• Building single page application based on vue.js and WordPress rest API


    Preface Vue.js is a library for building interactive web interfaces. It provides MVVM data binding and a composable component system with simple and flexible API.Axios is an HTTP client based on promise for browsers and nodejs, which we will use to request APIs.WordPress rest API provides an API endpoint for WordPress data type, allowing developers […]

  • Optimize recorder H5 recording: upload the server while recording and transcoding, support wechat to provide Android IOS hybrid app source code


    With the increase of the supporting functions of recorder H5 GitHub open source library, the efficiency of audio transcoding processing gradually fails to keep up with the demand. Recently, time has been taken to upgrade and optimize the audio transcoding part to support more practical functions.In addition, the hybrid app of IOS has also been […]

  • Yezi technology python3 code is compatible with python2


    Yezi electric competition data official website revised https://www.xxe.io/new debutPython3 code is compatible with python21. Use the future featureEach new version of Python will add new features or make changes to the original features. Some changes are not compatible with the old version, that is, the code running normally in the current version may not run […]

  • The use of cross env in Vue


    cross-env Cross-env is a cross platform script for setting and using environment variables. In most windows command lines, an error is reported when using node? Env = production to set environment variables. Similarly, how windows and Linux commands set environment variables is different.Usecross-envYou can set the same node? Env parameter on different platforms. Use install […]

  • Front end interview 3 + 1-149 days a day


    Today’s knowledge (September 12, 2019) – day 149 [HTML] how to set the content of the entire page to read-only, non editable state? [CSS] what’s the difference between responsive design and adaptive design? [JS] using JS to realize the encryption and decryption of Morse password [soft skills] tell me about your understanding of vector map […]

  • Appreciation of some “scrolling” behaviors of browser Chinese style


    I’ve been very busy recently. I’m free to write this timeEdify the sentiment,Browser scrollingI really see you every day. For example, if you read this article now, you have to scroll down. This article mainly talks aboutRolling correlationSome ofMethodFollowattributeThere are some interesting examples A kind of The article involvesMethod or propertyLink will be placed at […]

  • Copy placeholder text (one sentence introduction)


    I was so lazy that I didn’t want to type, so I wanted to copy the words in the placeholder. After thinking about several ways, I couldn’t do it. Then I converted them to PDF directly. This may be brought by 360 security browser, just use this (I tried a Foxit reader pdf printer, but […]

  • Domain name filing Guide


    According to the regulations of the Ministry of industry and information technology, all services running in China (with IP address of domestic public network, which can be accessed through the public network) must be recorded by ICP. This paper briefly introduces the basic process and precautions of filing. The “Filing” mentioned in the article refers […]

  • Hexo theme: hexo easy theme


    A refreshing hexo theme, highly configurable, simple and efficient, project address here, personal blog is also using its own theme, hee hee, welcome star~ Last year, when I was the year before last, my previous blogwordpressMigrate tohexo。 (PS: WordPress is just too slow, I think it’s enough for the blog of static page) during the […]

  • The development of IOS on mobile terminal includes WebView


    1 solve IOS rubber band effect ul { Height: 115px; // be sure to set the height, or max height: XXXX; border: 1px solid gray; overflow: auto; -WebKit overflow scrolling: touch; // no jamming when sliding } </style> <ul> <li>List Item 1</li> <li>List Item 2</li> <li>List Item 3</li> <li>List Item 4</li> <li>List Item 5</li> <li>List […]

  • Front end interview 3 + 1 Daily – the 150th day


    Today’s knowledge (September 13, 2019) – day 150 [HTML] how does HTML 5 make a page element or an entire page editable? #128 [CSS] tell me when to use transition? When to use animation? [JS] Why is js a single thread, not a multi thread? [soft skills] tell me about your understanding of heap and […]

  • HTML meta viewport property description


    What is viewport Mobile browser is to put the page in a virtual “window”, usually the virtual “window” is wider than the screen, so that each web page does not need to be squeezed into a small window (this will destroy the layout of the web page which is not optimized for mobile browser), users […]