• Making chat interface by electron (imitating QQ)


    Design sketch: Styles using SCSS and flex layout This is also the last interface of IM system!QQ and Qianniu were referred to before the production Points for attention QQ beautifies the scroll bar and does not display it without operation Scroll bar beautification :: – WebKit scrollbar {/ * scrollbar overall style*/ Width: 5px; / […]

  • Baidu Post Bar of Vue full stack development


    This Baidu Post Bar project is Vue + koa + sequenize. Because there is no API interface for Baidu Post Bar, I wrote my own back end Project section screenshot (GIF) Project dependence and preparation Front end: Vue + vuex + Axios + better scroll + iView + stylus (there are also scattered dependencies to […]

  • Front end growth – details you don’t know


    Front end growth – redefining the big front end Carefully create new courses, welcome Tucao! Feedback! Online course: front end growth – details you don’t knowBonus: common core front-end interview questions and detailed answersOfficial blog: fed123 front schoolDownload courseware brain map: https://github.com/chalecao/fed-regain Course introduction There are many front-end knowledge points, very detailed. Generally, students memorize […]

  • Making full screen effects with electron


    The image is compressed and looks ugly Main process code import {BrowserWindow, app, ipcMain} from ‘electron’ createWindow(); ipcMain.on(‘quitApp’, () => { app.quit(); }); function createWindow() { const loginURL = process.env.NODE_ENV === ‘development’ ? `http://localhost:9080` : `file://${__dirname}/index.html`; const win = new BrowserWindow({ alwaysOnTop: true, modal: true, width: 1200, height: 6500, frame: false, show: false, darkTheme: true, […]

  • HTML5 canvas learning road (3)


    3: Drawing of canvas (2) 1. Composition on canvas Composition refers to how to control the transparency and layering effect of objects on the canvas. There are two.attributeYou can control the compositing operation: globalAlpha The globalalpha canvas property is used to represent transparency. Its default value is 1.0 (fully opaque), and you can set a […]

  • How to use HTML5 video media label


    Video is a video label of HTML5, which is used to embed specified videos in web pages. The code structure and parameters of video label are as follows. HTML code structure: <video controls autoplay loop preload=”auto” poster=”img/popup-img.png” webkit-playsinline=”true” playsinline=”true” x5-video-player-type=”h5″ x5-video-player-fullscreen=”true” x-webkit-airplay=”allow” x5-video-orientation=”portraint” style=”object-fit:fill”> <source src=”video.mp4″ type=”video/mp4″> <source src=”video.ogg” type=”video/ogg; codecs=dirac, speex”> <p>Your browser does […]

  • Binding of V-model in Vue custom component


    Binding of V-model in Vue custom component In the previous project, I found that there was a small problem in my partner’s component writing. This problem is that when a child component passes a value to a parent component, he must ask me to define an event on the component tag to receive it. This […]

  • A quick template for private activities based on Vue and golang gin framework


    Gin Vue admin gin + Vue open source quick project template Project address: https://github.com/piexlmax/gin-vue-admin Added micro service test branch, provided micro service solution for personal exploration for reference only This template uses the front-end UI framework of element UI https://element.eleme.cn/ ා / zh CN front-end components to view the use of elementui documents Written in […]

  • Interim summary of Cesar competition platform project


    Interim summary of Cesar competition platform project Software 51 Xie Yunwei 2015013185 The topic of our group is the competition platform project for college students. After our needs analysis, prototype design and other steps, we will finally start to realize this huge competition platform project. We use Django + Mysql to process the back-end logic, […]

  • Interview questions and detailed answers on the core front end of school recruitment


    This paper summarizes some of the problems of the old drivers in the front end and gives a more detailed answer combined with personal summary.Netease Alibaba Tencent school recruitment agency recruitment necessary knowledge points.For the principle and details of knowledge points, refer to the video tutorial in the lecture hall: front end growth – details […]

  • Medical logistics system based on HTML5 webgl


    Preface Internet of things (IOT), a simple understanding is that objects are linked through the Internet. All things in the world can be managed intelligently through the change of data. The rise of IOT has the potential to save lives in the medical industry.Continuously collect user information and conduct real-time diagnosis, so the application of […]

  • Native canvas draws pie chart. Am I cheated by code


    This time I really understand what it means to be “big in the woods, there are all kinds of birds!” I’ve heard about the interview cheat code before, but I just heard about it. It’s a real experience. Come on, bring your own bench and get ready for the melon seeds. Take a good look […]