• How to unpack the Dell OptiPlex 780 mainframe?


    Dell 780 is a new generation of micro business desktop computer. It uses a mechanical case, but how can it be opened? The following tutorial will teach you how to open the box 1. Dell 780 uses a very small chassis, so the appearance is very Mini. 2. When we went to the upper part […]

  • Docker container data volume [4]


     What is it? Let’s have a look firstDockerThe concept of the company: The application and running environment will be packaged to form a container to run. Running can be accompanied by the container, but we hope that the data requirements are persistent Containers want to share data If the data generated by the docker container […]

  • Docker 1.0


    1、 Initial docker 1. Docker concept Docker is an open source application container engine Born in early 2013, based onGoLanguage implementation, produced by dotcloud (later renamed docker Inc) Docker allows developers to package their applications and dependency packages into a lightweight, portable container and then publish themTo any popularLinuxOn the machine Containers are completely sandboxed […]

  • How to dismantle the mainframe of desktop computer?


    For people who use desktop computers, they always want to take them apart when they have problems, but how can we take them apart? How to build a desktop computer? The following is a detailed introduction of the structure and disassembly method of the host 1. First, unplug all the wires behind the main unit,Then, […]

  • Docker deploying Kafka cluster


    Using docker, it is very convenient to build Kafka cluster on one machine and test it. In order to simplify the configuration process, docker compose is used to build. The construction process of Kafka is as follows: Write docker- compose.yml The contents are as follows: version: ‘3.3’ services: zookeeper: image: wurstmeister/zookeeper ports: – 2181:2181 container_name: […]

  • KVM foundation of virtualization technology


    1、 Introduction to KVM The full name of KVM is kernel base virtual machine (kernel based virtual machine). It is an open source system virtualization module, which has been integrated in various major Linux distributions since Linux 2.6.20. It uses Linux’s own scheduler for management, so compared with Xen, its core source code is very […]

  • Talk about docker


    What is docker? definition Docker is an open source application container engine. In short, it is the software based on container virtualization technology. You can package the application and its dependent packages into a portable image and publish them to run on Linux or windows. (code + running environment) Comparison of virtual machine and container […]

  • Seven days to write a docker with go (the first day)


    1. Detailed explanation of docker Many people feel very magical when they first contact docker. They feel that this technology is very novel. In fact, it’s not the case. The technologies used by docker have existed before. It’s just that old wine has been replaced with new bottles. In short, the nature of docker is […]

  • [original] KVM QEMU analysis of Linux Virtualization (1)


    background Read the fucking source code!–By Lu Xun A picture is worth a thousand words.–By Golgi explain: KVM version: 5.9.1 QEMU version: 5.0.0 Tools: source insight 3.5, Visio 1. Overview Starting from this article, we will start a series of research on virtualization, which will probably involve the analysis of arm64 virtualization support, KVM, QEMU, […]

  • The use of vagrant in Windows


    The use of vagrant in Windows Download and install VirtualBox:www.virtualbox.org/ Download and install vagrant:www.vagrantup.com/ Download the box you need to use: Add box Add a Debian box as follows E:\ubuntu\vagrant-box-ngixn-php-fpm-mysql-redis-nodejs>vagrant box add debian p ackage.box ==> box: Adding box ‘debian’ (v0) for provider: box: Downloading: file://E:/ubuntu/vagrant-box-ngixn-php-fpm-mysql-redis-nod ejs/package.box box: Progress: 100% (Rate: 11.0M/s, Estimated time remaining: […]

  • IP configuration of centos7 docker container accessing host


    Scene description staycentos7functiondockerWhen the container is applied, it is necessary to connect the host’smysqlOf3306Port. It is found that it cannot be connected,dockerThe container cannot access the host’smysqlDatabase. However, it is possible to access the external network within the containerpingIt’s all right. Cause analysis staycentos7Upper DepartmentdockerContainer, whose network mode isbridgepattern.start-updockerWhen,dockerThe process creates adocker0Virtual bridge for communication […]

  • Local use docker combine to build mongodb 3-node cluster [1 primary and 2 secondary, automatic switch between primary and standby, can be changed to real remote physical node]


    Local use docker combine to build mongodb 3-node cluster [1 primary and 2 secondary, automatic switch between primary and standby, can be changed to real remote physical node] Support: access the cluster in another docker compose app Support: accessing cluster on host Transaction function needs cluster Separation of reading and writing, disaster recovery in different […]