• Escape sequence, the most commonly used HTML escape character


    In HTML, <, >, & and so on have special meanings (<, >, used for link tag, & used for escape), and cannot be used directly. These symbols are not displayed in the web page we finally see. What should we do if we want to display these symbols in the web page?This is about […]

  • Tag cloud effect using HTML and CSS (with demo)


    The effect of tag cloud is not difficult to see in blogs and websites. It is actually some keywords with hyperlinks, in order to emphasize the theme. Generally, the probability of occurrence is relatively high or the popular label text is relatively high, on the contrary, it is relatively low.   From tagcrowd.com We do […]

  • The basic syntax of HTML is convenient for friends who are just learning HTML


    1.1 general markingThe general tag is composed of an opening tag and an ending tag, and its syntax is: < x > controlled text < / x >Where x is the tag name< x> And < / x > are just like a group of switches: the start mark < x > is an on […]

  • Implementation code of converting Linux shell TXT into HTML


    Principle: awk command, split the formatted TXT (txt file format is separated by “|”) into an array, and then splice into HTML format (HTML – head – Title – body – table) Shell source code # !/bin/sh file_input=’txt.log’ file_output=’txt2html.html’ td_str=” function create_html_head(){ echo -e “<html> <body> <h1>$file_input</h1>” } function create_table_head(){ echo -e “<table border=”1″>” } […]

  • Introduction of HTML tag semantics


    A few years ago, div + CSS was very popular in website development. At that time, there was a wild wolf. But later, for front-end development, pure div + CSS has been discarded by programmers, with the word “tag semantics” coming out.So what does the word mean? Here’s an excerpt from Baidu Encyclopedia:HTML tag semantics: […]

  • Summary of the latest HTML standard HTML5 (must see)


    HTML5 has been out for a long time. However, since I am not a front-end person, I only know that there is this thing. The specific concept is a bit vague (in fact, it is a series of standards and specifications); So last year, I made a brief summary of HTML5. Today, I just saw […]

  • HTML page–[ if IE]…![ ENDIF] – detailed introduction to use


    Copy code The code is as follows: <!–[if IE]><script type=”text/javascript” src=”resources/scripts/jquery.bgiframe.js”></script><![endif]–> With the above code, it can only be loaded when using ie jquery.bgiframe.js . This is very important, because if you load everything, you will waste bandwidth and open the page slowly! If it is specific to IE6, change it to if IE6. Copy […]

  • How to introduce CSS style into HTML external style sheet


    Chaining is to put all styles in one or more external style sheet files. This file takes CSS as the extension, and links the external style sheet (external style file named by CSS) to the HTML document through the link tag. In this way, the structure and style can be divided into two files, and […]

  • A brief discussion on the writing method of path when HTML file is introduced into external CSS file


    1、 Introduce the basic style of external CSS file Use the < link > tag to introduce an external style sheet, in which two attributes are usually written: The path of the CSS file is indicated by the attribute Rel = “stylesheet” describes the relationship between the current page and the document specified by the […]

  • Experience the silkiness of HTML + Vue + element UI in one minute


    tech-head HTML web page, you know Front end framework of Vue youyou development Front end UI of element takeout team In the<title>Add under label <! — introduce style — > <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”https://unpkg.com/element-ui/lib/theme-chalk/index.css”> Introduce JS stayhtmlbelow,<body>Join in <! — development environment version, including helpful command line warnings — > <script src=”https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/vue/dist/vue.js”></script> <! — import component […]

  • The realization of limiting input box to only input pure number in HTML


    limitinputOnly pure numbers can be entered in the input box 1、onkeyup = “value=value.replace(/[^\d]/g,”)” useonkeyupEvents, yesbugThat is to say, in Chinese input mode, after inputting Chinese characters, press enter directly, and letters will be input directly 2、onchange = “value=value.replace(/[^\d]/g,”)” useonchangeEvent, after input, onlyinputOnly when the focus is lost can we get the result, and can’t respond […]

  • HTML + CSS implementation of charging water droplet fusion effect code


    First look at the effect: preface: This idea was made by Steven in station B. I thought it was very good, and then I got one myself. (pure CSS) realization: Define the label, there are three drop boxes, a circle box shows numbers, and a bottom box: <div class=”kuang”> <div class=”droplet”></div> <div class=”droplet”></div> <div class=”droplet”></div> […]