• Using Angular 4 and Noejs-express to build a simple website (10) – Friends module


    The previous chapter explained the relevant code of user login. After the user logs in successfully, he will enter the friend module. In the friend module, he will display the corresponding list of friends according to different user IDs. Clicking on a single friend in the friend list will go to edit a single friend […]

  • Three minutes master React render props


    When reviewing the code in the morning, I found some problems and some tips about logical reuse. Then take a moment to sort it out, give an example and talk about render props. what is it ? In a nutshell, render props is a technique for sharing logic between components. Pass some rendering logic to […]

  • Some of my open source projects (front end)


    Preface Previously, several projects were created on GitHub one after another, but nobody paid attention to them (maybe my project is too rubbish). So I decided to brazenly publicize some of my open source projects. Although most of them are relatively simple games, they can let more people see my projects, and let me know […]

  • Make a Wechat Robot Using Web-based Wechat API


    This article does not cover AI knowledge. If you come for AI, you may be disappointed. A friend came to me a while ago and asked me if I could develop a software that automatically adds friends to Wechat. (In the eyes of ordinary people, programmers are third-rate hackers who specialize in Trojan Horse virus […]

  • How to improve Baidu search ranking comprehensively?


    Previously, I have sorted out “As a front-end development engineer, you need to know about search engine optimization SEO”Go left and turn left. But the role is limited! It feels like you are hungry, but there are only a few grains in the pot!One meal is as fierce as a tiger, looking at the score […]

  • Ts Learning Deeply and Simply


    Preface: “We designed TypeScript for teams that need to build and maintain large JavaScript programs to meet their needs. TypeScript helps them define interfaces between software components and helps them understand the behavior of existing JavaScript libraries. Meanwhile, teams using TypeScript can build code into dynamically loaded modules to reduce naming conflicts. TypeScript’s optional type […]

  • First use of F2 in AntV


    Data Visualization Plug-in–AntV AntV is a new generation of data visualization solutions for Ant Golden Clothing. It is dedicated to providing a set of simple, convenient, professional, reliable and unlimited data visualization best practices. Usually in the development of people will contact some data visualization tools, commonly used echarts, Highcharts, D3 and so on.Personally, I […]

  • IE Static Page Compatibility Guide


    IE Static Page Compatibility Guide 1. Web page character scrambling under IE Reasons for the problem: This may be due to the fact that the meta charset encoding is not set on the web page. Resolvent: Add the following code <meta charset=”UTF-8″ /> 2. Field Disabling Failure under IE Resolvent Write disabled on input <input […]

  • How does H5 evoke Baidu Map App


    Recently took over a demand for hybrid development, the front-end after H5 will be embedded in IOS and Android pages, need to use Baidu map navigation. Specific function points are as follows: If the mobile phone (ios, android) installs Baidu Map, click the navigation button to evoke Baidu Map app. Otherwise, open Baidu Map Navigation […]

  • This article explains the network knowledge needed for front-end development.


    UDP Message oriented UDP is a message-oriented protocol (message can be understood as a piece of data). This means that UDP is only a porter of messages, and does not split or splice messages. say concretely At the sender, the application layer passes the data to the UDP protocol of the transport layer. UDP only […]

  • WebGL Building Automation 3D Visual Monitoring Based on HTML5


    Preface Intelligent buildings are closely related to people’s lives. The improvement of building intelligentization will greatly improve people’s quality of life, which has attracted great attention in the context of the current industrial Internet. At present, the main advantages of intelligent building visual monitoring include: Intelligence – Intelligent building is an ecosystem with the ability […]

  • The Way of Front-end Practice


    One step, two steps, three steps, four steps and five steps, thus reaching the peak of life. Traditional Front End Ecology-Primary Manual processing of js, css, pictures and other resources without using packaging and intermediate processing tools Master the following knowledge points: Infrastructure: html, H5 Basic Style: css, CSS3 Basic grammar: JS JQ framework: jq, […]