• A big release for the 10th anniversary of push! Development tools, popular products, all free!


    “Interactive decade, daily whale color”. December 7, 2020 is the 10th anniversary of the establishment of daily interactive (personal push). From 2010 to 2020, getui grew from a start-up company to A-share listed enterprise, from deeply cultivating message push technology to providing professional data intelligence services for various vertical industries. After 10 years, we still […]

  • Latest news on Android audio delay


    Author / Don Turner, Android Developer Relationship Engineer This article will introduce the latest trend of Android ecosystem for audio developers and the audio delay of popular Android devices, and discuss the applicability of Android in real-time audio applications. Specific changes In the past four years, we have taken a series of measures to improve […]

  • Recommend a free photo Station – World – famous free photo gallery, free commercial


    Pxhere is a multi language free material download site, which currently provides more than 1 million high-quality photographic works, which can be used for personal and commercial purposes free of charge. Support Chinese search, very worthy of collection and use. Pxhere’s image materials are classified, mainly covering desktop wallpaper, high-definition wallpaper, mobile phone wallpaper, photo […]

  • Tiktok video Api interface Online


    Tiktok Api Tiktok tiktok, tiktok, tiktok, tiktok, watermark, video, Api, and video. For more information, please visit the official websiteTiToData Massive data collection Collect 500 million pieces of data for customers every day Tiktok Kwai: covering the mainstream platform: TikTok, Zynn, YouTube, jitter, fast, 1688, little red book, lots of Taobao, American group, hungry, Taobao, […]

  • Python crawler: crawl the location data of QiongYou. The world is so big, I want to have a look.


    The text and pictures of this article are from the Internet, only for learning and communication, and do not have any commercial use. The copyright belongs to the original author. If you have any questions, please contact us in time 1、 Preface The world is so big, I want to see.Either reading or traveling, the […]

  • Product recommendation system based on Flink


    FlinkCommodityRecommendationSystem Recs Flink commodity recommendation system 1. Preface The system is namedRecs, inspired byRecommendation System。 The logo is made by online logo website. The author developed the project for learningFlinkAnd related big data middleware. For the purpose of demonstration, the matching web is developed by using springboot + Vue. The author has the experience of […]

  • Object detection in deep learning


    In a given image or video, find the location of all the targets, and return the specific category and location information of each target. There may be one or several objects in the picture. For object detection, the advantages of deep learning network are obvious, and it is also a popular application. Lifelong learning!

  • E-commerce search “stroll around and want to know what people are searching for? What is the most popular now? “


    Introduction:Sometimes users just browse around without clear search intention. How to recommend more high-quality query words to guide their search and purchase? In this paper, combined with the actual case, we use the Alibaba cloud open search solution to achieve optimization. Case background An o2o e-commerce platform covers hundreds of chain supermarkets offline, focusing on […]

  • My blog development (014)


    Add a title to the previous Icon: home.html Add the x-axis category to the title in Title: {text: ‘reading change in the last 7 days’}, Add a get in utils_ today)hot_ The data method is used to get the hot data of today’s day # utils.py …… def get_today_hot_data(content_type):     “””     Used to get hot data […]

  • Develop tecdat: see how twitter data “shape” regional image


    “ In today’s highly informationized society, social media provides us with a window to know the outside world directly, which determines everyone’s cognition of a region, like a pair of “invisible” hands to shape the image of a region. ▼ According to this background, tecdat analyzes the hot tweets in Ningxia, which are known as […]