• Based on HTML5+ tracking.js Realize the function of face brush payment


    Recently, brush face payment is very popular. Of course, the owners want to catch up with the trend of the times, so there is a brush face payment project. The key technology of front-end implementation is camera recording, photographing and face comparison. This paper discusses how to realize face brushing payment in HTML5 environment and […]

  • Why do programmers like to wear stormsuits? (the most complete summary)


    A lot of clothes in this world belong to fixed people. For example, the cloak belongs to the wizard, the dark red short down jacket belongs to the aunt, the photo jacket with a pile of pockets belongs to the photographer in Sanlitun Street, the small suit and tight pants belong to teacher Tony of […]

  • Used in HTML5 hotcss.js Method of mobile phone self adaptation


    It is a very common technical requirement for HTML5 pages to be self-adaptive on mobile phones. The following describes how to use hotcss in HTML pages brief introduction Use dynamic HTML root font size and dynamic viewer scale. Follow the principle of visual consistency. Make your page look the same with different screen sizes and […]

  • Implementation of network storage in HTML5


    1 Introduction With the rapid development of the Internet, web-based applications are becoming more and more common, but also becoming more and more complex. In order to meet the increasingly updated needs, we will often store data on local devices, such as recording historical activity information. Traditional use document.cookie However, the storage space is only […]

  • Principle and application of H5 offline storage manifest


    understand: Offline storage can store the site’s files locally. Without the network, you can still access the stored pages of the corresponding site. These files can include HTML, JS, CSS, IMG, etc. But in fact, even when there is a network, browsers will give priority to the files stored offline. What is manifest Manifest is […]

  • The difference between HTML5 htmlcollection and NodeList


    This paper mainly introduces the differences between HTML5, htmlcollection and NodeList, and shares them with you. The details are as follows: obtain Htmlcollection object The getelementsbytagname() method returns an htmlcollection object.The htmlcollection object is similar to an array containing HTML elements. be careful: Htmlcollection is not an array! The htmlcollection may look like an array, […]

  • HTML5 body setting adaptive full screen


    In what code? White background is not allowed because the height of the mobile phone is different The design drawing should be confirmed as the background map (through screen base map) application scenario: mobile terminal propaganda page or activity page Wrong writing: add to div and set min height with pictures, but the page will […]

  • Wechat game API calls Egret


    Revision of the official website of Yezi E-sports https://www.xxe.io/ Brand newIn egret, you can directly call the API of wechat games. With platform code added in egret, you can call various platform APIs. The new project will find that the SRC folder contains a Platform.ts If not, please create. /** Platform data interface.Since each game […]

  • Method call of HTML5 in mobile phone


    Input call device, video, camera, etcHTML5 official document explanation: the capture property is used to call the camera or microphone of the device.When accept = “audio / or video /”, capture has only two values, one is user, which is used to call face facing camera (such as front camera of mobile phone), and the […]

  • HTML5 makes the container full of screen height or adaptive residual height


    In front-end page layout, it is often required to fill the container with the whole screen height or the remaining screen height. Usually this time will take it for granted height:100% Such CSS to write. In this way, when there is a lot of content in the container, there is no problem, and the expected […]

  • Define and implement interfaces


    Revision of the official website of Yezi E-sports https://www.xxe.io/ Brand new InterfaceIn inheritance, we talked about the interface, so how to define and implement an interface? Defining an interface is syntactically the same as defining an abstract class, but it is not allowed to provide the implementation of any member in the interface.rule of grammar […]