• Tutorial on installing and using Axel download tool in Linux system


    Axel is the next good http / ftp high-speed download tool for Linux. It supports multi-threaded download and breakpoint renewal, and can download the same file from multiple addresses or multiple connections of one address. Suitable for Internet speed without force, multithreading download and improving download speed. For example, downloading LNMP one click installation package […]

  • Fe.base-http basic combing


    Preface This article combs my reading of the “HTTP authority guide” to meet the relevant questions and answers. If there is any mistake, please correct it. osi reference model Application layer, presentation layer, session layer, transport layer, network layer, data link layer, physical layer URL < scheme >: / / < user >: < password […]

  • Relearn web backend development-004-learn HTTP response


    One must know what to say, one must know when to say it, one must know who to say it to, and one must know how to say it. ——Drucker, the father of modern management 1. HTTP response The response content of the “/ Hello” interface is as follows: HTTP/1.1 200 OK Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8 […]

  • Web application security: introduction to http


    If you want to read more high-quality articles, please jab GitHub blog, more than 100 high-quality articles a year are waiting for you! This is the second in a series on Web security, the first of which can be viewed as follows: Web application security: how browsers work HTTP is a wonderful thing: a protocol […]

  • Http / 3 is coming, but you are still using HTTP / 1.1?


    Tip: The platform will compress the picture, and can reply to HTTP3 in the background of WeChat public address FEPulse (ID:FEPulse) to get the HD big picture. Tencent summer internship recruitment is fully launched, but I can help you to push the public background contact. I would like to recommend some interested teams, such as […]

  • Implementation basis of video playback, breakpoint continuous transmission and multi thread Download: range


    To achieve a video playback function, as well as the download operation of large files, we can’t avoid one point: to obtain data from any location of the file, if we simply pass theecho file-contentThis method can only be used for file download. If the video file is used for playing, it is difficult to […]

  • HTTP protocol request / corresponding message


    Without rules, there is no circle. So is the information exchange between the Internet. Many other protocols in the protocol family, such as HTTP protocol and TCP / IP protocol, are rules for communication between the client and the server. As can be seen from the above figure, in the process of network information exchange, […]

  • Response status code of HTTP request


    We know that in the first field of HTTP response message, the first line displays the status code of HTTP response and other information. What are the categories of HTTP response status codes? We are familiar with 200 (request success), 502 (server error), 404 (file not found), 304 (resource redirection), etc. These HTTP response status […]

  • HTTP protocol learning notes


    1. Main features of HTTP protocol 1. Simple and fast Each resource has a fixed URI 2. flexibility Changing the data type in the HTTP header can transfer different data types, which is very flexible 3. no connection After each connection, the connection state will be disconnected, and the connection state will not be maintained […]

  • Common front-end security Summary – XSS / CSRF / cookie / password / HTTP transport / click hijacking


    XSS XSS definition: Cross site This website runs code from other websites Data becomes a program XSS example: Output query parameters on the page Show search box script on page Introducing external JS resources Rich text – write log – rich text – crammed – add to it Online shopping mall – filling in the […]

  • Using multipart / x-mixed-replace to realize HTTP real-time video streaming


    As for real-time video transmission, there are many mature schemes in the industry, which are respectively applied in different demand scenarios. This paper introduces a very simple and easy to understand scheme based on HTTP. It is not practical, but it is helpful to understand HTTP protocol. Read video frames from camera Node’s hardware operation […]

  • Flash source code analysis: application startup process


    The article belongs to the author’s original, the original is published in the personal blog. WSGI All Python web frameworks should follow the WSGI protocol. If you are not clear about WSGI, you can check my previous introduction. Let’s briefly review the core concepts of WSGI here. There is a very important concept in WSGI: […]