• Sentinel go 0.4.0 is released to support hotspot traffic protection


    Sentinel is Alibaba’s open source, distributed service architecture oriented traffic control component. It mainly takes traffic as the starting point, and helps developers to ensure the stability of micro services from multiple dimensions such as current limiting, traffic shaping, fuse degradation, system adaptive protection, etc. Sentinel has undertaken the core scenarios of Alibaba’s “double 11” […]

  • Sparkml predicts PV


    background The company needs to forecast the daily traffic for a period of time in the future according to the daily traffic data of the website in the past period, so that the relevant operation and operation and maintenance can be alerted in advance before the peak traffic. This is a typical “time series prediction […]

  • Ti360 business intelligence hot spot sharing experience


    Introduction to the authorDai Xiaolei, now a 360 commercial database operation and maintenance expert, tidb user group ambassador, is responsible for the database operation and maintenance of the whole intelligent business line, solves various database problems, and promotes the application of new open source databases such as tidb. 360 intelligent business line has been using […]

  • GitHub top applet


    GitHub Top This project is a GitHub hot project wechat applet client. Only one hot project is recommended on the home page. This project is often a project generated by social hot events, such as 996.icu and wuhan2020. The recommended project standards are as follows:It is positive, healthy, hot and progressive。 There are many GitHub […]

  • How do laptops turn on WiFi hotspots?


      1. Press Win + R to open the running window and enter CMD. Open a command prompt window.   2. Enter “Netsh WLAN set hosted network mode = allow SSID = mewifi key = Yunwei” in the command prompt, and then press enter to wait for the setting to complete. Do not close the […]

  • “Selfie tutorial 49” Python_ ADB batch character input


    Android terminal product system or app test involves input box boundary value test,For example, WiFi hotspot setting hotspot name, or search input box,You need to verify that the text input box can input up to 256 characters,How to quickly realize the input of 256 characters? Preparation stage Manually click the WiFi hotspot name text input […]

  • Sentinel go 0.4.0 is released to support hot spot traffic protection


    Sentinel is a flow control component of Alibaba open source and oriented to distributed service architecture. It mainly takes traffic as the breakthrough point, and helps developers to ensure the stability of microservices from multiple dimensions such as current limiting, traffic shaping, fusing degradation, and system adaptive protection. Sentinel undertakes the core scenarios of Alibaba’s […]

  • Meituan trillion kV storage architecture and Practice


    As an important online storage service of meituan, kV storage carries trillions of online requests per day. At the qcon Global Software Development Conference (Shanghai Station) in 2019, Qi Zebin, a senior technical expert of meituan, shared “meituan’s comments on trillion level kV storage architecture and practice”. This paper is a summary of the speech […]

  • After WiFi as a hot spot in 335x


    After WiFi is the hotspot in 335x, other devices can access the external network through the WiFi hotspot. The above is based on sail-imx6q. ​ 1.335x has been ported to hostapd in the front; if you use it directly, the hotspot name is rtwap, and the password is 876543212. Dhcpd configuration file modificationCreate empty file […]

  • DBA load reduction shortcut: take a CT diagnosis of hot issues in the cluster


    Preface In ancient times, doctors paid attention to “looking, smelling, asking and cutting” to judge the disease through the external comprehensive performance of patients. In modern times, the invention of CT enables people to use X-ray to penetrate the internal tissues of the body and show the overall situation in the form of images. Doctors […]

  • JVM code cache


    When the JVM compiles the code, it keeps the compiled assembly language instruction set in the code cache. The size of the code cache is fixed, so once it’s full, the JVM can’t compile any more code. Obviously, if the code cache is too small, there may be problems. Some of the hotspots were compiled, […]

  • Common Hot Points and Avoidance Methods of TiDB High Concurrent Writing


    Author: Yao Wei This paper presents a business best practice to avoid business falling into the “anti-pattern” used by TiDB when developing by explaining the common problems in TiDB in a typical scenario of high concurrent batch writing data to TiDB. Object Oriented This paper is mainly for readers who have a certain understanding of […]