• Implementation example of HTML5 embedded nail


    1. The official JS needs to be introduced into the project <script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://g.alicdn.com/dingding/dingtalk-jsapi/2.3.0/dingtalk.open.js” > </script> Or NPM 2. The API is self-contained. If there is writing, authentication is required, so you must authenticate before using it Get the authentication of nailing interface dd.config({ agentId:agentid , // required, micro app ID corpId:corpId , // required, […]

  • How can blockchain become the next Internet?


    As the “opposite” of the Internet, blockchain is the new technology that is most likely to become the next development outlet. After the early barbaric growth and industry winter, people’s understanding of blockchain began to be rational gradually. Although there are still some people who regard blockchain and digital currency as a link, it would […]

  • H5 mobile terminal calls Alipay and WeChat payment implementation


    Alipay has been paid before the company project. Now it is required to increase WeChat payment, do it for the first time, and cross the river by feeling the stones. The results are satisfactory.Let’s not talk about the nonsense and go straight to the code: var aliChannel = null; var wxChannel = null; //Define payment […]

  • Principle and comparative implementation of HTML5 navigation bar


    1、 What is ceiling? Ceiling effect is a common interaction mode in web development. Common application scenarios include navigation, search box and so on. It can do the horizontal distribution of traffic, the attractive ceiling effect and the gesture of sliding tab, so that users can quickly find more products. Enjoy H5 navigation bar top […]

  • Problems and solutions of HTML5 page seamless flash


    In the traditional web optimization, we can reduce the size of the first screen resources by compressing, unpacking, and dynamic loading. We can also speed up the return of HTML through offline package and page direct out. The previous article has a brief analysis of the H5 second opening. In most of the scenarios, these […]

  • OAuth2


    Why need oaut2? Suppose there is a “cloud notes” product, which provides “cloud note service” and “cloud photo album service”. At this time, users need to access these “resources” (notes, pictures) on different devices (PC, Android, iPhone, TV, watch) So how can users access their own resources? At this time, the traditional way is to […]

  • Voice search function based on HTML5


    Careful friends may observe that there is a voice search function on the right side of Google search, which can realize voice recognition function. The function may not be perfect, but it is also a trend. Here is how to realize this function. The code is as follows: <input type=”text” name=”test” x-webkit-speech lang=”zh-CN” x-webkit-grammar=”bUIltin:search”/> Parameter […]

  • HTML5 canvas drawing of wechat applet and saving to system album


    Previous rendering before implementation   tips 1. The download domain name should be configured for the network picture, which can be accessed through thewx.getImageInfoTurn to temporary path; 2. I am used to using async await syntax for personal habit problems, so I need to introduce the regenerator library, which can be checked online. 1、 Encapsulate […]

  • The method of Html5 mobile terminal adapting to IphoneX and other models


    Let’s take a look at the iPhone x In the above figure, the iPhone model has two new areas at the head and bottom, so we need to make some adaptations for this type of model to facilitate the display of our webappFor the mobile end page made of H5, the common layout is head […]

  • Using HTML5 multimedia to realize wechat voice function


    With the rise of wechat and other social apps, voice chat has become a necessary function of many apps, ranging from voice chat as the main function of social apps to voice customer service and store two functions of e-commerce apps. Voice chat has become an essential way. But many people feel that the web […]

  • Export HTML5 canvas pictures and upload server functions


    Export HTML5 canvas pictures and upload them to the server In recent projects, we often meet the needs of canvas to draw pictures, such as jigsaw puzzles, such as picture editing, etc. The pictures processed by canvas must involve preservation, So here’s what you might need~ Ideas: 1. Use todataurl() method to export canvas image, […]

  • Common methods of drawing network font with HTML5 canvas


    Recently, I met a headache when drawing with canvas: Canvas did not work when drawing network fonts, so I started a solution search and test, and also encountered many holes in the middle, so I wrote down this article to make a summary. If you encounter the same problem when using canvas, I hope it […]