• Design of IOS release self logoff mode


    In daily development, we often register some notices and initiate some requests. When we don’t need them, we should cancel the notices and requests in time. Otherwise, there may be problems or crashes. For example, we will register some notifications in the viewdidload of the controller, and then log off the notifications in dealloc. Or […]

  • Reading notes of docker deep dive (II)


    Volume and data persistence Non persistent data, under Linux system, stored in/var/lib/docker/<storage-driver>/, under Windows systemC:\ProgramData\Docker\windowsfilter\ Schematic of a folder where a volume is mounted in a container: establish:docker volume create myvol -dSpecify drive see:docker volume ls Details:docker volume inspect myvol Delete:docker volume rm xxx Delete all that are not mounted to the container:docker volume prune(use […]

  • How to bind the host in the go code?


    Within the company, for security, there may be domain names that can only be accessed by binding host. If accessed through a browser, we will modify the hosts file of the machine; However, if we want to access such domain names through programs, do we still have to bind host? Of course, the answer is […]

  • VBS prompts that you do not have permission to execute Windows Script Host on this machine. Please contact your system administrator


    Recently, VBS has been used in the project to realize the functions of batch deletion and batch import of pictures, but I don’t know why. As soon as I run the VBS file on my machine, I will be prompted with the error “I don’t have the permission to execute Windows Script Host on this […]

  • Fluent notes | Android backdoor sharing wechat


    The existence of every living body is actually a complex process. Many times, there is no need to pursue the ideal situation of perfection. After all, you are just you. Disclaimers In order to avoid the little brother who charges me or other bad situations, it is specially noted here: Like the title, this article […]

  • Analysis on iconfiguration configuration of ASP. Net core framework


    catalogue 1、 Builder pattern 2、 Core interface and configuration storage essence 3、 Simple querystring configuration source implementation 4、 Host configuration and application configuration 5、 Principle of file configuration source configuration update 1、 Builder mode Why the builder model? When reading the. Net core source code, I often encounter ihostbuilder, iconfigurationbuilder, iloggerbuilder and other classes / […]

  • Review of “ipfs.cn AMA” spatiotemporal blockchain IPFs community x filswan


    The vertical domain ecological brand action “IPFs. CN AMA” launched by the space-time blockchain IPFs community was officially launched. Ipfs.cn AMA is committed to focusing on the ecological content of IPFs & filecoin, and regularly invites people in the industry to discuss the industry focus and future pattern. The first phase of AMA was opened […]

  • Signalr self host + MVC and other multi terminal message push services (I)


    1、 Overview Due to the needs of the project, there is a module function in the recent company project, which needs to be used to obtain the approval notice immediately; The original design scheme was to use ajax to conduct regular polling query on the server. At the beginning, when the amount of data and […]

  • Signalr self host + MVC and other multi terminal message push services (II)


    1、 Overview In the last article, we simply implemented the signalr self managed server. Today, we will implement the console program to call the signalr server to push information. Because we planned to push approval messages before, our demo direction is to send information to the designated person. As for chat messages and global broadcasting, […]

  • Multi terminal message push services such as signalr self host + MVC (3)


    1、 Overview Recently, the project is really too busy, and the body is a bit uncomfortable, chronic pharyngitis committed, when I went to bed last night, I couldn’t breathe, I didn’t have a good rest, and I didn’t have much time to write a blog. Today, when my friend asked me when I could Send […]

  • Using docker to build a gitea git server


    This article is about the selfBlog About gitea giteaIt’s ingitHubupperforktogogsThe project also hasgogsEasy to install, cross platform, lightweight features. Gitea usesMacaronFramework development. Docker installation #Pull gitea image $ docker pull gitea/gitea #Create a local directory that can be mounted to the container $ mkdir -p /data/gitea #Add permissions to gitea to make it readable and […]

  • Server docker


    Install docker and docker compose https://www.jianshu.com/p/bdf… Use and configuration of git in CentOS 7 https://www.cnblogs.com/dania… Docker’s nginx Just install nginx in docker and map the directory between host and container Reference link:https://www.jianshu.com/p/0f5… https://blog.csdn.net/yjk1370… Docker running process Docker exec – it [container ID] / bin / bash enters the inside of the image Dockerfile custom image