• Analysis of the difference between relative path and absolute path in HTML


    HTML beginners often encounter such a problem, how to correctly reference a file. For example, how to reference another HTML page as a hyperlink in an HTML page? How to insert a picture into a web page If you use the wrong file path when referencing a file (such as adding a hyperlink, or inserting […]

  • HTML iframe Usage Summary collection


    Analysis of iframe usage<iframe frameborder=0 width=170 height=100 marginheight=0 marginwidth=0 scrolling=no src=”move-ad.htm”></iframe> < iframe > is used to set a floating frame or container for text or graphics.BORDER <IFRAME BORDER=”3″></IFRAME> Sets the width around the edge of the frameFRAMEBODER <IFRAME FRAMEBODER=”0″></IFRAME> Set whether the border is 3D (0 = no, 1 = yes)HEIGHT,WIDTH <IFRAME HEIGHT=”31″ WIDTH=”88″></IFRAME> […]

  • XHTML1. Summary of 16 guidelines for 0 and HTML compatibility


    1.Avoid declaring pages as XML types, the page uses UTF-8 or utf-16 character sets. 2.Place a slash before the end > of the empty element label (which cannot be used to contain content)/, such as: < br / >, < HR / >, etc. 3.When the content of a non empty element (this label is […]

  • Example sharing of HTML script replacement applet written by ruby


    There are many following contents in one document: ? 1 2 3 4 5 <p style=”display:none”>Choose D for this question. …. …. …. </p> The function I want to realize is to replace it with: ? 1 2 3 4 5 <div style=”display:none” class=”sl_explain”>Choose D for this question. ….. ….. ….. </div> It seems a […]

  • The content in the HTML pre tag wraps automatically


    In this case, you can use overflow: Auto; (when the code exceeds the container boundary, the scroll box is displayed), but this method is not applicable to all mainstream browsers. Some browsers will directly truncate the exceeded content. We all know< pre > labelPre formatted text can be defined. A common application is to represent […]

  • HTML frameset example code


    This article introduces a framework that is too simple for frameset. OK, let’s take a look at the page composition of this framework. Because it is a purely manual test program, we just did some code in notepa + +, which is very rough. However, it still contains the general contents of the frameset. OK, […]

  • Writing method of HTML relative path parent directory and child directory


    How to represent parent directory../ Indicates the upper level directory of the directory where the source file is located,.. // Indicates the parent directory of the directory where the source file is located, and so on.Assume info The HTML path is: C: \ inetpub \ wwwroot \ sites \ blablabla \ info htmlSuppose index The […]

  • HTML custom tag usage and implementation method


    Custom tags can be freely used in XML files and HTML files, but there are several precautions:The xmlns attribute of the < HTML > tag must be set. For example, you can declare: < HTML xmlns: article >.This is because HTML files have a default “namespace”, < div >, < p > and other tags […]

  • HTML text escape tips


    Today in CSDN to see a HTML text escape tips, very simple. 1. Use the function of DOM. First pass it to a DOM object as innerText, and then take the innerHTML attribute to get the escaped text. For example: div1.innerText = “<h1>title title….</h1>”; var str = div1.innerHTML; // “&lt;h1&gt;title title…” 2. Assuming that there […]

  • A free tool to verify whether HTML, CSS and RSS feeds are correct


    A trick to deal with such errors is to verify your labels and style sheets first. Fortunately, there are many free tools to verify whether your HTML, CSS and RSS feeds are correct.Nothing is more annoying than this: creating and decorating aWebpage, I think it has been perfect, but there are some unknown errors in […]

  • Deeply analyze the use of blob objects in HTML5


    Blob objects in HTML5 are conceptually different from blob types in MySQL. The blob type in MySQL is just a binary data container. In addition to storing binary data, the blob object in HTML5 can also set the mine type of this data, which is equivalent to storing files. Many other binary objects also inherit […]

  • HTML & CSS & JS compatibility tree (ie, Firefox, chrome)


    What is a tree in web design? To put it simply, clicking a link will expand the subordinate directory, and then clicking Join will be the simplest tree. How to implement it? It is also very simple. There is an attribute display in CSS, which can control the reality of the content or not. Then […]