • Graphical HTTP Caching Mechanism | Practical HTTP


    Topic: by @joewakeford I. Preface Hi, everyone, I am Chengxiang Ink Shadow! HTTP protocol plays an important role in network knowledge. The most basic of HTTP protocol is the header of request and response. Most Http protocols rely on the header of setting different HTTP request/response. This series of “Practical HTTP” sets aside the conventional […]

  • Detailed introduction to HTTP 2.0


    HTTP protocol is the most widely used network protocol in our Internet world. Recently, the birth of HTTP 2.0 has made it the focus of the Internet technology circle once again. Everything’s ebb and flow has its driving force behind it. For HTTP, this power is complicated by the evolution of various technical details, simply […]

  • Learning Notes for Web Development (4) – – Redirection and HSTS


    review Through the content of previous articles, we have built a base onFlaskA simple frameworkWebApplication,server.pyThe code is as follows from flask import Flask from flask.views import MethodView app = Flask(__name__) class IndexHandler(MethodView): def __init__(self, name): print(name) def get(self): return ‘It is a GET request’ def post(self): return ‘It is a POST request’ if __name__ == […]

  • HTTP request weather example for golang programming introduction


    Goang learns the first wave and uses HTTP get to request the Golden Weather Interface. I. Preparations: 1. Register Golden Developer Account and apply for key 2. LiteIDE, golang development tool. Or https://www.jb51.net/softjc/119086.html 3. Understand the basic grammar of golang. 2. Coding directly Because the code comment is very detailed, it goes directly to the […]

  • Using delegate of NSURLConnection to process HTTP communication


    In the Apple Foundation library, there is a native HTTP processing class, which isNSURLConnection。 This article documented the most basic support for using this library, and read some notes after reading the official documents of Apple. This article address: https://segmentfault.com/a/1190000006749099 Preface Though it isNSURLConnectionBut essentially the core processing is done in its two delegates. amongNSURLConnectionDelegateIt […]

  • A Graph Understanding Http Caching


    Referring to some browser caching information, this paper summarizes its process through a graph. The first time a browser initiates a web serverhttpAfter the request, the server returns the requested resource and adds some caching fields to the response header, such as:Cache-Control、Expires、Last-Modified、ETag、DateWait. The browser then requests the resource from the server to use it as […]

  • Ajax Technical Details


    Ajax status code,xhr.readyState 0: UNSENT not sent, create Ajax object, default value is 01:OPENED Executionxhr.open2: HEADERS_RECEIVED The current Ajax request has been sent and the corresponding header information returned from the server has been received.3: LOADING response body content is returning4: DONE corresponding body content has been returned to the client Http Network Status Code […]

  • HTTP and AJAX Key Knowledge


    Technology stack needed to be mastered by stack development engineers How to Become a Junior Full Stack Development Engineer What is a full stack development engineer? Full Stack Development Engineer (FULL-STACK): The front and back ends can be developed independently. [front end] HTML(5)+ CSS(3) JAVASCRIPT(JQ,VUE,REACT) [rear end] Java (JSP) Python Node PHP C#(.net->dot net) (ASP.NET) […]